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Axe pit fighter. best paragon path ever.

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Nooo. Scion of Arkhosia! Or maybe Warforged Juggernaut. Both looked really appealing.

I saw Axe Pit Fighter, if I remember right. But again, our group never got to high enough level to try the Paragon. It looked kinda fun, but I don’t think I’d take it myself.

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Of all the little sketches, this is the only one I have to show for the work. :/ The only good one.

Ugh. Human faces. . .

Two things: One, the eyes. I am aware they are a bit crooked and all around look like shhhhhhhh— well, they look bad. Two, Ben has a cowlick. And it made a weird ledge effect in the reference shot. Was hard to work with.

I think the ink looks cleaner, at least. . . At least that’s a plus, right? :S?

Sorry for the poor one this week.

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And who exactly is this Ben? ._.

Lawl. Either way, I think the sketch/outline looks great. The only little flaw would probably the alignment of the eyes (no, not like chaotic neutral and shit), like you mentioned. Other than that, I think everything looks pretty neat. :)

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Ben is one of my best friends. I should have probably explained that. My bad.

A long while ago, I went around to some of my closest friends, asking if I may use a picture off their Facebook pages to use as a reference. And Ben was the first one I attempted, after all this time.

Yeah, those eyes are bothering me. D: I really wish the ink wasn’t down, so I could go fix it. :(

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White-out :D Haha other than the eyes looks generally good. The neck is kind of bugging me, seems a tad to “fat”. Other than that I’d say good job! I’m no good with human faces either.

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Oh snap! White-out! I forgot all about that stuff. I may have to go find some. . . If it leaves a weird mark in the scan, I suppose I can edit it out with Photoshop. Thanks for that reminder.

And duly noted on his neck. I think I see what you mean. Thanks.

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The eyes don’t actually bother me at all. The face has good shape and you captured the expression well.

The things that do kind of bother me are:

The ear either looks too large or like it’s drawn at a skewed angle. Not sure which, and maybe Ben was just born with big ears.
The lack of any definition of a shoulder or collar on our right (his left). It seems odd that we wouldn’t see anything at all through the shirt.
The jaw line on the right. It looks too thick for how defined I would expect that line to be, and the single-direction cross hatching looks kind of awkward. I would cross-hatch on the right side of his neck if you’re going to cross hatch under his chin, as it makes his neck look very flat in comparison.

Besides those point I actually like it a good deal. The shading on his necklace is really nice, and you captured his hair fairly well (I imagine), and I always have a hell of a time with hair.

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@The ear: Oops! I didn’t catch that one. I see exactly what you mean, though. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

@The shoulder: Yeah, I admit it. I slacked a bit. D: His shirt was black, but I know that’s no excuse — I should have put some sort of definition there. Duly noted.

@Jaw line: Yeah, I’m not sure what I was doing there, to be honest. But I agree with what you’ve said. I think I did the line thick to try and make his chin have some sort of depth, but I don’t think it worked like I wanted to in hindsight. As for the hatching. . . I think it might be a minor detail to rescan for, but it’s definitely noted for future reference. Thank you.

And glad you (and the others, of course!) like it. I do like how the necklace came out. I wasn’t sure on the hair, but if it’s acceptable to others, I suppose I can be happy with it. My roommate told me a long time ago that the best way to do hair is to just be “random” with the edge, so I had to mix that along with the reference shot and how his hair went there. So it’s not entirely accurate, but I think it serves the purpose well enough for learning.

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My go-to strategy for hair is to sketch in where I think it should be at first, then draw in random lines ~1/2"-1" above that, since I always imagine hair sitting flatter than it ever does.

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Hmm. . . That seems like a pretty good idea. I may have to steal that thought. :P

Also, Ben is using the picture as his profile picture. So, I suppose that’s a pretty big thumbs up on doing well, if the friend I tried to draw likes it enough to use a replica of him in place of a real picture. Lol. Somewhat unexpected and frightening, if not flattering.

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Anyway good pictures.

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That’s what they’re there for — for if you don’t have the patience to read. (Just realized the formatting was broken in the first post. So that’s fixed now.)

And thank you.

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Y’know what? Psh. Maybe I can post the chalk drawing and a new thing next Sunday. I really wanna share this, because I’m pretty proud of it, silly/weird as it may be.

Actual size is 7 feet by 5 feet. Pastel, charcoal, pencil on newsprint. Photo quality is not the greatest, I’m aware, but best we could get, since I had to ask a NSCAD staff member for help. This was done about a month ago.

No offense meant towards Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Son. His was an inspiration for this.

References were used for the Komodo and the human, but my professor let us go crazy and do what felt right, even if it was the imagination running it. I think if I were to redo this, though, I’d like to see how it comes out if I stick to accuracy. While I’m very happy with the result, it would be cool to see the difference, or if it becomes stronger.

Let me know if this needs a direct link. I realize it’s gore or whatever, but I don’t think it’s really that bad. But if a moderator or you all feel it’s necessary, I will understand.

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Missing bones.

Other than that… an interesting composition and piece, to say the least.

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Missing bones? You mean, from the human figure? Those would be interesting to add in, I think. Left them out to try and keep it a bit simpler, but I could see them working!

And only “to say the least”? D: Nothing else? Maybe it’s because it’s weird, but that seems to be what everyone has said about it. It’s making me concerned — does that mean there’s nothing good about it, or I messed up, or. . .? I’m really curious. I mean no offense, of course; everyone’s welcome to their own opinion. I just get concerned when I hear that phrase so much on the same piece.

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I think overall it is a good piece. When I mean “to say the least”, that is, in the least amount of words I could think of.

I think some of the things you might want to work on is to make the image darker and the feel scarier. It is indeed an interesting piece to think of, and I think the idea and style is different from the sketching and line work you have been doing and showcasing.

I quite like it. It feels very “book art cover” ish.

I suppose it really depends on what you want to go with this piece. Realism would mean the need for greater detail into bones and blood, but the style like what it is now isn’t bad either.

When I read the title of the piece, I was both confused and had this expectation. The piece definitely exceeded what I expected.

I suppose it is one of those pictures that somehow, you cannot describe it after looking at it. That’s how it is for me.

Edit: You better finish NaNo this year. !!!

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Ah, phew! Now I understand you. My bad on the confusion there.

I have to agree with you on the darker. Duly noted for future projects like this, or if I go back and redo it in the future. I didn’t think of it as book cover art, but it could lend itself to that pretty well, what with a bit of space below the feet. (Now, the question is would people be more interested or simply be “weirded out” at seeing a book with that cover? Lol.)

I think I know what you mean by being unable to describe. I know during critique, my classmates were a bit hesitant on where to go, so we kind of got nowhere with it. But maybe if they were thinking the same way you were, then I can calm my nerves a bit. Haha.


(Ooooh, you sneaky ninja-edit-er! I’ll try! D: I really need to think of something exciting, though, to write that will outweigh my feelings about what I’m writing. I can start planning, but I always get so nervous. :< I get so hung up and worried that my descriptions are terrible, that I derail so badly.)

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I think I know what you mean by being unable to describe.

It’s easy to describe a painting of a waterfall, or something like that. It is possible to describe the impact of the curves of photography, or the composition or so on.

What you have is just something that is out of the norms and just doesn’t fit into preconceived and perceived expectations. There are things that can be improved, but I think by “improving” it, you might run into making it fit into normality expectations. I cannot tell if that is a good thing, but I can tell you that it is hard for me to describe exactly how I feel after seeing the piece since, honestly, I really don’t know how to feel. It is aesthetically pleasing and it is a nice piece to look at, but beyond that I’m lost for words.

I can’t tell if it is a good or bad thing, but take heart that it is definitely not negative. (Er, to make myself clearer, by “good or bad”, I literally mean good or bad. But whatever I feel, I can tell you it is not against the artwork, so it’s not “negative”. Ugh need to expand vocabulary)

Edit: As I read this again, I realise that I’m not making sense. Oh well. T_T

(Ooooh, you sneaky ninja-edit-er! I’ll try! D: I really need to think of something exciting, though, to write that will outweigh my feelings about what I’m writing. I can start planning, but I always get so nervous. :< I get so hung up and worried that my descriptions are terrible, that I derail so badly.)

Ok, this is how I did JulNo.

I planned out a story, with ideas, themes, characters, and even the ending and where to go and head to for the ending.

3 days before JulNo, I wrote like a 500 word character study creative piece because I was bored.

For JulNo, I expanded the 500 word piece into a 50k word novel that I’m not even done with, and while I’m not overly happy with the piece, I’m more content and less disturbed by the quality of it than I am with NaNo. I think, compared to NaNo and my previous work of 50k words that I trashed, I might actually want to complete this JulNo, because I have an end and know roughly how I want to get there.

Sometimes that inner “no this writing sucks” needs to be silenced, but I suppose you just need to keep telling yourself that the point is to write, not to make an excellent piece.

Use your strengths to your advantage. If you really love art, you can write about your experience as an artist and the type of work you do, then perhaps tie it in with a general theme that you will do in the same time period. For example, if you want to spend NaNo November looking at flowers and drawing them, tie them in to your story. It would make it a lot more interesting and you might actually get something that is more coherent and complete.

I think what I learnt most from NaNo is really to just enjoy the writing and work towards the 50k. Reaching the 50k is not really the point, but at least have a goal, even if it is ludicrous. JulNo 50k feels quite “meh” to me now, since it’s not really much of an achievement compared to NaNo last year, and I really want to target higher for NaNo, but I have exams. T_T

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Originally posted by Laxaria:

Edit: As I read this again, I realise that I’m not making sense. Oh well. T_T

Nono, it’s making a bit of sense. I don’t fault you for it.

If it’s hard to put into words, I don’t mind that so much, now that I know. I can be happy with “aesthetically pleasing”, in that instance. It’s the phase where I’m not sure if there’s more that the person wants to say where I get nervous. But once I’m told they’re just unsure or unable to put what they feel into words, then I don’t mind so much.

If that makes sense. Hooray for conversations of confusion~

(NaNo ideas)

Oooh, there’s a good idea. That 500 word character study might help. I’ve fumbled with ideas and themes and stuff, but once I get down to writing, I always end up winging the descriptions of the characters, or forgetting some tidbit that I meant to mention earlier. I think if I copy that idea, it might make that a little bit more streamlined.

The strengths to advantage idea is nice, but I’m not sure how to approach that. I see what you mean, of course, but I think my problem is what I could do on paper, I would find to be dull in writing. I’ve always wanted to write some kind of fantasy piece, like the Eberron novels I’ve read. I’ll see if I can incorporate that, though, into something. Maybe try to not think of the NaNo as needing some kind of huge storyline, but instead just drawing a person each day and then writing about that twisted into a fantasy setting (like a marketplace or whatever) would be better for me. . . Which completely invalidates the first sentence of this paragraph, but I suppose rambling while typing will do that.

I’ll do my best this November to silence that evil little voice. I realize each time I’ve entered the contests, I always fall so short. I will do my best this time. Heh.

And now, I’m off to go doodle thumbnails and bust out some chalk. Be back later, where I’ll try to answer other comments/posts if I can, and if there are any.

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I could do on paper, I would find to be dull in writing

Don’t describe what you see, but describe what you feel. What are the implications?

If you find describing images boring, then avoid it. Describe feelings. Describe senses that are independent of sight. Touch. Sound. It would be really interesting to read a novel where the sense of sight is not used once.

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If you find describing images boring, then avoid it. Describe feelings. Describe senses that are independent of sight. Touch. Sound. It would be really interesting to read a novel where the sense of sight is not used once.

agreed, love what you said

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This might be scrapped by me on DeviantART. . . But I’ll still share it here.

I want to apologize that this is more classwork. My attention has been full blast on classes, because now that the second half of the summer semester is beginning to wind down, the classes are getting a little bit tougher. I apologize in advance if this gets in the way of me providing something good for you all to use, if you choose to do so.

Street Art was the theme for last week’s assignment. I drew a T-Rex, because I wanted people who walk their dogs on my street to smile a bit more. Our driveway slants away from us, so I apologize for the poor shot.

Chalk on asphalt/concrete. 4 hours of work. About 5 and a half feet wide by 6 and a half feet tall.

I will try to provide something better next Sunday. Have an idea after having a song stuck in my head for the past 4 days. . . Hums the Chocobo theme.

Shot of the face, because I like it:

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Wouldn’t it suck if it rained halfway through? :P

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Hmm 10 packs of Chalk later = WIN :)

haha that is amazing deriaz! I can’t even say it better than that…