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Piano Videos (Feedback Please?) AND Good Sheet Music Sites

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I have 11 videos of different piano songs.I’ll be happy if you watch them. I’d appreciate feedback (but if it’s bad, make it more like constructive criticism please…). A note about the feedback. I know my technique is horrible

The majority are from games, because they’re really was to find. Four good websites I use for sheet music are:

(probably most variety)

(somewhere in between the other two)

(although this is really only good for music from legend of zelda games, i find these to be the best written.)

(Good for Halo music)

Here’s my channel

So thanks if you watch it. and I’d really appreciate feedback. Or if you want me to make a video of something you think I could learn, I might do a suggestion.

Just a note, I know they’re not perfect. But for my purposes I think they’re good enough (Maybe I’m wrong)

Also, Anyone know any other good sheet music sites??? Good ones for non-video music? ik you can get chords from guitar site, but any with actual piano sheets? (btw, i mean free sites)

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From the few that I watched — your execution of the songs is sound.
Practice will fix any errors in playing.

However, there’s something I would like you take note of — you don’t seem to infuse your playing with much emotion or personality (IMO).
It seemed at many points that your fingers were merely reciting the notes off the memorized sheet music.
Don’t get me wrong — there were plenty of points that were great and brilliantly executed.
Just not overall.

Try to add feeling into it, it’s difficult to explain, but piano playing should elicit emotion in the audience.
Less mechanics, more fluidity and passion!

Also, you should look into learning how to arrange music; you’ll be able to rearrange your favorite pieces and add your own taste into it. You could start by learning scales and chords.

Then again, you haven’t specifically stated your purpose, so I’m unsure if this is relevant to you.

I recommend Mario if you’re into video game music. Learning the whole set is pretty fun.

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first of all thanks for the feedback,

I have noticed I stiffen up when i turn the camera on, also maybe i do because I usually play it several times to get it better, and i get frustrated haha. but I never really thought about it that much. I’ll make sure to look at that on my next video.

As for arranging, I’ve done more or less of it. The rolling in the deep video, and kids were both learned by ear. most of the other songs have a couple of changes here and there.

I’m taking a music theory class this year which is really cool. and I’ve been looking at the makeup of music a lot more lately. I know chords and scales and other stuff so thats all good.

I should mention what i meant by purpose, i was very vague….
basically I’m self taught. I’ve had a couple of lessons in the past, but not many. I should be starting again soon though so that’s good. but anyways, my purpose is just to publicly show my videos. I’m usually not looking for perfection (Although perfection is good.) but i want it to be good enough so people will no the song, and enjoy the video. Also, hopefully getting feedback from people like you.