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This was written by me in February of 2013. The point of view is from a lazy american. I hope you enjoy.

I live in apartments
rent costs money
I work at walmart
man, that’s lovely
I do what it takes to feel good, even if i’m misunderstood
I watch TV and I eat
You can’t ask too much from me
Cause a single man ain’t got no responsibilities
I’m a son, I’m a brother
I sometimes use drugs, but it don’t make me dummer
High school was not fun anyways
And who needs a college education for a good job these days
I don’t care what i look like, you can tell that
From my Hawaiian shirt and baseball cap
I’m fat, I’m white and i drink too much
But I’ve never been the kind that wants to raise kids and stuff
My main man Albert, that’s my friend
He will be one ‘till the bitter end
He understands my way of life
Though he has two kids and a wife
We play WOW almost every night
Up until the coming of the morning light
That’s my life, don’t be hatin’
Cause i love sitting and eating microwave bacon

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Funny stuff, but the last line I don’t get.