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Spriter/Pixel Artist for hire!

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I am Novally,. I’m 18 years old and have been making pixel art since I was about 14. I am currently attending college, majoring in Criminal Justice. I am making this thread looking for anyone making a flash game. I want to offer my services. For major projects I charge a small fee and for small projects I do it for free.
I have sprited for two small projects (I have the sprites in my deviant art page, but not the link to the actual projects.)
Spriting is a really fun hobby to me. Although I do not think I’m as good as the ‘pros’, still think my work is at least Grade B and a fair price (If you’re being charged).

Message me on here for more info. Here is my deviant art page:

I’m really good with sprites that are 16 bit and lower and 100 × 100 and smaller. (Just putting my strong points out there.)

Right now I’m aiming for big things. I want to do some sprites work for a video game. I don’t charge much. I think my prices are fair. I can do one sprite or a sheet.

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I saw your gallery on DA, nice work man, i only sugest you make this post on colaborations forum