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Hi everyone, I just made a little Flash piece that’s not a game or an animation, but something different. I can’t post it on Kongregate since it’s not really a game, but I thought I’d link to it here so you can take a look.

Environment Sketch 01 – Spring Rain

It’s just a little scene that you can observe, like looking through a window into a world. It’s all created by code, so it’s different every time, and you can change the scene whenever you want.

It uses the exact same sort of physics as my ragdoll game. :) I might even make it into a game sometime, what do you think?

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Not bad, vary the leaves a little, like if you look… all the leaves pretty much have he same lines. Also, try adding a little texture to them.

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Yeah, those are the main issues I notice. I wanted the leaves to look different, more irregularly shaped so they would seem to be at an angle, but I couldn’t figure out a good ragdoll structure for the leaves that would allow that.

The texture is also a big thing I wanted to fix, but it’s pretty hard to do that with just the AS drawing commands. It might be possible to fill them with a bitmap image instead of just a solid color, though that might slow it down too much. Another approach might be arranging pre-drawn movie clips of different leaf parts.

I think for the future I’ll try making plants with a bunch of little leaves of different shades, to make it seem more varied. It would also help if raindrops stayed on the leaves and gave them texture that way. I was thinking of doing that but it ended up being too complicated. Someday, though.

I appreciate the feedback, thanks.

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I was going to comment it but DeviantArt is having a maintenance :(

The leaves are unnatural due to the same texture of lines and uninteresting shapes. But it’s pretty cool.

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…Which Emily were you trying to flirt :P.

Anyway, it’s a great job! Could be addictive if the leaves can be plucked off.

“Leaves plucked off : 42,000,000”

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My Emily. Not Kongregate’s Emily. Check the about page and you will see their last names are not the same! :p

By uninteresting do you mean unvaried? I’ll be trying to figure out how to make them look more natural.

I don’t think I could make the leaves fall off, but I could make it so you can tap them or blow them around with wind or something.

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By uninteresting do you mean unvaried?


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Well trees are the best at repeating patterns, after all?
In any case, I am very impressed at this, it is very nice and charming, I was so surprised when the drop fell and the leaf bent like that.