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Best Music Making Software?

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I’m interested in everybody’s opinion on what they would consider the best music making software.. Obviously some people have their own personal preference, for what suits their needs. I personally have used FL Studio for multiple years, and have had no problem with it. But I’m interested in trying out alternatives to see if I am missing out on anything cool. Any suggestions? Or is FL Studio doing the best job around?

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This thread best belongs in the The Arts sub-forum. I highly recommend reading The Go-To Guide for Making Music FOR FREE sticky in that sub-forum. If that thread does not answer your questions/suggest alternative programs then I recommend posting a thread or try to find an existing thread.

Although people don’t post back within 5 minutes (typically) you’ll most likely get a response back after a day or so from other users.

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FL Studio is great, probably the best.

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i used this:

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what you consider the best is all down to opinion, and what style you want to do

I have used fruitloops for a number of years, and whilst i like it, i do not consider it to be the best,

Every music program has its features and pretty much all of them are used by different musicians, in different ways.

a lot of music that has been made in fl has a ‘certain sound to it’, and a lot of musicians i know can identify that a song was made in fruitloops.

i could go on forever, but my conclusion is; if you like fruitloops and are adept at using it, stick with it

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Now that I see that this thread was moved to the correct section, here is my two cents on this subject.

Think of it like this: You can have all the best equipment in the world, the next generation software and products, everything that you would need to create top notch quality music. But if you don’t know how to work everything then everything that you have is worthless.

Apply that to this situation. Even if your software or product is not the best, if you know how it works and how to use it you’ll have a much better outcome compared to someone who has no knowledge of it and doesn’t know how to work it. So with what 1337al said, if you like a certain program then stick with it. It doesn’t matter how much you spent, it doesn’t matter how sophisticated a program is, if you don’t know how it works don’t try to use it. Stick with what you’re comfortable.

I’m actually switching over from Photoshop to Corel Painter for this very reason. Even though I have used Photoshop a lot, I feel that I am just not in my comfort zone as I am with Corel. I can do much more in Corel than I do in Photoshop using my own skills and style. At the end of the day it isn’t how much you spend, it’s how much you’re comfortable and how much you know.

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I use studio 10 for my dubs, but FL for everything else.

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I toured some studios and here is what they said. “FL Studio is great…. for beginners…”

It depends on what you are wanting to do with the software. Most of them are similar.. want a variety of VST’s? Better recording plugins? etc? Something to look into.. I use Pro Tools. Cubase is good. Ableton is good. Logic is very different from these other programs from what I have heard. Garage band is most likely the worst considering it is free with Mac computer systems..

I suggest Cubas, Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools if you really want results. Not the free versions of any of these if there are any. The full version of these programs will get you what you want. If you like FL Studio.. Stick with it. If there is nothing broken don’t fix it.. Feel free to go try out these other programs but please DO NOT SPEND BIG BUCKS ON A PROGRAM THAT YOU HAVE NOT TRIED OUT!

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If you want to make electro song with not a lot of plugins, sound bank, you can use Fl studio. But if you want to produce music for video game, film ect, you have to use Pro tool or cubase. I use Cubase for film music, i like cubase because it’s relatively intuitive. But the most popular progs is Protools because it’s easier to jump over the limit of 4mb and plugins are very usefull.
Anyway, if you want a DAW (digial work station), be carefull to take a 64 bit one and verify your computer is a 64 bit version!