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Shy Guy & Gardevoir: The Cyclop World: The First 8 Chapters (A Fanfic By Gabidou99)

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*EDIT:* Apprently, the text is a bit f*cked up when I post it here, sorry for that. Welcome to the adventurous fanfic inspired by Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, made by Gabidou99! I know it's not very good, but I worked hard on this. (And I'm still working on it) Here you can read the story, all for free! Cyclop are creature that look humans more than their brother cyclops. The original cyclops have an "S" at their name, while the other cyclop than look more like human doesn't have a "S" to their name. Understand? Also, there is also a ton of reference to games, shows and memes. Let me show you the main characters... _________________________________________________________________________ Shy guy: A little red cute boy with a mask that have a lot of courage. He excel at agility and spear fighting. He is called "SHY guy" but he is not really shy most of the time. Nobody even dared to remove his mask so far, Nobody. "I'm not a bad person, I only follow the orders of my master." -Shy guy Gardevoir: She is gentle and smart Pokemon. She loves and cares about her friends. She can use a lot of devastating magic attacks, but she can only remember 4 attacks at the same time. "Do you believe in fairies?" -Gardevoir Dark Cyclop Mage: A terrible and cruel dark mage and the ruler of the cyclop world. He has powerful minions, but they aren't very smart. Only a few of his plans worked well without something that ruin them. "Your pain is my food!" -Dark cyclop mage The Cyclop Villagers: Small peaceful cyclops that live in villages that are a bit everywhere in the cyclop world. _________________________________________________________________________ A few notes before we start our adventure: When a character talk "like this", (s)he is talking with the voice. When a character talk (like this), (s)he is thinking in his/her head, using telepathy or a certain language is being translated. Alright, let start reading the story! ___________________________________________________________________ CHAPTER 1: The trap-portal Once upon a time (Like in every stories), There is a Dark cyclop mage that is seeking for power and a rare creature as a slave. He used his high-tech machine that can seek people in almost the whole universe and descript those people. He then start searching for the people that are enough powerful or skilled at a certain thing. He searched for hours, until he finally found the 2 person he want. Dark cyclop mage: (Hmm, those are interesting... I will take that strange looking lady's power and i will make that masked thing my slave... And then I will soon be extremly powerfull and my dreams will come true! But I need to find a way to take them here.... Wait, I know!) MEANWHILE AT THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM... Everything was peaceful, until Mario and his friends start doing races. Shy guy participated too. The race is located at the east of the mushroom kingdom. The race start shortly after everyone was ready. The race started with a lot of violence and shells. Shy guy manage to not get hit and he leads the race. Farther at the race, a big black portal appeared and a Cyclop minion come out of it. The cyclop notice there is 2 paths. An arrow indicate the direction to take. He changed the direction the arrow point at and placed and hide a portal farther at that path. Because Shy guy is in first place, he will be the one that fell to the trap. Shy guy: (I must take that direction? I though it was the other path...) As soon Shy guy take the path, the hided cyclop minion change the arrow to it normal place. Shy guy:"It's strange how the path is straigh forward... Wait, what's that? what is that big bla- no, NO!! Ahhhhhhhhh!" Then Shy guy felled into the portal. BACK AT THE DARK CYCLOP MAGE'S CASTLE... Dark cyclop mage: "Good, that one was easy to capture. But that girl seems smarter and more powerfull... Let's think... She is kind and she help innocent people that are in danger... I know! She won't stand a chance..." MEANWHILE IN THE POKEMON WORLD... In the sinnoh region, Gardevoir and her trainer takes a path to Pastoria City to challenge the gym's leader. In the middle of the walk, they hear a Pokemon screaming and Gardevoir detect the negative emotions of the victim at the same time. Gardevoir: "What was that?" Without hesitations, the trainer order to Gardevoir to go see what's happening. Trainer: "You should go see what happens. But be careful, You've just recover from your recent injuries Gardevoir "Yes, I will try be careful" Then Gardevoir start searching for the thing in danger, she was guided by the emotions of the victim. And then Gardevoir see a strange looking house, and the screams is coming from there. Gardevoir enter inside the house, There was barely anything in the house. Then she see a one-eye monster: It's a cyclop minion holding a poor Buneary! Gardevoir was wondering what this thing could be, but she know this wasn't normal. Gardevoir: "Do you speak human language or Pokemon language? If human, let the poor Buneary be free! it did nothing to you!" The cyclop minion laugh with a creepy noise. He press a strange button and then he teleports away with the Buneary. Gardevoir: (He escape... I've only I know where that thing did go...) With a disappoint look. When Gardevoir was going to exit the house, a metal wall block the exit. Gardevoir: "What is this??" Then a big black portal apperared. Because Gardevoir has nowhere to escape, she got trapped in the portal. A FEW SECONDS LATER IN THE CASTLE OF THE DARK CYCLOP MAGE... Dark cyclop mage: "Victory! I got both of them! But i didn't think about where they will enter... I'm going to search them using the World Map Person Locator Machine." CHAPTER 2: The meeting of the duo After being unconscious for about 30 minutes, Gardevoir wake up. Gardevoir: "Where I am? All I remember is that I was trapped inside a portal when I tried to save that Pokemon..." She looks around, there is some rocks and trees. Then suddenly, she detects another negative emotion and something in danger. Gardevoir: "Another person is in danger? I should be more careful this time..." Shortly after going where the signal come from, She found what is happening: Shy guy was attacked by slimes! He was defendless, and he has no way to escape the slimes. Gardevoir create small psychic bomb by using psyschock and make them explode near the slimes and then the slimes run away. Gardevoir then go talk to Shy guy. Gardevoir: "Are you ok?" Shy guy: "Y-yes... Who are you?" Gardevoir: "I am Gardevoir. I got trapped inside a portal and i end up at this place..." Shy guy: "The same thing happens to me too!" Gardevoir: "Really?! I wonder if we are the only one... We should go before there is more monsters that attack us." Shy guy and Gardevoir start walking. When the sunset come, they prepared a fire for the night. MEANWHILE AT THE CASTLE OF THE DARK CYCLOP MAGE... Dark cyclop mage: "I see, they both end up at the slimy plain and they are now camping near the forest. Minion: "What is the plan master?" Dark cyclop mage: "Simple! Once they will reach a good place for a trap, i will send my soldiers to, you know, trap them. They will easily defeat them because they will be outnumbered, and the red little masked thing is weak and don't know how to defend himself, perfect for a slave. Well, I THINK it don't know how to fight." Minion: "You're a genius! A intelligence miracle, master!" Dark cyclop mage: "I know. Now let me give orders to my soldiers. SOLDIERS! COME AND PLACE!" Then a pack of soldiers come and placed to await the orders of their master. Dark cyclop mage: "LISTEN UP! I have two persons i need for important stuffs." The dark cyclop mage show a image of the targents. Dark cyclop mage: "You must search and bring me those persons. You can bring the girl alive or not, but bring the red masked thing alive, They are located around the forest. UNDERSTAND?!" Soldiers: "Yes, master!" Then the soldiers started the searchs BACK AT SHY GUY AND GARDEVOIR... Shy guy: "So... Where are you from?" Gardevoir: "I'm from a place called the Pokemon world." Shy guy: "The Pokemon world? What is that place?" Gardevoir: "It's a place where creatures called "human" tame Pokemons and do a lot of stuff like playing with them, the most common thing is doing battles." Shy guy: "There is also humans in my world! I know 2 of them that have big noses, they keep ruining the plans of my master." Gardevoir: "Who is your master?" Shy guy: " His name is Bowser, He is evil and he keep stoling an pink princess. I'm not evil though, i only follow the orders of my master...Oh, and i've forget to ask, doesn't making pokemons fight is cruel?" Gardevoir: "Not at all! Us Pokemons like to battle." Shy guy: "Wait, you are not a human??" Gardevoir: "Oh, i didn't tell you i'm a pokemon, sorry. But it's true i look like a human though... *Yawn* I'm getting sleepy, we should rest for tomorrow." Shy guy: "Good idea, i don't know what the hour is." Then Shy guy and Gardevoir go sleep. THE NEXT DAY... Shy guy and Gardevoir wake up almost at the same moment. Shy guy: "Good morning, Should we start going at the forest now?" Gardevoir: "We should, maybe we will find out why we are here and how we will get out of this place." Then the duo go in the forest. Shy guy: "It's dark out there..." Gardevoir: "Shy guy, Do you know how to defend yourself?" Shy guy: "I have some experience at spear figthing. Maybe we should try to craft one?" Gardevoir: "Good idea." While going trough the forest, Shy guy pick a big piece of wood and a rock. He cut the big piece of wood and make it shape like a stick, then cut the rock and make it pointy. He put the pointy rock at the stick with a a string. Shy guy finishe making the spear! Shy guy: "I should pratict a little bit" Then shy guy pratict a little bit a spear throwing and other attacks. Many minutes later... Gardevoir: "Wow, you are truly a warrior! The exit of the forest is just there also." Meanwhile with the Dark cyclop mage's soldiers Soldier: "Where are they?" Soldier Commander: "I don't know... Keep searching!" Soldier 2: "Look! I see 2 person exiting out of the forest!" Soldier Commander: "...You're right! That's them! GO TRAP THEM" Soldier Commander: "Stop right there!" By running at Shy guy and Gardevoir Shy guy: "Who are these guys??" Gardevoir: I don't know, they don't look nice..." Soldier commander: "Found you! Now be gentle and let us capture you..." Shy guy: "Never!" Soldier commander: "How dare you?! CHARGE!" The soldiers begin to fight. Shy guy and Gardevoir hasn't too much difficulty to deal with them. Gardevoir used her attack Psychoc and Moonblast to defeat soldiers, while Shy guy defeat them with his spear. about 30 seconds later... Soldier commander: "Already out of soldiers!?" Shy guy: "Wow, such fight. You really think you will capture us just like that?" Soldier commander: "Grr, You win this time, but we won't let you be free for long. I will be back with stronger soldiers!" Then the commander run away. Shy guy: "Why they are trying to hunt us?" Gardevoir: "I don't know. But i see a village, maybe we could ask the villagers where we are." Shy guy and Gardevoir then go to the village. CHAPTER 3: Hot desert, hot pain Shortly after Shy guy and Gardevoir enter the village, they see a villager going at them. Cyclop villager: "Welcome to our village!... Wow, you both have 2 eyes, that's amazing!" Shy guy: "Well, we could say that's good..." Cyclop villager: "It's dinner time, do you want to stay with us? Gardevoir: "Well, i'm quite hungry, so yes." Then Shy guy, Gardevoir and the villagers go eat. They are also going to learn a lot stuffs soon while they are eating... Shy guy: "Miumy, those fruits are tasty!" Gardevoir: "Where we are? We both strangly got trapped in portals and we end here..." Cyclop villager: "What?! That's true?!? I have to go tell something to someone one sec..." Then the cyclop villager whisper another one. Cyclop villager 1: "Hey, what was the two person that got trapped here already?" Cyclop villager 2: "It's a green girl a red guy with a mask if I remember..." Cyclop villager 1: "Holy god! They are eating with us right now!" Cyclop villager 2: "Really? Awesome!" Then the cyclop villager (1) go back a Shy guy and Gardevoir." Cyclop villager: "Someone called the "Dark cyclop mage" summoned you both in this world, He seek powers to stole from a powerful life form and a slave. He is also the ruler of the cyclop world. Shy guy: "So he want to steal Gardevoir's power and make me his slave? This isn't good... But how you know that?" Cyclop villager: "He like to tell his plans to everyone." Gardevoir: "So that's why we got attacked... But how we can get out of this place?" Cyclop villager: "The only way is to defeat the Dark cyclop mage, he is located at the north of the Cyclop world. The first path you must take to reach his castle is the desert." Shy guy: "We will go tomorrow, it's getting dark..." THE NEXT DAY... Shy guy and Gardevoir spleep at a small house in the village. When they finish eating their breakfast... Shy guy: "Should we go to the desert now?" Gardevoir: "We should get some equipments so we won't get too cold at night, I'll take the backpack." They got some equipment from a villager that don't need equipments, then they go at the desert. IN THE DESERT... The sun light are strong and the sky is all blue, Shy guy and Gardevoir walked for about 2 hour and drank some of the water bottles and ate Shy guy: "Hey Gardevoir, why Pokemon and Humans friends?" Gardevoir: "There is many reasons they are friend, Pokemons can communicate with Humans even though most of them can't talk." Shy guy: "How can you talk?" Gardevoir: "It's a long story. When i was way younger, there was a Pokemon abuser that abuse Pokemons to teach Pokemons to talk to win a lot of money, My trainer tame me the same day the Pokemon abuser got arrest." Shy guy: "I see... Where we will be when we will cross the desert?" Gardevoir: "I don't really know but i've heard there is another village at the end of the desert." Shy guy: "Did you know tha-" *click* "What th- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoOoOooooooooo!!......." Suddenly, a hole appeared and Shy guy fell in the hole! Gardevoir: "SHY GUY!?! What kind of trap is this!? I should find a way to get down here safely and save him... Hey, that pill of sand look suspect..." Gardevoir move the pile of sand with her hands and she discover a secret door. She open the door and there was a ladder, then She go down with the ladder and found a sort of secret base. Gardevoir: There is torches and carved walls, so there is people living there..." After crossing the Secret base for about 2 minutes there is a small locked door blocking her path. Gardevoir: "A locked door? Look like i'll have to do it the offensive way..." Then Gardevoir used Psyshock and destroy the door. Inside the room, there is Shy guy that is attached to ropes at a pillar! She quickly try to remove the rope. Shy guy: "Oh thanks god, I though I would end up ate by those guys, They tied me at that pillar and leave me there." Gardevoir: "It's nothing, but how we will remove that rope? I can't detach ropes with only 3 fingers..." Shy guy: "Can't you use psychic powers to burn ropes?" Gardevoir: "Oh right! How did I've forget..." then Gardevoir burn the rope that prevent Shy guy from moving. Then suddenly... ???: ""Hey! Someone's stoling our dinner!" Then a whole bunch of Hunter Cyclops enter the room from everywhere, ground or doors Hunter cyclop: "Leave our dinner alone!" Gardevoir: "There is way too many of them! They are everywhere!" Shy guy: "...I think there is only one way to deal with them... I though i would never do that of my life, but this is the only way... Gardevoir: "What do you mean?" Shy guy: "Don't look, Gardevoir!" Gardevoir: "Ok..?" Shy guy take a few step forward and... remove his mask! Hunter cyclop: "WHAT IS THIS?!?" With a panicking look Hunter cyclop(2): "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS KIND OF FACE?? Hunter cyclop(3): "I think it's gonna curse us! Run for it!" Then the Hunter cyclops run away and Shy guy put his mask Gardevoir: "Why they are so scared of your face?" Shy guy: "You don't want to know and i'm never doing that again of my life..." Gardevoir: "We should get out of there before more hunters come." Then Shy guy and Gardevoir get out of the undergrounds. Shy guy: "I wonder how they make those kind of traps..." Gardevoir: "We've lost a lot of times, we should continue crossing the desert." When they were about to walk, A bug bite Gardevoir. Gardevoir: "Ow... Nasty bug..." Shy guy: "Are you ok?" Gardevoir: "Yes, it was just a bug that bite me, but my head start hurting a little bit, but we still have to go. Then they continue walking and drinking some water bottle and eating until the sunset, then they prepared the tent and sleep in for the night. THE NEXT DAY... When Shy guy wake up, Gardevoir was already waked up. Shy guy: "Good morning, how it's going?" Gardevoir: "Bad..." Shy guy: "Why?" Gardevoir: "I've had a nightmare about some sort of white gas chasing me, and I still have my headach..." Shy guy: "Maybe the your headache will gone away later, We are halfway to the end of the desert, we should go!" Then they start walking to hopefully reach the end of the desert, they fight the pain, drink water bottles and eated. Until... Shy guy: "I...need...a water...bottle..." With a tired look. Gardevoir check the backpack. But here is a problem... Gardevoir: "We are out of water bottles..." Shy guy: "What?... but I... need...water....*Pouf*" Then Shy guy faint and fell unconscious because of the thirstness. Gardevoir: "Shy guy?? Oh no... I should carry him up to the end of the desert..." Then Gardevoir start carrying Shy guy. A few minutes later... Gardevoir: (Ugh, he is heavy a little bit... If I don't find some water soon, Shy won't make it to the end of the desert alive...) ???: "Well well, Look like our green lady is in a vulnerable state..." Gardevoir: (What?! It's the soldiers? I can't fight them now!...) Soldier commander: "I'm back with stronger units and you are both vulnerable. What are you going to do now?" Gardevoir: (Oh no, what i'm going to do... Wait, i can teleport!) Gardevoir teleported with Shy guy behind a rock and hide there. Soldier: "Where did they go?" Soldier commander: "Grr... we can't search a lot in a desert..." Then he yelled: "WE WILL BE BACK ONCE MORE!" Then the soldiers give up and go back to the castle of the dark cyclop mage. Gardevoir: "Phew, that was close..." After she walked a bit, she discover a village: It was the end of the desert! Gardevoir: "Finally! I can get helps for Shy g-Ow my head, i need to get help for it too..." CHAPTER 4: A trip into the dreams After going at the village at the end of the desert, a mage-looking cyclop go see Gardevoir. Cyclop villager: "Welcome to our village, but what happens to this poor little red thing?" Gardevoir: "He need help, he fell unconscious from the thirstness..." Cyclop villager: "I see, come to my tent, I'll give him waters." Then Gardevoir, the Cyclop villager and the unconscious Shy guy go to a tent in the village. At another tent in the village... Random villager Kid: "I feeled like making cookies, but nobody want to eat my cookies..." Random villager Kid's Mom: "At least you tried, my Boy." Back at Gardevoir, Shy guy and the Cyclop villager... Cyclop villager: "Now give me the red little thing, I'll give it waters." Then the Cyclop villager make Shy guy drink some waters, then he wake up. Shy guy: "*Cough cough* ...Where i am? Gardevoir: "You fell inconcious at the desert and i carried you all the way to the village." Shy guy: "Oh, thanks but, How did you survive without water that much time?" Gardevoir: "It's simple; You wear a lot of cloths and i THINK you have a black skin, while I wear less cloths and i have a white skin. Also, Cyclop, do you have a cure for strong headaches? I have a serious one right now..." Cyclop villager: "...Did you got bited by a certain bug?" Gardevoir: "Yes, why?" Cyclop villager: "This is very bad! It will eat all of your memory if we don't destroy it quick!" Shy guy: "What do you mean?!" Cyclop villager: "The bug that bited her released a parasite that eat the memory of the victim until it know nothing left or the vitim died, starting with the newest and most useless memories first. The victim will also have a violent headache." Gardevoir: "I knew something wasn't normal about my headache. But how we will destroy it?" Cyclop villager: "Well, there is 2 possible way. The first one is exploding your head and the other one is teleporting someone inside your dream to destroy the parasite." Gardevoir: "I think I'll choose the 2nd one..." Cyclop villager: "So who will go destroy the parasite?" Shy guy: "I'll go." Gardevoir: "You will really go, Shy guy? You're the most courageous person i've meet!" With an amazed look. Shy guy: "The question is, how we will go inside the dreams of Gardevoir?" Cyclop villager: "Will she is sleeping, I will make you go inside her dream by teleporting you right there, i can use magics!" Gardevoir: "I should start to sleep now because my headache is really getting painful..." Cyclop villager: "Alright, just sleep at this bed over there." Then Gardevoir start sleeping on the bed. Cyclop villager: "We will leave you alone for a while. Come with me, little one." Shy guy and the Cyclop villager exit out of the tent. Cyclop villager: "Where do you come from? Why you crossed that painful desert? AND WHY DO YOU BOTH HAVE 2 EYES?!?" Shy guy: "Me and her live in another world. Infact, we don't live in the same world. A certain Dark Cyclop mage summoned us in this place, and we are going to his castle to defeat him and going to our homes!" Cyclop villager: "I see... That guy... He always dreamed of a rare creature as a slave and more powers." Shy guy: "We should go see if she is asleep." When they go see the tent, Gardevoir was already asleep! Shy guy: "Already asleep? I think it's time that you teleport me..." Cyclop villager: "Ok... 3...2...1... GO!" *Pouf!* After a small magic explosion, Shy guy finally got teleported inside the dreams of Gardevoir! MEANWHILE IN THE DREAMS OF GARDEVOIR... *Pouf!* Shy guy: "... So that's what her dreams look like... It's all sandy like the desert... Atleast it's not hot!" Cyclop villager(?): (Hello? Can you hear me?) Shy guy: "Huh? How can you talk to me?" Cyclop villager: (With telepathy. You can still talk to me with your voice, though.) Shy guy: "Oh... Ok." Suddenly, there is a big explosion or a sort of light and magic that nearly hit Shy guy! Shy guy: "AAAHHHHH!... Holy god... What was that sort of light explosion?!" Cyclop villager: (I've heard the more the dreamer is magical, the more strange light explosion and other strange thing will happens.) MEANWHILE AT THE DARK CYCLOP MAGE'S CASTLE... Dark cyclop mage: "Let see what they are doing thank to my amazing World Map Person Locator Machine (WMPLM)... Now the red thing is in the green lady's dream to destroy the white gas parasite? Hehehe... Let add some nightmares to it just like last time, this will add some spicy..." BACK AT THE TENT OF THE CYCLOP VILLAGER... Cyclop villager (With telepathy): (Did you find the parasite yet?) Shy guy (In the dreams): "No yet." Strangly, Gardevoir start slowing moving his head left and right and making sounds. Gardevoir (Sleeping): "Mrf.... Mmrrf..." Cyclop villager (With telepathy): (Uh-oh... I think she start having nightmares!) Shy guy: "What?! Everything got darker! I better be careful..." Suddenly, Shy guy hear a scream. ???: "HELP ME!" Shy guy: "Huh? Who is running at me?... Wait, is that-*Bump!*" The running person make a collision with Shy guy. Shy guy: "O-Ow..." ???: "Oh thanks god, that white gas got away..." Shy guy: "Are you... Gardevoir?!" "Gardevoir": "Yes... Why?" Shy guy: "How can you be here?" "Gardevoir": "What do you mean?" Shy guy: "There is a parasite eating all of your memory and i'm being sended into your dreams to destroy it, and you are suppose to be sleeping in the Cyclop villager's tent! Cyclop villager (With telepathy): (Little one, it's normal that you see the dreamer when you are in his/her dreams, they are the dreamy version of themself; It's simply them in their dreams!) Shy guy: "Oh thanks i see now. Dreamy Gardevoir: "Who are you talking to?" Shy guy: "The Cyclop villager that teleported me in your dream, he is talking to me using telepathy. Also, you are Dreamy Gardevoir?" Dreamy Gardevoir: "I think so..." Shy guy: "But why you was screaming and running at me?" Dreamy Gardevoir: "That white gas was chasing me again, and i didn't look where I was running... Sorry..." Shy guy: "Its fine, but we should try to exterminate the parasite the quickest possible." Then they start searching for the parasite. Dreamy Gardevoir: "I believe it's hiding in the deep of my dreams." Shy guy: "Why it keep chasing you?" Dreamy Gardevoir: "I don't know, I was just roaming around and he start chasing me as soon it see me." Shy guy: "Oh no, It's a crevasse! How we are going to continue now?" Dreamy Gardevoir: "I can do anything in my dreams, right?" Dreamy Gardevoir tried to summon a bridge... And did it! Shy guy: "Woah! That's crazy how we can do that in our dreams!" Dreamy Gardevoir: "We should cross it before it disappear." After crossing the bridge, they hear strange sounds. Shy guy: "Where is that sound coming from?" Dreamy Gardevoir: "We should go check." After going at the direction of the sounds, they found what it is: It's the parasite eating the memories of Gardevoir! Dreamy Gardevoir: "It's the parasite! It is really eating my memories after all!" With a suprised look. Cyclop villager (With telepathy): (You found it! Now you must destroy it! Quick!) Shy guy: "I'll try to destroy it! Shy guy try to hit the parasite with his spear, but all his attack go through the parasite. Shy guy: "I can't even touch it!" Cyclop villager (With telepathy): (Think little one! There must be a way!) Dreamy Gardevoir: "Do you have a plan?" Shy guy: "Hmmm................ I think I know!" Then Shy guy punch a wall with all of his strength! Dreamy Gardevoir: "...I don't see the plan..." Shy guy: "Wait, you will see......Wait for it......." *BOOM* A big explosion of light hit the white gas parasite and destroy it! Dreamy Gardevoir: "Never knew those explosions could be useful... But you did it Shy guy! The parasite is gone!" With a happy look. Shy guy: "Villager, we destroyed the parasite, I'm ready to go back to the real world! Dreamy Gardevoir: (I really wonder if he is talking to himself...) Cyclop villager: "Alright, I'll teleport you back in a few seconds..." Shy guy: "I must go back to the real world, Dreamy Gardevoir." Dreamy Gardevoir: "Sure! Good bye, and good luck at the real world!" (I hope I'm talking to the real Shy guy...) Then Shy guy got teleported back to the real world. Meanwhile at the house of the villager... Shy guy: "It feel good to be back in the real world... I should wake up Gardevoir... Shy guy try to wake up Gardevoir by touching her with his hands. Shy guy: "Gardevoir, it's time to wake up!" Gardevoir: ".....Huh... Oh, hi Shy guy, I've dreamed I meet you and we destroyed the parasite!" Shy guy: "All of this did happens too!" Gardevoir: "It's really gone! Thanks so much! My headache is also gone!.. Oh, and also thank you too, Villager!" Cyclop villager: "No problems. You should stay with us, it's almost night time. Shy guy and Gardevoir stayed in the village and decide go eat then go to sleep after. CHAPTER 5: The elite minions of the Dark cyclop mage The Dark cyclop mage is using his WMPLM. (World Map Person Locator Machine) Dark cyclop mage: "God dang it! those two can litterally do anything when they are together! And those soldiers can't do anything useful! I think I have no longer the choice but to call my elite soldiers... ELITE SOLDIERS! COME AND PLACE! Then 3 elite minions come to the room of the Dark cyclop mage. Here is the elite trio: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ GAMINION: He is addict to video games and he is a bit naive. LOPGINEER: A engineer that created many inventions. It took him 1.3 years to build the WMPLM. ELISA: A very rude girl that think she is perfect and that everyone else are wimps. She is truly a champion at insulting. ___________________________________________________________________ Elisa: "What do you want again, "Master"?" Gaminion: "Shut up! He is the master! He is the Final boss!" Elisa: "Yes, the master of idiots." Gaminion: "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY ABOUT HIM, YOU DISGRACE TO LIFE?!?" Elisa: "Aww, you mad?" Dark cyclop mage: "Shut up you two! I need your helps to catch those persons showed in the picture. Like I've said to those dumb soldiers, You can bring the green girl alive or not, but bring the red masked thing alive." Elisa: "Wow, the green is ugly, I'm way more pretty than her." Gaminion: "Wow, you need glass. She is beautiful!" Lopgineer: "Why you two always need to arguing? Stop it!" Dark cyclop mage: "UNDERSTAND?!" Gaminion: "Eh, yes master!" Lopgineer: "They are located at the village and they will probably leave soon, so we should use the teleporter to go near the village, then we will ambush them!" Dark cyclop mage: "AND if you catch them, all of you will receive a promotion! SO YOU ARE ALL BETTER TO CATCH THEM!" MEANWHILE AT THE VILLAGE... Shy guy: "Thanks, the breakfast were delicious! Blacksmith cyclop: "Hey little red one, want that I craft you a new spear? Shy guy: "Sure, take my spear!" Then Shy guy gave his spear to the Blacksmith, and Gardevoir start talking to another Villager. Gardevoir: "Hi, do you know what is the shortest path to the castle of the Dark cyclop mage?" Cyclop villager: "I've heard there is a big portal that can teleport you closer to his castle. It's located at the north." Gardevoir: "Thanks, I will tell my friend about this." Then Gardevoir go see Shy guy and tell him the news. Shy guy: "How it's going, Gardevoir?" Gardevoir: "Hello Shy guy, did you know we can take a shortcut by using a portal? Shy guy: "Cool, where is it?" Gardevoir: "I heard it's at the north from there. Should we go there now?" Shy guy: "I must see if the blacksmith finish crafting my new spear first... Hey Blacksmith! Did you finish crafting my spear?" Blacksmith cyclop: "Yes, here's your new spear!" Shy guy: "Thanks!" (How did he craft that fast?) Gardevoir: "I guess we will go then!" Cyclop villager: "Bye, and good luck!" Then Shy guy and Gardevoir leave the village and start making their way to the big portal that is located at the plains. There is also certain people hiding in a bush close to the duo... Gaminion: "...Are they are going to see us?" Elisa: "I don't think so... Hey, that's them! The red dude and the green ugly girl! Hide while they are walking there!" Gaminion: ...*Bumb* "Hey! look where you're walking!" Lopgineer: "SSSSHH!" Then Gardevoir Hear the sounds and stop walking then start watching where the trio is hiding Gardevoir: (I think I've heard sound coming from there..... Should I go check?) Shy guy: "Gardevoir! Is there something?" Gardevoir: "Oh, nothing." Then she go back at Shy guy. Gardevoir: "Shy guy..." Shy guy: "What?" Gardevoir "Do you think we are hunted?" With a worried look Shy guy: "I don't know..." Gardevoir: "I could cleary detect the emotions of people being scared that I found them..." A bit close where Gaminion is hiding... Gaminion: "Alright, it's my chance to get the job's lifetime premium! Then he got face Shy guy and Gardevoir! Gaminion: "PREPARE TO FACE YOUR DESTINY!" Shy guy: "...What?..." Gaminion: "I will defeat you! And then the great master will be proud of me!" Gardevoir: "Shy guy! I've just notice he is one of the people I've capted their emotions!" Shy guy: "That make sense now! He is one of the people that hunt us!" Then Gaminion Start doing a jump kick attack!... Gaminion: "HI JUMP KICK!!!!!" ...But miss his attack and crush himself on the ground. Gaminion: "AHHHHH.... O-O-OWWW.... PLEASE H-HELP ME GOD...W-WHY ME..." Shy guy: "Well, I think we will let him be alone..." Then they continue their path to the big portal. A bit close where Lopgineer is hiding... Lopgineer: "Hehe... They will step into the invisible portal and then they will be teleported and trapped inside a cage! Now I'm thinking with portals...Oh I see them walking right where the invisible portal is!" Gardevoir: "I wonder if they are still hunting us..." Soldier commander: "STOP RIGHT THERE!" Shy guy: "It's those guys again!" Gardevoir: "I've seen them in the desert too, I've teleported and hide behind a big rock. Soldier commander: "WHAT?! YOU WAS BEHIND A STUPID ROCK ALL THE TIME?!? Why didn't I check there!.." Shy guy: "I'm in shape this time! We won't run from you! The soldier commander start talking while taking a few steps. Soldier commander: "Are you sure? The Dark cyclop mage send me the strongest soldiers to defeat you and finally catc-AHHHHHHHHhHhHhHhhhhh........." ...Then the commander fell in the invisible portal. Lopgineer: "Really? Why they did have to show up right now? I have to think of something else..." Soldier commander: "How I got inside this cage? What did I fell into?!" Soldier: "COMMANDER! Let us get you out of there!" Gardevoir: "Shy guy! We should get out of there while we have the time!" Shy guy: "Let's go!" Elisa: "Not so fast!" Shy guy: "Who are you?" Gardevoir: "She is also one of the people I've detected their emotions when they were hiding! They were all trying to ambush us!" Elisa: "Well played, but that doesn't change I'm the prettiest person ever and that you are all ugly. Shy guy: "So she also want to fight? Bring it on!" Elisa: "Alright, weaklings." Then Elisa Quickly start running at a amazing speed, making her almost impossible to see where she is going. Shy guy: "Where she is?!" Gardevoir: "I can only see her running at random directions! Don't let your guards let down!" Then Elisa pick up Shy guy! Shy guy: "HEY! LET ME GO!" Gardevoir: "S-Shy guy!" Elisa: "Admit your defeat and come to the castle of our master, or else I'll CUT THE HEAD OF YOUR FRIEND!" Gardevoir: "........................" Shy guy: (Gardevoir seems petrified and doesn't know what to do...) Elisa: "If you don't choose one of the choice after 10 seconde, We'll do BOTH choices!" Elisa: "10...9...8..." Gardevoir: "......................." Elisa: "6...5..." Shy guy: "Oh no, What should I do?.." Elisa take his knife. Elisa: THREE...TWO...ONE...*BOMP* AHHHHHHWWWWWWW, MY NOSE!" By letting Shy guy go, dropping her knife and putting her hands to her nose. Shy guy: "I knew striking with the head is the most painful!" Gardevoir: "Shy guy! I'm so glad that you're alive!" With a very happy look. Elisa: "WHAT? I'M BLEEDING FROM THE NOSE!!! Better prepare for a beatdown when I'll be back, you ugly nasty masked thing!" With a angry look. Then Elisa ran away. Shy guy: "Why didn't you do anything, Gardevoir?" Gardevoir: "I'm sorry, I feeled so menaced that I was frozen and I couldn't do anything. I think we will be safe for now, We've repeled all the people that hunt us." Shy guy: "We should continue while we have the time." After walking a few minutes, they finally found the big portal! Shy guy: "We did it! We found the big portal! Gardevoir: "Indeed! We won't have to walk that much to reach our destination. Also, who go first inside the portal, Shy guy? Shy guy: "Well, ladies first, right?" Gardevoir: "Ok, I'll go first!" Then Gardevoir go trough the portal, vanishing completly. Shy guy: "Well, I think it's my turn!" Then Shy guy also go trough the portal. At the other portal, somewhere else in the cyclop world... Shy guy exit of the other portal. Shy guy: W-woah, It was all colorful inside that thing! Gardevoir: "Did you see that giant gate?" Shy guy:"We should go see if we can open it!" When Shy guy try to open the gate something strange happens... ???: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" Gardevoir: "What did just talk? ???: "I AM THE GATE OF HEROISM." Gate: THE ONLY WAY TO OPEN ME IS TO GATHER AND GIVE ME THE 3 ROYAL RUBIES, WHICH ARE LOCATED AT THE JUNGLE OF UNHOPE'S TEMPLE, THE PIXIE FOREST AND THE DREAMY CROSS OF THE RUBY LORD. GOOD LUCK, WANDERERS. Gardevoir: "We should start getting the rubies tomorow, I'm a bit tired of all the thing that happens." Shy guy: "Yeah, I'm tired too. I think the sunset is gonna be in about 1 and half an hour. We should gather woods to make a fire." Then Shy guy and Gardevoir start collecting woods to make a fire. CHAPTER 6: Gardevoir's childhood Shy guy and Gardevoir made a fire and are discussing. Shy guy: "Hey Gardevoir, I've been wondering about this..." Gardevoir: "What is it, Shy guy?" Shy guy: "What is that red scale at your chests?" Gardevoir: "Oh, that? It's what that make me able to use most of my magic and and the power of detect the emotions of other life forms. Do you have anymore questions?" Shy guy: "What is your family?" Gardevoir: "My trainer's family is mostly my family now..." Shy guy: "You have a trainer?" Gardevoir: "Yes, I was with him, until I got sended to this world. His name is James, he raised me since he tame me; when I was just a little Ralts. Shy guy: "A little Ralts?..." Gardevoir: "Oh, I forgot to tell you, Pokemon change form when they get enough fighting experience and when they are old enough. My specie are little Ralts when they are young. Shy guy: "Oh, I see now. But how the Pokemon abusers caught you when you was young? Gardevoir "It's a long story, let me tell you. It was a very long time ago... We are going to put a story in a story so you can read a story while reading a story. Note: For the next couple of lines talking "Like this" without any character talking, it's Gardevoir telling what happens in her story. "It all started when I hatched from my egg as a little Ralts" *Crack* *Crack* *Hatch* Ralts (Gardevoir when she was a baby): "Ralts? Ralts!" (Mommy? Mommy!) "My mother is the same species of mine" Ralts's mother: "Gardevoir!" (She is so cute!) "She feed me and keep me warm, just like a normal Pokemon mother would do. We sleep together, eat together and play together" Ralts's mother: "Gardevoir devoir! Gardevoir!" (It's time to go sleep, my sweeties! And remember your mom always love you!) Ralts: "Ralts! (I love you mommy!) "We loved each other very much, everytime was perfect and joiceful. Until a few weeks later... Ralts's mother: "Gardevoir, devoir?" (How are you, my little Ralts?) Ralts: "Ralts!" (Good!) "Suddenly, at that day, a big car show up. Then a bunch of thiefs come out of it." Thief: "Alright boys, get the Ralts from the Gardevoir and give it to the chief!" Ralts's mother: "Gar?.." (What?..) Ralts: "Ralts Ralts?" (Who are those people, mommy?) Ralts's mother: "Gardevoir..." (I don't know...) Thief: "Give us your baby, little mother!" Thief 2: "Or else we'll do it in force!" Ralts's mother: "Gar! Devoir! Gardevoir!" (No! You can't do that! It's my baby!) "When one of the thief start approaching my mother, she attack him with psychic, making the thief faint. but there was still the other thiefs..." Thief 2: "Oh my god she make Kenny faint!" Thief 3: "You nasty thing!" Thief 2: "How we will catch her Ralts?" Ralts: "Ralts ralts?" (We will escape, mommy?) "I was so scared, that I could detect my own fear." Ralts's mother: "Gardevoir gardevo-"*pouk* (Your mommy will do everythings to prote-*Pouk*) "Suddenly, someone shooted a dart at my mother..." Ralts's mother: Gar...Devoir...*Pouf* "...And make her fell asleep. I was panicked and scared, I was touching and trying to wake up her." Ralts: "Ralts! Ralts!!" (Mommy! Mommy!!) Thief 2: "Alright, time to catch the Ralts!" "I was trying to escape by running from them, but they quickly catch me by trapping me inside a box." Thief 2: "GOTCHA! Now it's time to give the Pokemon to the Boss... And don't forget Kenny!" "Then they put me in their car, it was all dark and scary there... When we reach their secret base that look like a giant tent, they start talking with their leader." Thief 2: "Boss! We've catched the Ralts you've asked for!" Thief leader: "Good, now give me it, I think we have enough Pokemon to teach to talk so we can win a lot of money on the spectacle... Hello little Ralts, today I'm your new mommy! Hehehe..." Ralts: "Ral! Ralts ralts!" (No! You're not my mommy! I want my real mommy back!) Thief leader: "D'aww, it's seems so mad to be away from it's parents... Give it to the Pokemon talking teacher with the rest of the little Pokemon." Thief 2: "Yes Boss! Come with me little Ralts!" "They start trying to teach me to talk human language, but without success so far." Talking teacher: "Alright little thing, try to say "Benjamin take the bowl" Ralts: Ralts ralts! (Benjamin take the bowl!) Talking teacher: "NO YOU IDIOT! TAKE THIS!" "He always striked me with his whip when I've done it wrong. It was a real pain, so much that I still do nightmares about that." *Whip* Ralts: "RAL!!" (OW!!) "I always started to cry the first few times he striked me..." Ralts: "R-ralts..." *Sniff* (O-ow... *Sniff*) "He was really a nasty and mercyless person." Talking teacher: "THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR NOT DOING IT RIGHT!! Now try it again!" Ralts: Ralts... Talts ralts ralws? Talking teacher: "NOT LIKE THIS!" *Whip* Ralts: "Ral!!" (OW!!) "After an hour of pain and practice, they put me in a big cage with Pokemon foods and water." Ralts: "Ral...Ralts ral ralts...." (Ow... My skin is almost red a-and I have bumps almost everywhere...) "...And I wasn't alone there." Oddish: "Odd! Oddish!" (Hey! A new Pokemon!) Ralts: "Ralts?" (What do you mean?) Phanpy: "Phanpy phanpy. phanpy, phan? (You're the newest Pokemon to come here. You also got stolen from you parents, do you?) Ralts: "R-ralt ralts..." (I-I really want to see my mommy again...) "I've had so much injuries, I could hear the beating of my hearts without putting my hands to my chests." Oddish: "Oddish. Oddish, Oddish" (We all do. There is more Pokemon there, but they are sleeping.) Gible: "Gible... Gib." (I'm not sleeping... Yet.) Ralts: "Ralts ralts?" (Why they took me from my mommy?) Phanpy: "Phanpy. Phanpy phan phanpy" (I don't know. But let me know you the first day is the most painful, you will end up getting handle of those whips.) Oddish: "Oddish oddish" (You must also learn to talk the human language before they kill you.) Ralts: "Ral... ralts?" (Before... They kill me?) Gible: "Gib, gible gib, gible gible". (Yes, before they kill you. The grand spectacle day is in 2 weeks. If you don't learn to talk human language before the day of the spectacle, they will brutally kill you.) Ralts: "Ralts Ralts..." (I'm better to go sleep then...) "The next days, we've tried different things to practice." Talking teacher: "Try to say "A thief stolen his bowl!"" Ralts: "...A Ralts raltsen hasts rawlts?" Talking teacher: "WRONG!" *Whip* Ralts: Ral! (Ow!) "I've get better everydays, and hopefully learning the human language before the spectacle day. This is day 4..." Talking teacher: "Say "Then Benjamin try to get his bowl back!" " Ralts: "Te ralts tralts to gelts his bawlts rack!" *Whip* "Day 6..." Talking teacher: "Say "Benjamin found the thief!" " Ralts: "Benranilts rounts the rhielf!" *Whip* "Day 9..." Talking teacher: Say "Benjamin battle the thief!" " Ralts: "Benjamint battlts the thiea!" *Whip* "And then finally, after a lot of pratice trying to say many words and reading, on day 11..." Talking teacher: "This time you are better to got it right! "Say "Bejamin got his bowl back!" " Ralts: "Benjamin... Got his.... Bowl back!" Talking teacher: "Oh my god! She got it! I must go tell the boss!" "Then the talking teacher picked up me go tell the news to the thief leader." Talking teacher: "BOSS! BOSS! THE RALTS CAN TALK!" Thief leader: "Show me what she can say!" Ralts: "........." Thief leader: ".....So? Is she gonna say something to her NEW MOMMY?" Ralts: "Real mommy... Back!" Thief leader: "D'aww, it still want her old mommy back! She still need some pratice, we only have a few days left." "When they put me in the cage again..." Ralts: "Ralts ralts, ralts ralts? (Hello Phanpy, hi Oddish and hi Gible! Did you learned to talk yet?) Phanpy: "Phanpy, phanpy phanpy..." (No, we barely made progress since you come in...) Ralts: "I've made... Progress!" Gible: "Gible! gible!" (Oh my god! She can talk human language!) Oddish: "Oddish, Oddish." (Ralts, you must save us.) Ralts: "Ralts?" (What do you mean?) Phanpy: "Phanpy phanpy, phan. Phanpy phan phanpy! (No one of us manage to learn to talk like an human well as you, Ralts. You must stop them before they kill us in the day of the spectacle!) "Since I'm very similar to an human, I could easily learn to talk." Ralts: "Ralts! Ralts ralts!" (I-I'll do it! I'll stop them and find my mommy back!) Gible: "Gible! Gible gible..." (That's the spirit! Now we should go to sleep...) Ralts: "Good night you all!" "Then I trained and trained, until the grand spectacle day come. I was about to do something big..." Thief leader: "Alright, my Pokemon legion... Or my talking Ralts! Today it's the grand day, where I will be rich and popular! We've already sold a couple of tickets for the spectacle." Ralts: "You can't kill those innocent Pokemon after the spectacle! That's cruel! And I want my real mommy back!" Thief: "Her voice, so cute! It will make the puplic smile for sure." Ralts: "Stop saying my voice is cute! You should feel ashamed for abusing all those Pokemon! Thief leader: "We don't feel ashamed, but rich! Hehehe..." Ralts: "Grr..." "Suddenly, someone was knocking the door." *Knock knock* "Then the thief leader go open the door, wondering who is it." Thief leader: "Who could it be? It's better not be the-" Police person: "This is the police." Thief: "AHHHHHHHH- uh, I mean, welcome! Feel free to walk in..." Police person: "Emh... Ok... We will just expect here to make sure you don't do anything illegal. So, can you show me those talking Pokemon?" Thief leader: "We only have a talking Ralts, the rest of the Pokemon didn't learn to talk before the spectacle so we are going to kil- I mean release them after the spectacle!" Police person: "Hello little Ralts! I hope no one abused you." "When he start saying lies..." Thief leader: "Of course not! We TOTALLY didn't abuse those little stupi- I mean, cute Pokemon!" "...It was my chance!.." Ralts: "That's a lie! He keep abusing us to-" "...But the thief leader tried to make me prevent talking by putting his hand to my mouth!" Thief leader: "IT HAS NOTHING TO SAY!" "Then I used my psychic power on his hand to hurt him." Thief leader: "OW! Bad thi- I mean cute thing!" Ralts: "Him and his gang keep abusing Pokemon that they stolen from our parents! You must arrest him before it's too late!" Thief leader: "WHAT IS YOUR PROOF?!?" Ralts: "Follow me! I'll show you proofs!" Thief leader: "Don't follow her! IT'S A TRAP!" Police person: "Let her show her proof." Thief leader: "Grr..." "Then the thief leader do a sign that he's gonna kill me if I show the proof, but that won't stop me. We were going where all the Pokemon are: I: their cage." Ralts: "Big meany person! You must open the cage's door so I can show my proof!" Thief leader: "Never!" Police person: "Do what she say." Thief leader: "GRRRrRrRrR!!" "Then he opened the door so I can finally show my proof." Ralts: "Ralts Ralts! Ralts!" (Gible! Phanpy! Come here!) "When they both come out, I've show how much they were injured." Ralts: "Look at this poor Phanpy! He has a lot of bumps and injuries everywhere, all of the Pokemon got strike by whips! Phanpy: "Phanpy..." (That's true...) Ralts: "And look at this Oddish! The herbs on his herb are all cut out!" Thief leader: "T-THAT'S IT! YOU ARE SO DEAD YOU LITTLE-"*Tzzzzzz* "He was so angry, but the police electrocut before he could touch me, making him faint. The police person called reforcement then him and all his gang got arrest, and the spectacle was canceled, while I was outside doing nothing. The thief leader said to me something before they put him in the police car..." Thief leader: "O-One day, I-I-I will get my revenge!" "Then they put him in the car. They also put the Pokemon in a car to find them a new family, but they didn't put me in, strangly. Suddenly, a boy that was around 10 year old come at the place. Also, did I mention that boy is my current trainer; James?" James: "Can I have a Pokemon?" Police person: "Sure! Choose one of the Pokemon in the cages, or in the field. Like that little heroic Ralts over there." James: "I think I'll choose that Ralts over there!" "Then James go see me for the first time..." James: "Hello little Ralts! Ralts: "Hi! I hope you aren't a evil human!" James: "Wow! It talks!" "Then one of the police person start talking to me..." Police person: "Hey little Ralts, we've got a gift for you for saving all those Pokemon. Ralts: "What it is?" "Then a Pokemon come near me, it was my mother!" Ralts: "Ralts?! Ralts!" (Mommy? Mommy!) Ralts's mother: Gardevoir, devoir! (Yes my sweeties, it's me!) James: "Wow! That's what her mother look like?" Ralts: "Ralts! ral Ralts ralts! (It was horrible! They strikes me with whips and abuse every Pokemon there!) Ralts's mother: "Garde gardevoir! Gar, gardevoir devoir? (I'm so glad to see you in shape and healthy! Also, is this human over there is your friend?) Ralts: "Ralts, Ralts. (We've just meet, but he look nice.) Ralts's mother: "Gar Gardevoir?" (Do you want this human to be your trainer?) Ralts: "Ral?" (Why not?) "Then I go ask James if he want to be my trainer." Ralts: "Wanna be my trainer?" James: "Sure! I just need a Pokeball..." Ralts's mother: "Gardevoir!?" (You talk human language?!) Ralts: "Ral, ralts ral ralts..." (Oh, I forget to tell you they make me learn to talk like humans..." Ralts's mother: "Devoir... Gardevoir Gardevoir?" (I see... Are you ready to go with your new friend?) Ralts: "Ral!" (Yes!) James: "Let's go then!" "When I was going away with James, my mother say me a last thing." Ralts's mother: "Voir! Gardevoir devoir!" (Goodbye! I can't wait for the day we will meet again!) "My trainer take care of me and feed me all the time until the day I got stuck in this cyclop world. That's what my childhood looked like!" Note: We are back to the normal story. Gardevoir: "So, Shy guy? What do you think of my childhood?........ Shy guy?" When Gardevoir looked at Shy guy, he was asleep! Shy guy: "ZzZzZzZzZzZz....." Gardevoir: "...Oh well, I think I explained for too long." Then Gardevoir start sleeping. CHAPTER 7: A travel into the Jungle Of Unhope When Shy guy and Gardevoir wake up... Shy guy: "Hi Gardevoir, should we start gathering the rubies?" Gardevoir: "Sure. Where should we start?" Shy guy: "I remember the gate said the rubies was at the temple of the Jungle Of Unhope, the Pixie Forest and the some sort of cross of the Ruby Lord." Gardevoir: "I think we will go at the Jungle Of Unhope first then." Shy guy: "If you look closely, you can see a big forest at the left of there... I think it's there!" Gardevoir: "Let's go then!" Meanwhile in a bush, when Shy guy and Gardevoir start walking... Lopgineer: "So they are searching for the ruby, eh?" Elisa: "We should follow them..." Gaminion: "Hehehe..." Back a Shy guy and Gardevoir when they are walking... Shy guy: "Do you have childrens?" Gardevoir: "Not... For now." Shy guy: "A boyfriend?" Gardevoir: "No, I only have my trainer and his family for now. What about you Shy guy? Do you have a girlfriend?" Shy guy: "I don't have any. It look like we have a lot of thing in common..." Gardevoir: "I agreed. But don't worry Shy guy, I'm sure you will get a girlfriend one day!" Shy guy: "You're right!" (And that girl is 2 feets away from me...) Gardevoir: "Do you have a family?" Shy guy: "I only have my master and his minions..." Gardevoir: "We really have a lot of things in common... Maybe we were destined to meet?" Shy guy: "Maybe... Hey, just for fun, Let see who can say the weirdest fact about our world!" Gardevoir: "You start." Shy guy: "What if I told you eating mushrooms in my world make you grow?" Gardevoir: "And what if I told you my specie can be male?" Shy guy: "....." Gardevoir: "...I-I don't know which fact was weirder..." Shy guy: "Me neither..." Around 15 minute of walking later, when they arrived to the jungle... Shy guy: "We arrived at the jungle, finally!" Gardevoir: "We should be careful from there." There is 3 person that is following Shy guy and Gardevoir... Lopgineer: "They just entered the jungle." Elisa: "We must ambush them at the best moment!" Gaminion: "Yeah!..." IN THE JUNGLE... Shy guy: "The temple must not be very far from there." Gardevoir "I hope so..." Shy guy: "Be careful to not get hit in the face by a branch!" Gardevoir: "I'll try..." Suddenly, at the ground, a part of Gardevoir's dress get stuck in some branchs and get torn apart a little bit Gardevoir: "OUCH!!" Shy guy: "Are you ok Gardevoir?!" with a panicking look. Gardevoir get her dress off the branchs Gardevoir: "Ow...I-I'll be fine, it's j-just that part of my dress that g-got stuck in those branchs... B-but it will regrow back, so don't worry." Shy guy: "It was only your dress that got stuck? Why you must scream like if it hurt so much? And how it can "Regrow back"? " Gardevoir: "I didn't tell you that my dress was actually my skin? Also I'm sorry to scare you like that, but it hurted a lot..." Shy guy: "What?! your dress is really skin?!" Gardevoir: "I know it sound weird and don't make any sense, but it's true..." Shy guy: "I Trust you. Just be careful with your dress. Gardevoir: "Ok. Thank you for trusting me, Shy guy." Shy guy: "Alright we can continue walking now." Shy guy didn't see where he was walking, and the brown rope of his mask also go stuck in some branchs, and it remove his mask! Shy guy: "MY MASK!!" Gardevoir: "I don't look! I don't look!" By hiding her eyes with her hands Shy guy: "Why this has to happens now!..." Then Shy guy take and put his mask back. Shy guy: "You can look now." Gardevoir: "It seems a lot of bad stuffs is happening in this jungle..." ???: "Us hear... Sacred masked person?" ???: "Sacred masked person! Right there!" Then a lot of hunter looking cyclop came, they were about 50. Shy guy: "Who are these guys?" Gardevoir "I think they are friendly." ???: "Us... Hunter cyclops! Desert enemy evil and smarter than us! You scare off desert enemy! Us give you respect!" Shy guy: "I don't get it..." Gardevoir: "I think they like you because you scare off the desert cyclop, remember? Also, how they know you did that?" Hunter cyclop: "Us spy desert enemy all the time!" Hunter cyclop 2: "You talking like desert enemy..." Shy guy: "Emm... Us can talk like that!" Gardevoir: "Yes! Us... talking like that!" Hunter cyclop: "Girl over there is friend with sacred masked person?" Shy guy: "Yes, girl is emh, friend with me!" Soldier commander: "I see that we finally found you both again. This time I won't fell on a trap again. This time I got a lot more soldiers than usual!" Shy guy: "RIGHT THERE! ENEMY! ATTACK!" By pointing at the cyclop soldiers Hunter cyclop "ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!!!" Soldier commander: "You really think you all will beat us? We have armors and swords! Your puny army can't win against MY army!" Gardevoir: "Not if we help them!" Soldier commander: "ATTACK!!" Then all the soldier & hunter cyclop start fighting! Gardevoir: "Shy guy! I'll take care of the soldiers, Go fight the Soldier commander! Don't worry about me!" Shy guy: "A-alright!" Then Gardevoir start going fighting. Soldier commander: "So you wanna fight with me, red masked thing?" By walking near Shy guy Shy guy: "That's my role in this battle!" Soldier commander: "Let's go a bit far away so nobody will be in our path when we fight. Not even your green princess." Shy guy and the Soldier commander go a bit far away from the battlefield, the come to a big place with only a few trees around. Soldier commander: "I think we will be alone here. Also, did I mentione I will be actually NOT alone?" Shy guy: "What do you mean?" Gaminion: "It mean we will be 4 vs you!" The trio of the elite soldiers come out from a bush. Shy guy: "You again?!" Elisa: "He-he! Missed us?" Lopgineer: "According to my calculations, you have 6.6% of winning against us." Gaminion: "Prepare to lost the game!" Elisa: "There is a twist: I will fight him alone." Gaminion: "What?! What do you mean?!" Elisa: "I mean that I will fight him without you, losers. It would be too easy to defeat him and he dared to strike my beatiful nose with his head. He's better be prepared for a beatdown!" Shy guy "YOU ARE the one that gonna get a beatdown with my spear!" Elisa: "We will see that. By the way, where is your ugly magic princess friend?" Shy guy: "She is helping the hunter cyclop fighting the cyclop soldiers!" Elisa: "Oh I see, so you are completly alone. That will be easy to defeat." Shy guy: "In your dreams!" Lopgineer: "This is getting interesting..." CHAPTER 8: The battle and the rollercoaster Elisa: "Why we don't fight now, little wimp?" Shy guy: "I'll proof you I'm not a wimp! Come at me!" Elisa: "Alright, take this!" Elisa throwed a lot of daggers at Shy guy. But he stop them all with his spear. Shy guy: "That's all you got?" Elisa: "Nope!" Then Elisa charge at Shy guy at full speed and strike him with her daggers. Shy guy: "Ow!" Soldier commander: "Take this masked dude! Elisa start turning in circle around Shy guy wih a super speed, almost making a tornado. Shy guy: (How she can move that fast?) Shy guy try to strike Elisa with his spear, but she is too fast and Shy guy can't hit her. Elisa: "CAN'T HIT ME! YOU'RE TOO SLOW! LOSER!" Shy guy: (I know!) Then Shy guy drop his spear on the "Circle", and make Elisa stumble. Elisa: "Y-YOU FREAK! How dare you doing that to me?" Shy guy: "You could stopped me picking my spear, instead of acting like a baby." Elisa: "YOU PEST!!!" Elisa strike Shy guy with a serie of kicks and stabs, then throw Shy guy to a tree a bit far away. Gaminion: "Wow! She is totally owning the masked dude!"
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Shy guy: “Ow…” (I can’t even stand up…)

Elisa: “Your end is now! I’m gonna stab you with my 2 dagger like a giant cobra bite!”

Gaminion: “FINISH HIM!!!”

Shy guy: (Oh man… What I am going to do…)

Elisa: “3…2…1… TAKE THIS!!”

Shy guy: (!)

When Elisa do her cobra bite attack, Shy guy roll himself to the left and dodge the attack, and Elisa’s daggers get stuck on the ground.

Elisa: “Argh! Why I can’t remove my 2 last daggers from the ground!”

Shy guy: (It’s my chance!)

Shy guy jump high on the air and land on Elisa’s head!

Elisa: “Ugh… I see… Stars everywhere…” Pouf

Then Elisa faint.

Gaminion: “H-He beat Elisa…”

Soldier commander: “It’s not over yet! Gang on him!”

Lopgineer: “This is actually a good idea.”

Then they start to walk slowy to Shy guy.

Gaminion: “He he! You are doomed! You can’t win!”

Shy guy: “B-But that’s unfair!”

Hunter cyclop: “LEAVE MASTER ALONE!”

Then a pack of hunter cyclop come with bows, and a certain girl come too…

Soldier commader: “WHAT?! They already beated my soldiers?!?”

Gardevoir: “I helped them, those soldiers didn’t enjoy my Moonblast and my Psyshock attacks. Who is getting outnumbered now?”

Strangly, Gardevoir has her right hand on her left shoulder.

Lopgineer: “Indeed we are outnumbered, but that doesn’t mean we can’t run!”

Lopgineer press a button, and it make Gaminion, the Soldier commander and him teleports away.

Hunter cyclop “Where enemy go?”

Shy guy: “Enemy go away.”

Then Shy guy go see Gardevoir.

Shy guy: “Hey Gardevoir! Are you ok?”

Gardevoir: “Yes I’m fine, I’m just tired a bit…”

Shy guy: “But why your hand is on your shoulder?”

Gardevoir: “Oh, that… I got cutted in the shoulder because I got strike by a sword there. It bleed, but it’s not big wounds. I need some bandages…”

Hunter cyclop: “Us can give you leafs!”

Shy guy: “No, she want bandages!”

Gardevoir: “Shy guy, we can use leafs as bandages.”

Shy guy: “Oh…”

Then a hunter cyclop puts a bit of glue and put a leaf on Gardevoir’s shoulder.

Gardevoir: (Ow, it burn with the glue…) “Thanks, but me uhh, need water to wash hand, there is a little bit of blood on hand…”

Hunter cyclop 2: “BRING WATER!”

Then some hunter cyclop throw water at Gardevoir with bowl made with wood that have water in it. Gardevoir is all wet!

Gardevoir: “…Well…Thanks again…”

Shy guy: “Emh, I think she didn’t mean shower…”

Hunter cyclop: “Us sorry…”

Gardevoir: "Excuses accepted, but where to find “Sacred temple”?

Hunter cyclop: “Just sit on sacred mine cart to go to rollercoaster inside ground!”

Gardevoir: “R-rollecoaster?… D-does we really have to take the rollercoaster?…” With a scared look

Shy guy: "Yes, we should take te rollercoaster.

Gardevoir: “B-but rollercoasters are scary! I don’t like them!”

Shy guy: “Come on Gardevoir, why you think they are so scary? They are so fun!”

Gardevoir: “But it goes so fast, and what if it get derailled? What if the rails are broken? But I’ll go anyway, I don’t have the choice…”

Hunter cyclop 2: “Yes! Green girl have courage!”

Shy guy sits in on the cart.

Shy guy: “Just sit in the cart, like I did!”

Gardevoir: “O-ok!…” By walking very slowy to the cart with a scared looks.

Then Gardevoir finally sit on the car.

Gardevoir: "Shy guy… In case we crash or other bad thing happens to us while on the rollercoaster, I would like to say I’ve had a great time with you…

Shy guy: “I promis you nothing will happens!” (It’s the only way to make her stay calm…)

Gardevoir: “Are you sure? because-”

Hunter cyclop: “PUSH THE CART!!!”

Gardevoir: “What?! I’m not ready! I’m not-” “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”

Shy guy: “WOOOOOOO! YAAAAAY!!!!!”

Gardevoir: “AHHHH! STOP THIS! PLEASE!” With a very scared look

Theere is a lot of paths, and it goes very fast. When it is getting a lot slower in a straigh path…

Gardevoir: “It is…The…End?…” By breathing heavily with a tired and scared look

Shy guy: “Almost, there is a biiiig jump left! But it will take a while before we get to the jump, it’s so slow and lame…”

Gardevoir: “That’s what I want, slow and safe… Except that it’s only for a moment…”

Shy guy: “I’ve been wondering, Gardevoir…”

Gardevoir: “What is it, Shy guy?”

Shy guy: “When you said your dress was skin…”

Gardevoir: “Yes?..”

Shy guy: "When we was at that tent at the lastest village we visited, you said you was “Wearing less cloths” But you aren’t “wearing” real cloth."

Gardevoir: “Oh, it’s because I wanted to hide that fact until there was a good moment to reveal it.”

Shy guy: “I see… Are you calm now?”

Gardevoir: “Yes, why?”

Shy guy: “Because we are starting to go to full speed soon and take the big jump…”

Gardevoir: “I’m still not read- AHHHHHHHH!”

Then they go to full speed again, then take the big jump and exit of the underground, and crash on the ground.

Gardevoir: “Ouch… Are you ok Shy guy?”

Shy guy: “Ow… Yes…”

When Gardevoir look up at the front of her, there was the entrance to the temple!

Gardevoir: “Shy guy! The entrance to the temple is right there!”

Shy guy: “That’s nice. We should go in now.”

When they walk close to the door, the door open itself.

Shy guy: “Cool, it open itself!”

Then they go in the temple.


TL;DR: Shy guy and Gardevoir meet each other in a cyclop world and traverse a lot of path and obstacle until they are forced to find the 3 sacred rubies, starting with the jungle

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You don’t speak English, I get it, but what’s the point in publishing whatever this is in English if you can’t even conjugate? Bad story aside, this is just painful to read. Lack of any editing whatsoever doesn’t make it better, either.

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Originally posted by biguglyorc:

You don’t speak English, I get it, but what’s the point in publishing whatever this is in English if you can’t even conjugate? Bad story aside, this is just painful to read. Lack of any editing whatsoever doesn’t make it better, either.

It’s not a bad story. It’s not my fault if kongregate made it so it’s all messed up. I might edit it later. Nobody like what I do anyway lol
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Originally posted by Gabidou99:
It’s not a bad story.

It has no narration, the setting is boring and cliché, and so are the characters. The dialogues are dull and are neither informative, nor amusing. There is no suspense, no drama, and the action is so predictable, it can hardly be called ‘action’ anymore. It is bad. Sorry to be harsh on you, but your denial will only result in more time being wasted, both yours as the author and the next person’s that reads it. If you want to develop yourself as an author, write something else from scratch – there is nothing constructive that can come from this setting.

It’s not my fault if kongregate made it so it’s all messed up.

All fora have a max cap for characters per post. Next time you post something of this length, divide it into parts as consecutive posts.

Nobody like what I do anyway lol

Then either give up and stop writing, or change the topic. Cross-overs are usually a bad idea, and the one you picked just doesn’t work very well.
Also, do yourself and the English language a favour and don’t butcher it. Either publish on a forum in your native language or don’t publish at all until you’ve improved your English. Deciphering what you try to say and then finding out it was but a waste of time isn’t the kind of feeling a reader can be grateful for.

Last thing – people on the Internet can easily be assholes, but when they comment on something you created to be commented on, listen to what they have to say. Repeating “It’s not a bad story” and the like will never let you improve yourself, even if it’s true.

So much for my two cents…

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Originally posted by biguglyorc:
Originally posted by Gabidou99:
It’s not a bad story.

It has no narration, the setting is boring and cliché, and so are the characters. The dialogues are dull and are neither informative, nor amusing. There is no suspense, no drama, and the action is so predictable, it can hardly be called ‘action’ anymore. It is bad. Sorry to be harsh on you, but your denial will only result in more time being wasted, both yours as the author and the next person’s that reads it. If you want to develop yourself as an author, write something else from scratch – there is nothing constructive that can come from this setting.

It’s not my fault if kongregate made it so it’s all messed up.

All fora have a max cap for characters per post. Next time you post something of this length, divide it into parts as consecutive posts.

Nobody like what I do anyway lol

Then either give up and stop writing, or change the topic. Cross-overs are usually a bad idea, and the one you picked just doesn’t work very well.
Also, do yourself and the English language a favour and don’t butcher it. Either publish on a forum in your native language or don’t publish at all until you’ve improved your English. Deciphering what you try to say and then finding out it was but a waste of time isn’t the kind of feeling a reader can be grateful for.

Last thing – people on the Internet can easily be assholes, but when they comment on something you created to be commented on, listen to what they have to say. Repeating “It’s not a bad story” and the like will never let you improve yourself, even if it’s true.

So much for my two cents…

I am allowed to post my writings time they don’t violate the rules. If you don’t like it, you can keep your opinions to yourself.
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I am allowed to post my writings time they don’t violate the rules. If you don’t like it, you can keep your opinions to yourself.

And I am allowed to post my opinions. You can keep your writings to yourself.

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Originally posted by biguglyorc:


I am allowed to post my writings time they don’t violate the rules. If you don’t like it, you can keep your opinions to yourself.

And I am allowed to post my opinions. You can keep your writings to yourself.

…Well said…
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Well I didnt read it all but it was a cool time waster at least.

I wish I had half the creativity you must of have to create this.

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I’ve made a FAQ.

Q: How can Gardevoir talk?!

A: She explain a little bit at chapter 3. She explain everything at chapter 6.

Q: Will you made a sequel?

A: Maybe! :)

Q: When you did start working on the story?

A: Late november 2013 I think

Q: Why there is so much references?

A: I wanted to add something to the story :D


A: No. They are just friends. No girlfriend. No boyfriend.

Q: Do you prefers Shy Guy or Gardevoir?

A: Shy Guy.

Q: What give you the idea to make this story?

A: I was petting my Gardevoir at Pokemon Amie in Pokemon Y, then I was like “Hey, I could make a story about Shy guy and Gardevoir meeting each other!” then you know the rest.

Q: What’s your favorite chapter?

A: I’d say chapter 6.

Q: What is beside Shy guy’s mask?

A: You don’t want to know…

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Can you make more short stories like the whole Official Shy Guy For Hire thread?

I like them way better than this gigantic story IMHO.

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Originally posted by aguspal:

Can you make more short stories like the whole Official Shy Guy For Hire thread?

I like them way better than this gigantic story IMHO.

I might do it one day.