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Hello, I need help coming up with a title for a game I’m making. It’s similar to Space Invaders and Galaga. I just can’t come up with anything. I tried doing “Starfall,” and “Astro Invaders” but sadly, they’re taken. You will be credited if I like yours!

Also, why do these posts keep getting deleted by moderators?!? I’m not breaking the rules at all.

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I have an idea
“Celestial Conquest” hm?
Is it good enough?

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I don’t believe this post belongs in “The Arts” section. Perhaps Off-Topic would be a better place to post this?

To answer your question, it really all comes down to what your game is really all about. Is it a direct throwback to retro games such as Space Invaders, or does it just have similar gameplay but differs greatly in game content? Does it have a story line that could perhaps attribute to the title? From what you said, maybe incorporating key words such as “8-bit”, “Shooter”, “Destroyers”, “Ships”, “Galaxy”, “Space”, etc. would help?

Some ideas I have are “Galactic Defender”, “Astro Wars”, and “StarWars” (I just had to!).

I wish the best of luck to you and your game!

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Guns of the Galaxy