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My last song for Kongregate

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I came onto Kongregate after awhile today intending to upload a new song. Unfortunately, it appears Kongregate is shutting down the arts and sounds section, which I’ve been using for years.
So here is my last song I will be sharing on Kongregate (it is yet to be named so if you have any good ideas please tell me).
Disclaimer: it is dubstep.

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They’re only closing down the Arts and Sounds section, not the forum here- so posting with SoundClound is an effective way of getting music out on Kong!

“Our forum about The Arts will remain, though, so you’ll still be able to post links to your work and get feedback from other kongfolks.” -Trickyrodent

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Just be sure to remember to come back if the collabs DOES manage to get revived be sure to come on back!