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My portraits (new upload 8/27/2013)

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They can all be viewed here . But I’ll post in this topic since some people might be lazy :P

I’ll start with what I think are my best portraits

These are some of my earlier ones

Any feedback is appreciated, I’ve only picked up drawing for a few months now and I could use some tips. Thanks.

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Your shading needs more darker tones, a lot of it is really light, you have pretty good perspective but I notice in a couple places it’s a (little) off, not really a huge deal. Your lighting is pretty good and your light sources are fairly obvious, but throughout your drawings where your light source is so you don’t accidentally put highlights where they shouldn’t be, because I notice a couple out of place highlights. One thing I have always always always sucked at drawing is noses, and I have to say you totally nail your noses almost every time, they are excellent and the cheek bones are relatively pronounced and have a nice shape.

My favorite one here is probably the second one down I’d say, try doing more like that one, and also try a more bold color range, from dark all the way to plain light, you’ll get a more interesting color range, more pronounced features, and better detail. Just my 2 cents. Also always remember to continue practicing proportion and the human anatomy, on that last drawing the head looks too small for the back and the arm and the back lacks shading and it’s just kinda filled in which gives the drawing a mildly annoying flatness to it and really takes away from the face ;0

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Thanks for the advices!

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bump new uploads.