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Kabuto t-shirt design

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Today I thought, “How cool would it be to have a stag beetle on your shirt?”
And then I replied to my thought “pretty awesome.”
So I sketched out a little doodle of my kabuto shirt. I think it’s pretty cool. Obviously it is not refined. Any criticism on how this could be a cooler design is welcomed. To start out, I think the colors may a bit too bold, let me know what you think.

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Ohh I quite like it! I like the color choices. The only criticism is that I would wrap the design around the side of the shirt instead of putting it on the sleeve. I looks really cool like that when drawn but I think it’d look a bit weird when worn.

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That’s a very interesting design for a T-Shirt. Definitely something I’d see people wearing, I’m sure. O:

I like it, but I agree that the image should wrap around the side rather than move to the sleeve. It’d look cleaner that way, methinks.