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Not many of you will know me, but when Kongregate had its music section, I got great feedback (and a few inevitable trolls) and this spurred me on to get more involved in the music “scene”

Earlier this year I decided to use the contacts I had made over the past few years in the music “scene” to try and raise money for charity.

8 months and a massive rollercoaster of emotions later (apologies for the rollercoaster cliche), I can proudly say that my efforts seem to have paid off. I have released a compilation of electronic dance music, with all money raised going to charity, and so far we have raised over $2,750 in just over 48 hours!

I was wondering if those of you who also like this style of music could perhaps check out the compilation and consider buying it as it is extremely cheap and every purchase makes a huge difference to the people benefitting from the money.

All money raised will be donated to Sport Relief- an international charity which funds numerous extremely worthwhile projects worldwide. The compilation includes 78 brand new exclusive tracks from some of the most talented producers around. Those of you familiar with Monstercat will recognise a lot of names on there, with tracks from: Rameses B, Direct, Arkasia, Insan3lik3, Feint, Muzzy, Droptek, SirensCeol, TwoThirds, Felxprod, Varien, Bustre and many more!

If you’re interested in supporting the project, here are the links:


Thank you for your time,