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This is a doodle I drew the other day.

First in pencil, then I traced in pen and scanned it.

I liked it so much that I decided to color it in flash. :D

And I saved it in super-large wallpaper form! Free of charge! Enjoy!

Click Here!

So what do you think?

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Ooh. Nice one. I love the big cheesy smile on the astronaut. Maybe he’s friends with the alien squid. Or he just hasn’t notices. If he hasn’t noticed he’ll probably be eaten soon. Then he won’t have that cheesy grin :D

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The astronaut’s smile is definitely priceless!

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I like it… in fact, I almost put that as my avatar! (I tried, it doesn’t look quite as good sized down)

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My desktop is 1028 X 768 >→

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Haha. Awesome. I think you should just draw shadows instead of using gradients though. Otherwise. Awesome. (I especially like the nebula-esque thing and of course, the astronaut.)