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Sup guys
Im a sound producer from Ukraine
I wrote music for a couple of indie projects and i really
would like to hear from you how you feel about it
here’s my soundcloud:
maybe you could point on some of my mistakes or whatever
whould appreciate any feedback
Anyway, take care

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I’d say your works are rather decent for not-so-ambitious games and whatnot, and since that’s what I’m guessing they were composed for, I personally find little use for them in other media.

I checked the first half of what was listed on your soundcloud and – again, as much as I don’t think they’re bad for what they are at all – I’ve noticed you have a tendency to mix entire groups of various tracks that don’t go so well together into one polyphonic melody that, to be fair, lacks harmony as a whole. It sounded to me as if you couldn’t make up your mind as to which of a number of tracks you had at the time you wished to use, so you used them all.

Other than that, I believe that if you wish to develop yourself as an artist, you should take on some more ambitious projects – ones that aren’t as easily labelled as monotonic once you’ve skimmed through a part of them. It’s always better to write one masterpiece than a thousand average songs, even if it doesn’t pay as good.