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Got a work in progress album going? Post it here!

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Hai all this is just a thread to share your EP’s, LP’s and Singles all in one spot, be it a work in progress or not.
All I ask for is to post good and well thought out criticism to other artists, and remember what style they may be working on is different from yours.
I’ll start off, here’s some EDM i’ve been working on: – named Antimatter EP (If you haven’t already guessed).
If you’re wondering why there are very few songs I’ve scrapped a bunch of songs on this to make sure none are poor quality. I’m into the style of EDM fused with chiptunes, thank you for reading :)

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get rid of the polyphonic sound i just think it cheapens the sound, If that makes sense.
I would look at adding more layers of harmony at the beginning or maybe look at adding more linking between what feel like two separate tunes between there to the dubstep section.