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Groups/contests Sign Ups & Directory page 24 (locked)

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lightsun appears

I’ll help you, Jo! I’ll take care of this thread again. Thanks for covering me during my absensce.

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Originally posted by JohannasGarden:

Sorry for the slow response, rigariga, but you don’t need to sign up for request threads or gallery threads, only contests and groups. So go ahead and start yours. Bob, good luck with your contest.

Everyone—please leave me a shout or a whisper when you make a request here. I am quite, quite busy with life stuff and don’t keep up with this thread the way I should.

Thanks captain!

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Hey lightsun. I had posted a request to start a pokemon fusion thread a few pages back. I want to make a revision to my suggestion. I just wanted to change it to a thread where people can go and do anything pokemon related. It’ll be a place where people can say, “Hey, have you ever wondered what this would look like?” and then people can make those requests. It would be highly organized and kept up to date. I get on kongregate daily, so I can be in charge of it and keep it updated. Thanks!


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Group name: Pixeltopia
Sign ups needed: None

I know there is currently one on the front page, I would just like one with an active OP.

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Group name: The Collab Comic-Teers! (Like the three musketeers :D!)
Sign ups needed: None.

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Can I make a contest?

Contest Name: Speaksforthedead’s Super One Day Long Doodle Contest
Sign Ups: I don’t really need any
What it is: Everyone gets a day to draw the best thing they possibly can.
The only rules are:
1. Must be your work
2. Must be MS paint or Pencil

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This really needs either an overhaul or complete recreation.

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This thread is pretty pointless right now, since the Art section has been experiencing lots of changes lately, and it’s pretty organized at the moment. I’ll lock it :)

Feel free to create any group you’d like to, but try not making more than two or three groups/contests at the same time, please.

I will create a list including all the active groups and competitions later. Also, feel free to browse through the thread if you are going to create a thread, to get a better idea of what a group/contest should be like.

Some tips:

· Include a detailed description of what the competition/groups consists of. You’re likely to get more people to join your thread if you do so. Use the first post of the thread wisely.

· Try keeping your own thread organized and don’t multiple post or bump it. If a group dies, reviving it will be worthless, same with competitions.

· Use the report and mute button .There will always be an active forum mod willing to help you.

· Contact a forum mod if you have any doubt, either via PM or shout, or try contacting him via chat.

· Be respectful and follow the guidelines! everybody loves respectful users, and if you build a good reputation and make friends you are more likely to create organized, funny and interesting threads and therefore succesful threads.

Good luck!