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Because I take Photography as a GCSE, I would appreciate if you could please give your views on them, thanks :)

Click links : They are big images (1024X768)







As you can see i focus on Nature/Plants/Scenery. I only just started portrait in school now, and I always find myself taking waterdrops on leafs instead of my fellow students :D

I will update with more later, when I find them


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Nice Nice Nice, Although i would suggest if you doing nature that you don’t have anything manmade in it. Like the house in the hill picture.

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Yeah, that photo was taken I believe 2 years ago, and I now learn many photographic objectives, if you will, in my lessons. So now I stay away from and man made entity’s, unless that is the point of a shot, such as Tokyo.

And in two weeks i will be in Austria, so hopefully new photos on the way :)

Thanks for the reply TehLegend :)

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Those are beautiful AW :) Here are a few I took a bit ago in Maine.

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Good job Alison. Your sort of the opposite of AW. He nature but none of your are nature(Maybe the dog).

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Heh I totally didn’t even realize that. Most of my photos are of nature actually. I just randomly picked a few to post and they all happened to be of man made stuff. Part of it is that the nature pictures I like the most I took with film and so aren’t on my computer… Well, okay, they’re mostly of nature or beer cans and solo cups depending on where I have my camera :P

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AWCADDET: Man I miss living in Austria =(

Youve started off well, you need to learn to measure light better though, it comes with practice. I suppose you are using a digital camera? If so what kind. If its a SLR, can you tell me the lens’s you are using?

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Never been to Maine yet, or have I?

Anyway, nice pictures.

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It seems that your pictures are average, the colors don’t seem very vibrant and I believe you can be rewarded with better results if you literally focused more on the flowers.
Here’s a picture I took that I’m quite happy with.

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Alison, Your boat ones awesome, ’cept that green spec thing.

And radionics, where’d you take that from?

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the green spec thing is a lobster pot buoy. They put traps on the bottom of the ocean then attach specifically colored floats to them so people know which traps are theirs. but yeah it’d be better without it :P

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I like the 2nd and 5th one, also, AC’s ur boat rocks aswell =]