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Hello fellow kongregatians,

A while back 1337al proposed a kongregate audio CD/compilation, many people signed up but it got postponed. I’d like to start something similar up but still be a little bit different. I decided to make a Pass-the-project type thing for us kongregate musicians to learn from each other and produce a pretty interesting track.

IF YOU’D LIKE TO SIGN UP POST HERE WITH A LINK TO YOUR MUSIC and send me a PM with an email address to send the files to. (Let me know if you don’t want your email shared with other participants in which case I can be a middle man or set up some sort of dropbox type thing.)

-FL Studio projects only*
-No premium VST’s, free or built in non-premium plugins only. (ie. no sytrus, massive, Z3ta, Zebra2 etc.)
-Your contribution shouldn’t be longer than a minute. (30 seconds to a minute would be nice)
-You cannot use more than 5 mixer tracks. (DO NOT PUT EFFECTS ON THE MASTER CHANNEL!)
-Should be original. (If you can manage a 1 minute [re]mix that’s fine..)
-You have a MAXIMUM of 1 week to contribute your part. (“Turns” should be discussed.. Don’t want this to take a year.)
-Source files must be linked to or included with the project file. (so no ones missing “sweet_kick.wav” or “neat_synth.dll”)
-A rendered file of the whole track (After adding your part, low-ish quality[128kbps or lower])
-Deadline to sign up is the End of July.
-Your part should be easy to transition out of. (not entirely necessary, but convenient.)
-You don’t have to be a synth master or know how to master/balance your track.. (If you’d like someone else to help with that let the next person/someone know.)
-Do not modify other peoples compositions without permission.

*I’m aware some people can only use other things in which case the following should be included: an exported midi/vst presets (if possible), a rendered version of your part (both solo and mixed/added), a txt file containing the notes, length of notes and time division.

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to get enough information..

TL;DR: Post below if interested in a pass the project type thing. (And PM me)