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After getting my awesome Wacom Bamboo Fun for xmas, i got started right away making some sketches on the GIMP :D Here’s a few:

my avatar:

Jimmy the hillbilly(i was bored ok? :D):

A tree (and some grass) on fire:

the sketch of the tree i did before making the above image:

more to come :D

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I love the meteors, trees and mountain the Jimmy is well….yea I love the other stuff.

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yeah, i’ve never been good at drawing people. But i figured it was worth showing, for at least the criticism :D

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What tablet did you get?And how much did it cost?

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it’s at the top :P “my awesome Wacom bamboo Fun” it was insert correct amount of money here. i think $80.00 though.

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LOVE your avatar. Hooray for new christmas tablets! Keep it up!

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Very good … XD

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added two more. criticism welcome :D

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I love them all! You are a talented artist ^^

EDIT Apparently I am not a talented speller o.0 I wrote telented originaly!

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The first 3 are my favourites :).

God ones man, keep it up!

Detailed criticism time o_O:

The mountain – very nice, the texture of the mountain itself is kinda strange, and the yellow lines (sun rays?) are kinda unrealistic, but pretty cool overall :D.

meteors – awesome picture, the style is excellent and the shading of the fire is also very nice :D.

forest – my favourite, looks very detailed and eerie :D.

Jimmy – not bad, but looks like pixelated and strange ;P.

Tree on Fire – I had no idea what iwas until I saw the name xP, you could try to make it clearer and less blurry.

Sketch of Tree – not bad, but you might want to work on getting the branches to look more crooked, and you should work on the overall texture of the tree :P.

Overall, I like your style, keep it up :D!