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I would love to see the portfolio once your finished.

I wish I could be in that buisness, I didn’t go to university for art though which was seriously the only thing I’m good at. I regret not going to art school, I went into engineering, so yeah

haha civil engineering to be exact. architecture was another option but there is too much compitition to even get in the classes. while in the classes is even worse compitition. you’re stuff is fantastic.

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Do de do walkin’ around in my bana— WHOOPS I TRIPPED AND DROPPED SOME ART.


Still doing the whole “one drawing a day” thing. Just stopped showing terri-bad sketches everywhere. Working on a pair of requests for a guy on the side while drowning under a stream of painting class assignments and reports for lecture courses.

@Birdy: Bah. Engineering’s not so bad. Hell, look at it this way: You’ve got a much better outlook on getting a job. Also, engineers get to do some pretty cool things. If I was any good at the subjects required in engineering, I probably would have done that. I was considering accounting before I went on a whim and switched to NSCAD. I still have a bit of a tug of war over whether or not I made the right decision.

The portfolio doesn’t have many “new” things in it. Mostly a collection of sketches and finished works that I’ve submitted here that you all have seen. So it would just be in a nicer layout. I can link it at a point in the future once I send it out to a few places.

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Well I am liking it so… NSCAD… Nova scotia college of art and design. I think psst. thanks google

Your pictures do show movement and I’m sure thats something the animation portfolio would like. The top one doesn’t click for me but thats just my opinion, I much like the bottom one better. Both are extremely nice.

I can only point out one thing that looks a bit off too me would be the neck too back area on the woman (below) It seems too stick out more then it should. very nice design on it for me my eyes start at the bull man and it leads me all over the picture. I like it. good job!

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Yup. It’s the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. I should be getting out of here in about a month. And I can’t wait. Long story short, I’m starting to feel a bit strangled being here. I’m having much more fun doing a sketch a day than I am doing “abstract paintings of a cardboard maquette” or “paint this pile of candy on a table”. The figure painting/drawing will always be a blast, but ugh. I am not a traditional painter. And all these frustrations means I think I’ve learned what I can. . . And I want to move on to the next stage. I want to tackle my own stuff, not homework. It’s a drag going into the studio some days just because of the subject matter we work on sometimes. (No one wants to paint a bunch of junk on the ground. I don’t, at least. Not anymore.)

Haven’t updated this in forever because there’s not much to show. I took a request for someone, and I can’t show it for various reasons that were asked of me. So, respecting that, most of my time is then taken up by homework. But here, have a rabbit. It’s probably my favorite thing of the past month-ish — the anatomy and stuff is crummy, but I’m enjoying Photoshop more. Still just figuring out how the program works, getting comfortable with a tablet, etc.

I went a bit nuts on the default brushes, but that’s good to know for next time. The idea on this day was to emulate a favorite artist, see if you can learn anything about how they work. So I chose wahay (dA link) / stigmata (FA link). His stuff is so fluid and nice and every stroke feels meaningful and oh my god he is everything NSCAD seems to hate so maybe that’s why I’m loving him right now.

Anyways, rabbit. I call it “Superman”, because music.


Enjoy. Sorry I’ve been so quiet.

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Amazing work. I seriously have troubles giving you constructive criticism, your digital art knowledge goes way past mine.

anyways, something I did manage to find was the coat. It doesn’t seem to float up or fall back very much. If you did I think it may look a bit more pleasing (oh god I’m just getting nit picky)

Also the proportions in arm length and legs seems too be a bit of aswell. I love the motion in the picture and I also love the orange. But since it is fictional and also a very suggestive piece none of that really matters :P.

What I’d love from you is an absolutely epic Piece. I don’t know i was thinking of some kind of ethiopia. Anyways I’m quite certain it would help with your portfolio (I don’t know. I’m guessing variety too it. because most of your art seems to be more character based)

goodluck. :)

(sorry about grammar, but I’m in a hurry.)

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It’s all good — I type stream of thought, so my grammar is probably just as atrocious~ And psh, throw whatever you want at me — I value feedback evenly, skill level of the person giving it be damned.

I totally agree with you on both points, on the coat and the proportions. Looking back on it after this time, it’s really poorly placed and measured. It works well when cropped around the face for a profile picture, but I don’t know that I’m happy with anything else anymore. The orange was me trying to give myself a reason to have an additional light source, but. . . It wasn’t very well realized. Worked well enough, but yeah. Could have been a lot better.

I’d love to do some sort of epic piece, but I’m still in the middle of finals unfortunately. Once that’s over, I have a couple things that I’d like to do. I’d love to try and do a landscape or something object-based, but all the little studies and things that I’ve done during my sketch-a-day thing have been pretty. . . Bad. . . Like, very bad. Perspective and stuff was never really my strong suit, so moving it to a digital realm has been hard for me. And then my lack of understanding of color in general right now (though it’s better than it was 4 months ago) makes landscape painting a chore, since I feel like I’m making no progress and constantly going over what I just did.

I’ll try and see if I can find the time to really sit and try one for, like, a good twenty hours or something. Really dedicate myself to one. But I gotta get through finals first. I should (hopefully) be graduating this semester, which means I’ll have free time for a bit while job hunting. No promises, but I’ll see if I can do anything about diversity!

Just so this isn’t all text, here’s a couple things that I’ve uploaded to other places, since I’m relatively happy with them still:

(Reference for the above: )

Random music:

I know there’s barely anyone on these forums much anymore, but regardless, if you see this, I hope you enjoy, as always~

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Thanks! (Forgot to add a link to the reference photo, so that’s been added.) I admit the edge of the wood and the deep red on the apple is a bit funky, though — always bothers me when I look at it, but I don’t have the skill to fix it at the moment. At least, not in a way that I can see. Something about those bits that’s not clicking in my head.

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