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Super Chibi Knight - Soundtrack Preview

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Hey guys!

In case you haven’t heard, Chibi Knight is getting a sequel! If you haven’t played the first you can find it here on Kongregate. I was honored to create the soundtrack to the first game and for some reason I was asked to do the sequel. I’m super excited! The soundtrack will have at least 30 minutes of music and will be packed with epic-ness.

I’ve created a demo for the soundtrack that you can listen to and download (for free) here:

You can find more information about the game and the Kickstarter project here:

Brian Allen Holmes

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I like it.
Question, though – are the samples you linked just cuts of longer melodies or are they the whole thing each and you’re going to loop them after they end? If it’s the latter, I’m sure it would sound better if the original pieces were a bit longer. Looped 50ish seconds can be annoying in games, especially the light kind I remember Chibi Knight was.