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So I saw some pretty neat drawings of people over on Newgrounds, and some of them used a very clean art style with Photoshop, I don’t think I did as good, but I’m pretty happy with how this turned out:

Rate it here.

Enjoy :)!

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that is really good, but the only thing I see is that it’s small, but not quite chibi.

The proportion of the head/body/limbs are still quite accurate to a regular person, while most things chibi that I have seen are Really big head/Stubby limbs/body

still, better than I can do…

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Psht, Chibi was just the name ;P, I wasn’t actually trying to make a Chibi ;D.

And my site’s temporarily down due to the Bandwidth Limit Exceeded, I’ll get that fixed as soon as I can, until then, anything hosted on my site won’t be available.