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SO… I got this idea partially inspired by Kongregate (and maybe games like Coil, Soul Quest) though I realized that AFTER actually writing the following piece of feces. Since I started just now using the forums, I decided like the ambitious little kid seeking recognition I am to share this short story.

Oh yeah, one more thing. You probably thought you would see a drawing here. Sorry, this time not. This time you might actually have to read [gasp]. I didn’t know where to put this except in the logical place, Art, although it hardly is.

Here goes:

(any comments please :P)

I gasped for breath. The pain was subsiding. Flickering shadows replaced it. Darkness started to surround me. The poison slowly spread out throughout my body. I shivered. Then I realized it wasn’t me shivering. My body was no longer under my control. Darkness engulfed me.

Dead. Broken. Yet again, now was the first time I felt truly alive. I could sense the vigor filling me inside. All emotions were inside me, imbuing me with qualities I had never touched. All emotions except the one that had always pushed me forward when I was amongst the living. All emotions… except fear.

But I couldn’t rejoice. Another feeling overwhelmed me. Anger. I was tired. I wanted rest. I died. Everything should have ended. It was time for my departure, yet someone decided to torture me furthermore. I felt trapped.

God! Where are you? Aren’t you the one who keeps me here? What do you want from me? I am nothing but a shade created by your perverted hand. Twist me, deform me some more. You want me to be like you, right? Corrupt me! But I don’t see you. Where is my judgment? I lived through hell, and I will poison heaven. There is no place for me now. Show yourself.

Nothing stirred the darkness. I wanted to sigh, but there was no air. I wanted to feel, but there was nothing. I was here forever. How did I think with no head? How would I continue to think with no sanity?

I floated in my endless cage. All time passed, but not a second went by, as I started to feel the darkness around me.

A dazzling orifice shining with all the light of the world erased all of my memories again.

I let out a cry that echoed in eternity. I was shrieking and screaming.

I was bound to hell. And now, I was going back there.

My torment would NEVER end.