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So I decided to get some paper drawing practice, and this idea game from my latest character + Nqkoi’s hero thread :P, so I decided to take a bunch of regular/well known users or friends from the site, and turn them into villains xP.

Here’s who I have so far:

Left – AlisonClaire – Origin: Inside joke, I’m sure someone will notice (Maybe not, I didn’t draw her to look much like a devil o_O)

Middle – TheTall0ne – Origin: His name _

Right – damijin – Origin: I wanted to do something cool for this one, and I remembered the 2nd to last boss in an old game (Jade Cocoon for PSX), and decided to follow a similar idea

Left – Nqkoi1 – Origin: He’s cool, and this was the first thing I could think of when I saw his avatar :P

Right – Sylicas – Origin: Well, we all know how he loves music + his iPod, which I why I stuck 2 of those things inside him. He doesn’t always make sense, which I guess also counts as to why I put the iPods inSIDE him :P

Left – DeadlyMan – Origin: Suits his name, you think?

Right – JudeMaverick – Origin: The crazy stickman in his games is apparently him, so yeah, I think I’m incredibly accurate with this one ;)

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Where is teh Badass Smig? I am the villain in the Legend of Kongregate, so I better make it in here!!! XD

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It’s Jindo – Origin: I looked at his avatar and it remined me of a lizard, so i did a lizard type monster

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Haha I love mine its soooo simple and yet very evil looking.

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Awesome, Jin! :D

Will you draw one of me? You better, cause I drew you! :o

This was before I found out that M had already drawn you, so, don’t feel like we’re competing, or anything!

Yet, although it has colour, it sucks, caues I can’t draw for cookies! (To those who don’t know, to me, Cookies > Chocolate Cake > Life > Anything else)

Also, my scanner’s on the verge of death, so I might not post it here for a while. =(

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It’s ok, i am rubbish, i only did it coz i was bored XD

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Hai m_dawg, you told me you sucked at drawing, that’s an awesome cartoony style you got there D:!

I’ll do them now ;)

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Here ya go, Jindo. By the way, you’ve been warned; I suck at drawing.

Also, I’m new at the “embedding images” thing. Forgive me if this comes out wrong…

Also, I can’t draw eyes. It’s not that I draw eyes, then think, no, they suck, I just can’t draw them. :o

Also, I forgot to put “Jindo” on the work. You’ll just have to guess.

Also, did you know that a “Jindo” is a North Korean Dog?

Also, I’ve got to stop saying also.

So, eventually, here’s a “DarkChameleon” style drawing of Jindo, the Flash Necromancer!

Image Hosted by

Yays, it worked!

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Nice, and yeah, sometime ago I googled Jindo and found alot of dogs xD.

I like the picture, nice style xP.

And if that’s based to look at all like my NG Profile Pic, then yeah, it’s pretty accurate, since I don’t have eyes there either ;).

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Yep. Newgrounds reveals all… :o

Also, you make music too?

Anyway, getting sidetracked here… I may draw some more, but won’t post them here. It wouldn’t be very fair on you, being your thread and all.

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It’s Smigbob – Origin: His avatar looks evil, so this must be evil…

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Wow, great sketches Jindo/m_dawg!

I love the Jude one xD

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My bones seems out of place. A hero could just stab through the bones and kill me that fast ;o.

Errr…why’s Jude not a prinny?

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Awesome! I still look angelic even when I’m a devil! MUAHAHA. You guys rock. m your lizard is really awesome and DC—you already know I’m a big fan! Keep it up guys :D

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Hey, I’ve drawn some sketches of some other people. Well, not really other people, just my interpretation. Better than initials, though, eh?

I’ll make my own thread for them. Not really anything different than say, this, or Nq’s thread. Just something that is my style, seeing as I don’t draw using software. Pencils Forever!

So far, I’ve drawn AlisonClaire, ArcaneCoder, and a redrawing of Jindo.

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It’s Malachi – Origin: I looked at his avatar and then i just made this =]

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How i make mine bigger?

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Nice drawing M.

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It’s Jim Greer – Origin: He is very powerful =]

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m did you make any avatars??? You’re seriously talented! I think Mal’s is my favorite. Have you ever tried coloring them on the computer?

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You are amazingly skilled m_dawg. I love it!

This is what I did with it (very pixelated, but I think it looks kinda good like that :P):

EDIT: Darn Kongregate’s small avatar sizes! I’m trying to make this my avatar, but it doesn’t look so good scaled down :(

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See m_dawg, now stop telling me you suck at drawing xD.

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Lol XD

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Seriously dawg, you are excellent at drawing. You should try colouring them in on the computer, that would make them look really good.