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…………….Hi users of Kong. I am trying to get feedback on my music here>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<< Please tell me what you think as it would develop me as a composer/writer/producer. I you think it i want to hear about it. Dont be afraid to make me less afraid by telling me exactly what you think :) Thanx Too Much :)

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It’s not bad, not amazing either, I feel like the lyrical content is pretty empty, repetitive, but that’s just me. Better than most of the stuff people have posted on here, keep doing what you’re doing because you actually make listenable music, like it doesn’t make my ears bleed.

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Thanx for listening. Lyrically not trying to change the world on those tracks. Like you said, listenable :) Thank you very much for taking the time :)

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Maybe I’ll go song by song, since you seem to present very… varied styles of music. While I’m at it – I appreciate universality/versatility, but in my opinion it’s far too wide for you to improve on each and every one of the styles equally, and improvement is what you need.

One Day – the music itself is pretty much the usual yolly-jolly disco from the eighties, somewhat resurrected in the nineties. It’s not bad, but not outstanding either – compared to other songs from that time, but I guess disco/pop songs were very similar to one another, not unlike today.

What I found annoying about it, was that the lyrics were introduced at a bad time and from the bad, say, angle. A song should never be begun with its chorus. It doesn’t matter if the lyrics are as dumb as they used to be in the 80’s, they still should follow some schemes.

It Don’t Count – Sorry, this one is definitely a “no” from me: bad beat; the voice is completely not suitable for a rap/hip-hop song; even more so when emphasised by the improper, simplistic grammar to make it sound more “right off the streets”, the chorus sounds as if you guys tried to make fun of this genre, but fell short. If this was really your intention, you might want to check this for inspiration:

Running On Empty – again oldschool disco. The problem with rating this genre is that it isn’t really meant to be listened for its depth and actual meaning, but to enjoy it on a party, and I guess it might work as some cheap background music. Strangely enough, I don’t mean “cheap” in a bad way, it’s just that the 80’s always had that cheap feel about them to me. As long as you remember this, no further thoughts on the 80’s done your way.

Dreaming About You – I actually like this one. The beginning is, again, a bit throwing off as it starts with a chorus, but it isn’t half bad. You may want to reduce buffing your voice with electronics and cut down the chorus a bit – it’s too repetitive, especially during the last two minutes. If I didn’t feel compelled to finish listening to this song, I would turn it off the moment I heard the second “dreaming about you” after the main part of the song ended. No complaints otherwise.

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It was good, yeah. your range of voice doesn’t go up very sky and high, It just somewhat generic that ot mean you have not a good voice. It sound like ohkk..