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DRK’s Avatar Contest Extravaganza!!!1 (DRK’s ACE)

Hey artsy friends!

So, Iunno if you heard the word about the bird, but I was one of the winners in Sic’s latest giveaway. Isn’t he da bomb?! Anywho, I wanted to spread the generosity around and get me some nifty new avatars!

I’d be thrilled and it’d be awesome if y’all joined my contest, so why not, right?

Did I mention the Kreds yet?

‘Courtesy of Sic, I’ll give 50 Kreds… Yes! 50 Kreds!!! …to the creator of the avatar I like dabes.’

Well, if you wanna join just click the link below. There’s a ton more information in that thread. It’s easier keeping everything in one thread, but I couldn’t resist inviting you fine folks!

Here’s the link to the main thread! Just click here!

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