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I really am bored…should be doing homework…but instead i am looking around here. Take a look around on my DA account.

(click on my gallery if you can’t figure out how to see more stuff)

Eh, if anyone has a request for a quick sketch of whatever just ask. i have nothing better to do.

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Ohh your stuff is amazing! It says you’re working on a manga, that’s super cool. The body painting is neat, was that just for fun or was it for something in particular? I would also totally buy some of your jewelry. I love the cuff bracelet.

I think this is my favorite. BOO can’t take image links from DA. Anyway, the elements of art one. Totally rocks.

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You’ve got some pretty kickass stuff on there, nice work :)!

Keep it up!

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you rock hatsuharurocks and what is your manga about? please at least give me a hint.