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The mysteries of life by Sone Autry(A.K.A. Burner_101){Editing will occur}

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I looked up at the sky as the life drained out of me, and I prepared myself for the end to come neigh. Pink light from the sunset reflected off of the surrounding ocean. The sand inside of my tattered blue jeans threatened to start a rash. The thick, black hair on top of my head- filled to the brim with dead bugs and more sand- was soaked from root to tip. My Friday The 13th – the day, not the movie – tee-shirt, sporting its signature blood splattered skull, had become faded , torn, and stained here and there with meat drippings. My entire body was dry and burnt. Oddly enough, the only thing that seemed to be undamaged was my silver cross necklace Grandpa had given me right before he died. It had only been three months ago when he died, but his personality was enough to last eons.
Grandpa had been a rich, eccentric, and kind old fellow with short, gray, stubby beard, thinning red hair, a set of twinkling blue eyes, and a loving smile. In life, he had been an active member of the Didciaus Lodge. The Didcicasians are a group of archaeologists, explorers, and history experts that all joined together for a common goal, to discover the secrets of the past. The Lodge’s name consists of two Latin words. ‘disciasus’, which means ‘scholar’, and ‘casus’, which means ‘adventure’. The lodge isn’t a normal scientific institute, not only do they study history and scientific aspects of it but they also study religion, cryptography – code cracking and making – , cryptozoology, zoology, the human brain, physics, chemistry, extreme abnormalities in all things, dreams, space, and so on. They even have an entire division dedicated to the research of tactics, content, usage of, creating inside of, and modifying of video games, otherwise known as the NEPTUNE program.
Grandpa lived all of his life either in some far off country studying something or another, at the Didciaus headquarters in Moscow, Russia, or at home us, his family. Though he donated most of the money he earned from these adventures, he never had any financial troubles and was always bringing back some do-dad or thingamajig to decorate the house with. Family was always the first priority with him. Like that one time he was on an underwater expedition off the coast of South Korea on the day of my tenth birthday. I expected maybe a birthday card with some cash, but he did me not one, not two, but five better. He stopped all of his work, bought a very expensive airplane ticket, and took a trip home via plane so he could spend an entire two weeks with me, and as if that wasn’t a good enough present, he also brought me a personalized guitar all the way from Japan! I think my tiny heart might have gone out if it weren’t for the idea of playing with Grandpa. Life brought him many things, and good health was one of them. He could go years without having as much as a cold, but one day he met his match. At the age of 97, Dr. Mizaru Kingston Smith was diagnosed with having brain cancer.