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Who's a vocalist?

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Hey guys! So I decided to make a thread about this.

Firstly, I have several songs-worth of lyrics, and I’m looking to put music to them and to record them, then get them on Youtube. The problem is, I have a pretty old laptop and only a microphone with a webcam. I’m not the best at singing, but I am and have been working on it. (it helps that the lyrics are mine, so I can make them sound however I want)

I’m wondering who here on Kongregate creates their own lyrics/music, and records. What type of (preferably affordable) microphone do you use, as well as what kind of software?

I’ve been trying to use FL Studio, but it doesn’t seem to record my voice unless I switch to an ASIO driver, which prevents me from hearing anything. (I tried fixing it, but no luck) Then I tried Mixcraft, which was cool with all it’s effects, but then the trial ran out.

I do have a youtube channel which I’m hoping to get some music videos up on.
(AlohaHumor) If you have any tips for making a music video/video editing software in general, please do let me know.

And lastly, I know there’s this thread though it seems like it might be kind of outdated. (technology, programs, etc. they’re always changing)

Any responses would be much appreciated. <3

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audacity is great for recording vocals (at a budget), it might be worth getting an external sound card to plug a mic into to record vocals

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There’s this vocalist I know who records his vocals with FL studio I think but he’s a producer as well so he knows all kinds of stuff. Audacity is pretty good for recording sound overall.

The guy I’m talking about uses a CAD GXL 2400 microphone with a pop filter or something. As far as I know it records pretty well.

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You should look into buying a microphone.. You can use FL Studio or get into Pro Tools.