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Some Signatures/Avatars and stuffs that I’ve made over the years of being a computer nerd, from my most recent to my not-so-humble beginnings. I put them in as links because I have LOTS and don’t want to slow certain users down with lots of laggy pictures. C&C if you want, I just felt like sharing XD
Kongregate Desktop:

Zero (Lelouch of the Rebellion):

Ichigo Kurosaki:

Lelouch Lamperouge:

Edward Elric:

Derek Stiles (1):

Derek Stiles (2):

Signature (1):

Cover for (Old/Dead) Comic:

Banner for (Old/Dead) Comic:

Scratch MM7 Met:

Naruto Avatar:

Naruto Signature:

FMA Signature:

Shadow TH Avatar:

Zero Avatar:

Metal Sonic Avatar:

First Attempt At An Avatar:

Megaman, Expert Swordsman:


Long Dead Comic Banner:

Megaman Signature:

Avatar (Again):

Spinning Blade Animation:

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The sigs are abit meh, but i do like the rest

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I’ve posted my contribution to the “Kongregate Desktops” thing in this thread as well. Comment as you see fit.