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Any constructive feedback is much appreciated.
Enjoy! … or don’t it’s your call.


Upon the molten wings of fury,
I lay my vengeance to the ground
And kill thy enemy inbound.
Justice served in a swift flurry.

Blood flows from broken veins,
Yet the haze of madness rises
As the body slowly crushes,
The ground it hits and feigns.

Tormenting evils of the past
Take hold of sense and mind
As the fury now is left behind.
They are in control of the mast.

And in this form i see new light,
Light which moves the raging dark
As i float aimlessly in my ark
In hopes to find a reason to fight.

Once more…

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ooh oh i have one.

one day a man walked down the street.
he tripped and died
then david bowier came to town
riding in on his trusty vacuum cleaner
as the chocolate sun imploded’
then everyone died like the man’
tripping on that sick ass soviet music

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I watch bob the german die horrifically
Only one way to die terifically
He backflipped onto a silver spoon
and got sent into space.