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Actually I want to take this next post space as well, (honestly only because so far I have had the top post on each page of this thread so far)

@TiltedHalo I am enjoying the new pictures! There is something about your drawing style that makes it seem very unique to me, of course I have never really looked at various drawing styles of different people, but of my friends who draw, yours is rather different from what I normally see, but in a good way!

@Mmebunneh I really like the metal scenery! Exactly what will be done with it after all the various layers are finished, will it be all put together in a frame? I suppose that would make sense and I would really like to see it once it can all be viewed together with depth and lighting on the frame!

@Oboe 3d modeling is something that I have been interested in for a while, I would love to see further works beyond the turtle!

I have been working on a smaller game based off of “Hidden Valley Ninja” for the past week or two and have been trying to make a thumbnail for it. What I ended up with is not too bad I don’t think, but I don’t think it would be that great as a thumbnail.

First the original version:

And a slightly modified version:

I am still figuring out what new things to add to this post. In all this time I have mainly been working on the programming side of things, and don’t actually have much art to show.

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Originally posted by kantieno:

@Mmebunneh I really like the metal scenery! Exactly what will be done with it after all the various layers are finished, will it be all put together in a frame? I suppose that would make sense and I would really like to see it once it can all be viewed together with depth and lighting on the frame!

Once all the layers are done (and I finish the bunneh mage and adventurer and heat solder them onto scene layers one and two) I’ll be arranging them into a frame of a sort! Basically with two pieces of wood I’ll cut notches to fit in the layers as deep/shallow as needed and then you can visually see it!

I’m pretty excited for that.

Here are more update pictures with that being said!

Three additional layers that were acid etched! I swear I took photos of taping them and what not before hand but eh, if I find those pictures I’ll add them later! This is after taking it out of the acid as you can see.

Even with the tape to protect the back of the metal pieces you can see that the acid got into the tape (but that’s much better than exposing the entire piece).

As I showed on the previous page(s) on this thread I used steel wool to remove the acid layer (that I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to as this is the worst part of it, having to sand off the initial post-acid rinse layer). The entire day I basically blew my nose, sneezed, had people tie sweaters to my face, face masks, etc.

Basically you can see all six scene layers in this photo. Clearly I haven’t done anything to scene layers one and three yet and the other layers (besides five) haven’t been buffed and polished yet.

Same day, same set up as above but just on the table so it’s easier to take a picture of.

Just sanding mostly to prepare for buffing/polishing!

After polishing! You can see all four pieces that I polished and acid etched here. If you noticed scene layer two being a little weird that’s because the buffing wheel yesterday (when I first tried to use it) completely flew the piece five or six feet away from it. It basically curled the entire thin piece that spirals so I redid it today but alas I thought it was neat this way too instead of having it all 2D.

Scene layer three I also sanded (but only up to 600 grit, I didn’t feel like using 800 grit) but this time instead I decided to use hammer textures. This picture was taken when I was about one third of the way done?

All the finished pieces together! I didn’t include scene layer one in this picture as it wasn’t done (and this is where I’ll begin working on the bunneh mage and adventurer to heat solder onto scene layers one and two).

All the layers and my progress on each one as of now.

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Wow that’s really pretty :)

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Until the metal project is completely done I’ll just keep using my phone camera for my pictures. Sorry about that! Apparently we ran out of the rods that we use to keep the pieces standing up so until those come in I won’t be able to really finish my metal scenery project (as I need to see the pieces standing without my help to see where my metal bunbun mage should go and what not).

Here are close ups of the metal pieces that I hammered and what not.

The stone part of the scenery! I had a bit too much fun with the stamps on this one I know haha

Even more close up photo

I hammered in the title of my metal project in because I thought it would fit the piece as a whole, with the title stamped directly in!

Decided to hammer more words so here’s another piece I hammered in

Close up of scene layer three

Clearly not finished with the first layer as I’m going to have to hot solder on the bunbun mage and then I have to arrange the layers once I get the rods but until then here’s a bad picture of how it looks standing up as of now

Clearly I’ve been working on this metal scenery project for quite a bit and I decided that without the rods to hold up the layers I can’t really do much so I did fuse glass today! I’ll upload pictures with my nice camera of the finished pieces tomorrow as they’re in the kiln/oven thing now (and I’ll have my nice camera with me at school tomorrow).

Bunbun! Basically I got glass as the back piece to it, got small pieces of glass and arranged them, and in the next series of pictures you’ll see I put a clear glass over the entire thing after.

Bunbun in the kiln/oven thing (I’ll verify what it’s called tomorrow). They don’t fire this up until the end of the day (there are 7 hours of art metal classes in the day) so I’ll have pictures tomorrow.

I quickly learned to use cheap hairspray to keep the pieces from being able to slid off as the original above piece shifted and I had to re-arrange it unfortunately. Here’s an angled picture of two of my fuse glass pieces

Here is a picture of another fuse glass piece I just worked on. Sorry for poor lighting and what not, but the glass pieces I chose were really cool so I decided to just do an abstract layout and then make a bun, then sprinkle on more pieces of small glass everywhere.

All three fuse glass pieces ready to be fired up in the thingy!

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The Stolen Interview

I finally got a call back, and now, here I was, waiting for my interview. It was at Wal-Mart, which is … not my first choice of places to work, but it’s work, and money. At least it’s in the electronics section, so that makes it more tolerable.

It took months of sending hundreds of resumes with no response, for me to get this call. I feel like I’m over-dressed, but at least I am doing everything I can to secure this job. It’s minimum wage, and again, Wal-Mart, but it’s better than nothing.

I checked in at the Electronics desk and they told me to just walk around and wait. They were doing a few other interviews around this time and there was a bit of a backlog. With the politest smile I could muster, I said, “Sure no problem” and did exactly that.

It’s really awkward going from aisle to aisle, not buying anything and not looking for anything in particular while wearing what I have on. I picked out a nice pair of black dress jeans and a white (with grey stripes) dress shirt. I kept awkwardly glancing at people as I walked around, and I know they were doing the same to me.

I walked around the little section, more and more. I lost count of how many full circles I did. Time was dragging and dragging on, without anyone coming to get me. I glanced at my watch, and realized 45 minutes had passed already. I just missed the bus, which I was hoping to be on, with the interview already over. With a sigh, I kept walking, resigning myself to having to wait another 45 minutes.

After a while, I noticed a door from the back open, and what appeared to be a manager, and a guy in normal clothes holding a Wal-Mart uniform in a bag stepped out. The manager was laughing at something the guy said.

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I’m still working on my blog and all of the poetry on it. I’ve been running it since like, September and I’m always making edits to it in order to make it better. I’ve got pictures and videos of my performances, and a bunch of poems and haikus that I’ve been writing for a while. I’ve learned that blogging, and doing it well, is an artform, even if you are blogging about art like poetry.

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As promised, here are nice and high definition photos of the fuse glass pieces that I showed the steps to making! As always, I’ll most likely be uploading all of my stuff on Imgur and now Facebook (as I’m planning on making a lot of stuff to sell and donate to the House Rabbit Society as I talked on the previous page of this thread).

Hope you all like the photos! I made another one right before class ended today and additionally began working on planning for a stain glass assignment. You can see in the photos soon that I’m a bit of a… wreck.

Photo I took at class once I got the pieces out!

Clearly I’m at home at this point haha. Here’s some photos of one piece. You can see that a mistake I made here was that I left one glass hanging off the edge of the base and so the clear glass basically well, yeah. You can see I used a tad bit too much clear glass also too.

While it looks like I had cracks in the piece, it’s actually okay! Remember I used the really thin tiny pieces of glass to make the head so it was natural it’d end up like this. Unfortunately did not use enough clear glass as you can see at the top of the right corner; I’m going to have to smooth out that corner tomorrow.

Another piece I made! I think this was actually the first one I made. I actually did not notice the bubbles at all until I looked at this photo on my computer, I’m wondering if I should pop this piece back into the kiln/oven thing (darn, I knew I forgot to look up something today).

All the pieces again! Sorry for the fingerprints, I should have probably wiped them before I took these photos, oops.

Back to my phone camera once more! As usual, my art teacher recommended I look up ideas online first, print them out, and see where I get with my ideas. I’m doing stain glass this time so it’s different from a mosaic (I’ll be soldering the glass together this time around). As you can tell, I’m having a bit of a hard time figuring out how to do this one.

adv0catus – I hope you’ll share more of that snippet you posted here because I really want to see what happens! I’m already having ideas in my head of what happened (e.g. guy who stepped out with a Wal-Mart uniform in a bag having used his interview by pretending to be him, or stolen identity in general) and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it.

phillysoccer – I looked at your Wordpress and read some of your writings. I think you’re in a good position with where you’re at right now. The haikus were nice, though I definitely wanted more out of some of them haha (such as a series on the same topic). Hope you’ll post some stuff directly onto Kongregate someday.

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adv0catus – I hope you’ll share more of that snippet you posted here because I really want to see what happens! I’m already having ideas in my head of what happened (e.g. guy who stepped out with a Wal-Mart uniform in a bag having used his interview by pretending to be him, or stolen identity in general) and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it.

That’s all I have written so far. I’m hopefully going to finish it this weekend.

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Random updates again I guess!

As said, working on my newest project: Stain glass! Today I finished figuring out the final design for the stain glass, got a copy of it, numbered it, and I’m ready to start tomorrow picking colours and cutting the glass! This is going to be a much quicker project than the mosaics as I have to be very precise with the cutting (as I’ll be soldering the pieces together in the end).

All the drafts and final drafts in one picture to show my set up and creative process

Final design and numbered

I’ll be making a brand new fuse glass piece every single day so I can improve and what not!

This is pretty much just a random thing, not really working on it (sorry about that haha). Basically I doodle’d on the table and claimed my rightful spot in the room!

Closer up photo haha

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I’m a bit close at finishing chapter 9 of my story. Also I give up on musics because I can’t find good ones.

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Wow Mmebunneh, vandalizing school property smh…

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Originally posted by dias17se:

Wow Mmebunneh, vandalizing school property smh…

Oh haha, it’s a tradition at my school in the art metals class to do that. People tend to put their names on the table, some people do drawings, some people even paint stuff or spray paint it somehow (not sure how they did that). It’s pretty fun and it’s like a token of ourselves on the table…

Until it’s replaced a few years later. But until then who cares! I’m pretty sure you can see names and what not in the other pictures I’ve uploaded (though I try to crop their names out if I can).

Edit: Well, so I got my phone stolen (this is the third time in four years of high school) so unfortunately I won’t be able to take pictures of my progress and what not for probably a week or so (depending on if I get my phone back if the person who stole it has a change of heart and if not, then I need a new phone).

Seriously kicking myself, I had taken photos of stuff I was working on and left my phone not in my back pocket of my pants for once and yup. Aaaaand this is the end of wearing anything besides pants in high school ever again.

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They called you adv0 ?

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Here’s a little something I’ve been working on the last few hours. Customer requested a logo that was clean and simple.

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Here’s another one:

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And another:

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Here’s another one.

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Here’s a couple more:

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Here’s a revised version of one of the earlier graphics. The vectors on the shield took a couple of hours to make and the color revisions and text placement also took a couple of hours. In total I’ve probably put 6-10 hours on this one but I think of all the logos that were requested this one looks the nicest.

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Sorry that I haven’t been posting here for a while! I’ve been working on a few things and I did get a new phone so I can take pictures again. I think I might end up making a thread of my finished projects sometime soon so until then, here are some update pictures!

So as a senior, I get to submit a project for the senior art show. My teacher and I decided on my metal scenery project and so I got to work with getting the pieces all fitting into the “frame” of sorts. I painted it after I sized it up together so I’ll post the final picture tomorrow then I guess! I’m also going to be polishing the pieces again so they’re nice and shiny before the actual gallery!

Top view

Front view

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I really do love that project. So cute and unique. I love the way it’s turned out.

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Gosh thank you! Once the Senior Gallery Show is done and they put up stuff for Fine Arts Week (which I also need to work on a piece for, whoops), I’ll be adding my bunneh mage to this. Until then, here it is!

This is the accompanying artist blurb thing they asked me to write about my piece and what it’s about (or something like that, no idea. They just wanted me to say what my piece was about and stuff):

For the past twelve years of my life I’ve been absolutely obsessed with rabbits, rabbits, and rabbits. Seriously. You’ve probably in the past four years of West (for fellow seniors) seen my bunneh doodles everywhere. Therefore I dedicate my senior art gallery piece as a home for my beloved bunnehs, aka Bunneh Wonderland!

Support the welfare of bunnehs!

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recently got photoshop, started making sum stuff, space stuff.

since the images are way too big ill just post the link to them instead.
when i talk big i mean real big.

this one is not the biggest and it was my first take on a planet in ps.
it’s very basic, just the planet, the thick shadow and the atmospheric effects.

the ground texture of this one is actually from the texture of a stone, clone-stamped all over in a smooth and blending way.
i dont know what ill add to it yet if i decide to do so.

too damn big

this has to be the biggest image i have made, ever.
so big imgur couldnt host it.
i see it as an improvement on the previous one, but i made it from scratch, in a different save.

if you are one of these people who have these multiple monitors, or just a really big monitor, this thing is in 5120×3200. it will be better seen at this resolution…
this one took a fair amount of time, not much though. you can see that the shadow is softer and i personally think it’s better like this. also i added a nice glowy startfield too.

but i think it is too empty, might add some other stuff in space and in the planet.

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It’s Elizabeth and Songbird from Bioshock Infinite if anyone’s wondering.
I worked on this for around 3-4 hours, I must say it’s probably one of my most favorite drawings that I’ve done.
With the kind of stuff I usually do (graphite and sometimes charcoal) this was a pretty big step for me, and I’m glad it looks nice.
If you look at the picture you can see the plant on the left is coloured and the one on the right is not. That was just me experimenting to see what I could do with it, and it doesn’t look bad.

Obviously I drew this from a reference picture because I can’t draw shit from my head:

Also, I overdid it with the black marker and I didn’t want the Songbird’s hand to be connecting with the girl’s hair so I just shaded that part with a 2B. In general I just overdid it with black marker.
You also might notice that there’s some white parts in the background. I guess I was just so far in the drawing that I didn’t want to make a tear in the page.
(excuse the pun)

Anyway, sorry I was gone for a while but it’s Summer now so hopefully I’ll be more active on this thread. See ya guys in a bit.