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Post your music and art here everyone will check it out :) (locked)

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Here is my deviant art

Those are all of my music videos and art :) Hope you like them and remember to put in your work here as well :)

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Awesome, you’re heaps good! Love the Mustang, and the dragon :P

This is my photography page, please give it a like :)

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Electronic music:

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I am terrible.

My music:

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You can always improve ^^ and you’re an AE player?

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I have been playing guitar for about 2 years and I have written a few songs, I don’t have any clue about words for these songs, but they are just the composition part of music.
Some of these may not sound the greatest because of my poor quality camera, but I try to work with it. Thank you for your time. :) BTW All of these songs that I composed are based off of how I felt at the moment.

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love to draw swords and items.

would love to learn how to draw people and such stuff like that :)

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Here are my works! Enjoy!

Here is my Soundcloud :

Here is the Official I Can’t Escape Album (: from the flash game I Can’t Escape :

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You guys are talented. Impressing..

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Tell me what you think guys. :)

P.S: Recorded in the bathroom

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Here’s my soundcloud. I write edm music like dubstep, electro, glitch hop, that type of stuff.

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OK, I’ve decided to go ahead and post some stuff I did about twenty years ago, just for the hell of it:

The audio quality is rather bad. Originally hastily recorded on a four-track mixer onto cassette (college music lab), dubbed onto CD as a .wav file about a decade later with a sub-par computer recorder, and finally converted to mp3 today. Some bits drop out, like the bagpipes in the middle part of The (Last?) Minuteman (yet the damn piano from the next room can still be heard at the end), and some are just muffled or distorted. Fairly high noise ratio, too.

Oddyssey is roughly 11 minutes long, so be warned.

Someday I hope to re-make them… so, you know, be warned. :P

Oddyssey would probably be classified as “alternative”, I guess…?
The others would probably be closer to “prog rock”. Maybe.
All sounds (apart from my attempts at singing) are created by the Ensoniq SQ-80 and Yamaha TX-81z synths, except on Exit the Dreaming World, on which I also abuse a bass guitar. There is an Enter the Dreaming World, but I think its probably beyond the pain threshhold for most people, so I didn’t include it. Then again, maybe most of it is beyond…