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check out my band!

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hi kong. Please check out my 3 piece band, seritone.

if you’re a fan of indie rock, reggae, punk, or grungish type music, you might like my band too.

Today we released our first demo. I do guitar and vocals by the way.

Looking for comments and criticisms. Also if you dig any of the songs, comments and likes on the youtube videos are reallllllllllly appreciated!


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Dayum, son. That’s some good music. I especially liked ‘the talking song.’ Keep up the good work.

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Dude really good songs. It sounds awesome. Keep on making music!

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Get some good marketing going.. upload your songs to itunes and many other sites so people can buy your music. I believe you can be very big. As long as you want it! You gotta want it! It is a unique sound. I love it and want more of it. keep it coming. Thank you for getting rid of my headache