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Hey everyone, haven’t posted anything in awhile. I’ve just been doing some more photo manipulation lately, figured I’d throw some stuff up here, I’d like to see some of ya’lls photo editing as well, anyway here’s one I did yesterday out of boredom, just took a couple hours.

And of course here are the images used in the manipulation.

Oh you know what, here’s some more stuff I did too for a website I was working on.

This image was made to blend with whatever background you put it on.

I can’t remember if I have posted this one up or not, but enjoy anyway.

Here’s like another lava toolbar-thing I did.

And another

Oh and a button design

I understand there’s a recurring lava theme here, I don’t know what my fascination with it has been lately but you can make some super cool stuff using like a fire-ish theme, I assure you I’m not a pyro, lol.

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Pretty neat. I enjoyed looking at the dog, which reminds me the undead from the film Silent hill, where they are on flames.

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Nice work, especially on the hellhound.

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Originally posted by Schmezbag:

Nice work, especially on the hellhound.

I should have known it was a hellhound lol.