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you are really great at making fan art for League of Legends, especially blitz :) thumbs up to that

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That new drawing is orgasmic; I’m tempted to flag as inappropriate. Now if only you digital’d that up as practice, eh? ;)

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Originally posted by Cozythrias:

you are really great at making fan art for League of Legends, especially blitz :) thumbs up to that

Thank you. :D Glad you like.

Originally posted by TheWhiteAngel:

That new drawing is orgasmic; I’m tempted to flag as inappropriate. Now if only you digital’d that up as practice, eh? ;)

ohsnap more like titzcrank am i rite? teehee sexual innuendo!

Yeah, I wish I had Photoshop again. Was working on a “self” portrait that was going decently, and then boom, machine hits the fan. This reformat kinda bites, but oh well. Should have done it in the first place when I built this machine. Only thing I was able to save were my reference shots.

I’m messing around with GIMP, trying to get it to accept my tablet, but I can’t seem to get it to work. I’m just trying to get something up and going while I fumble around trying to find my Photoshop CD. This room is a mess. :(

Glad you like it, though. :D

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Figured I’d post, let you all know that my computer went kaput for a bit, but I have Photoshop reinstalled and working now, so I’m experimenting in digital stuff again. Sharing something I’m working on, hoping to have done around my birthday as a little gift to me and a “yay look at you doing digital you’re growing up so fast” kinda thing. Even if the result is pure shit since this is all digital — not even a pencil sketch. Just diving right in.

I don’t do back shots much, so I know the anatomy is a bit off in spots. I’ll probably tweak it a bit as I get closer to fixing up the lines to look nicer, since I still have his underplating and his livewood to do. I am also aware of his top-heavy-ness and the proportions of his head/hands/feet in relation to one another and his body. These are intentional, given his dimensions and his weight. About 35 – 40 minutes of work so far.

I’m basically just saying here, “I’m alive. I hope to share more stuff soon. Sorry for disappearing, can we still be friends? I know the dinner conversation is awkward and I completely forgot about prom but I promise, you’ll love playing YuGiOh with my friends later tonight.”

Hah, did I say YuGiOh? I meant Magic and Rock Band. Magic: The Rockening.

Hold on, writing an email to Harmonix and Wizards of the Coast.

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Just updating real quick with some flat line progress. I’m hoping to have some flat colors done around the time my birthday rolls around. If you guys want to see that, I can share again then. Otherwise, I’ll probably just hold off on updating until I’m done, which may be a loooong time, if I can actually do what I have planned in my head. (Hope the WIP update is okay. I know it’s not finished stuff — I’m just sort of proud of how this is going so far EXCEPT FOR THAT FOOT OH MY GOD and just wanted to share with the forums.)

Also, Dead Island is an amazing game, once you get past the rocky launch. Oh my god, it’s so addicting.

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Wow, that’s great. It reminds me of like, TMNT with overdone RPG-style armor like in WoW and stuff. I wanna remind you of thick and thin lines, like they do in a lot of character concept art, character illustration, comic books, etc. It really makes it jump out at you if you do that. For example, generally they go around the whole thing like a main outline, but also things in between – perhaps his head, despite being so small it should still jump out.

I don’t know what you’re talking about! The feet are great! Unless this character’s feet are supposed to be totally different, they’re still cool-looking(and also why he’s more like TMNT).

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This might be my favorite sketch of yours so far. I’m really excited to see what you do with the coloring (and would love WIP updates!). Based on your first post, it looks like both the sketch and the inking were done digitally? I’d love to know what brush settings you’re using for the inking. That looks absolutely great. I usually just cheat by using vectors to do inking, but it looks like you penned that in, unless I’m mistaken. The fidelity is really great. My only real critique is that you have some really great line variance going in the whole piece, but his closest arm is a bit too bold. Some of the lines around his bicep and some of the armor rings along his forearm could probably be a bit lighter compared to the silhouette lines and whatnot.

On a side side side note: I’ll be posting some art in my abandoned thread pretty soon. So be sure to stick around for a bit so you can give me some critique, Deriaz.

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Sorry for the delay in responding. Had class and work shifts getting in the way. Today I Learned: I am horrible at making bowls using a throwing wheel~ yay~ ohgodwhydiditakethisclass

Originally posted by TheWhiteAngel:

nom nom nom snip snip snip

Yeah, I’m losing the thick and thin through this process, just due to newbishness. I’m starting to get the hang of it, though, so I may have to go back and fix it. I’ve tried to start doing it in the right arm and leg, which is why they’re a bit bolder, but I think I haven’t gotten it right due to the brush size I’m using to ink. :S I may also just say “Meh” and focus on trying to make the color carry it. Not sure yet. It’s all up in the air. I do miss those lines, though. D: I’ll have to figure it out.

The foot on the right is my main complaint. I don’t mind the left one, but when I did the right one, I kept screwing it up. I eventually realized I couldn’t keep wasting time on it, so I just sort of threw something up and left it. It looks really off to me, though. Maybe that’s just me looking too hard into it, but it feels dislocated.

Originally posted by rawismojo:

Momma told me not to run with scissors snip snip snip

The idea I have for the color is a sort of realistic? (probably the wrong word) approach. So, not like Rocrin from earlier, and not at all like the tiny bit of Photoshop play I’ve posted in the past. There’s a guy I’ve been following for about 3 years now who recently put up some stuff that he colored only a little bit, and it looks amazing. I’ll probably try to emulate what he did, despite being in another program.

Yup. This is all digital. I didn’t even do pencil to begin, which I’ve done for previous things I’ve done in Photoshop. From the start, a tablet and a blank PSD. For the rough scribbles, I used a calligraphy pen at size 10, I think? Opacity at about 33% and with the pressure-opacity on. Dunno if those two cancel one another out, but there you go. For the ink, I’m just using a basic brush. “Hard Mechanical 2 pt” is what is says when I hover over it. I work at 200% (the document itself is 8000 × 12000 or something, with some extra room on the right for scribbles that I crop out) as well. Dunno if that makes a difference, but yeah. It’s slow going. I’ve penned every line in myself. I scribble out some lines, erase the outer edges to get a “hairy” line, then draw over it again to solidify it. It’s not perfect, but at the size I shrink it to for posting, you can’t really tell what I’ve done.

Yeah, the bold arm is a two-fold problem. One, by the time I got around there I hit my stride of, “Okay, I sort of know what I’m doing now, or what works for me”. Secondly, my roommate loved the way the arm looked in the rough scribbles, so I wanted to try and keep it. I’ll need to go back and dim them. I think if I just select the area and mess with some settings, it’ll save me a lot of time. Feather it or something.

Sure. If I see you post, I’ll peek in and give a comment or ramble. Or both! Who knows!?

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I said I’d post on my birthday. And I made it. I may have killed my hand in the process, but I made it. And because I like you guys so much, you get two images. One with just line, one with flat color. fluttershy – yay.avi.

Linework comments:

I didn’t feather out the arm. I decided to leave it until I added the color, just to see if it would help at all. It did, so I’m not sure what I’ll do now. I may just leave it and try to blend it into the color. Some of the lines on the backshot came out horribly, at least to me, but it’s not as noticeable at this size, I guess. All said and done, I’m rather happy with it. I think the lines, though not terribly interesting to look at, are at least clean enough to look at without being disgusted. Colors are my nemesis, though, so I have no idea what’s going to happen next. . .

Flat color comments:

Nothing fancy here, just really messy colors thrown about. These are only to give people who don’t know the character a bit of an idea as to how he looks color-wise. So since it’s just for glancing, some of the colors peek outside the lines. It’s like Kindergarten all over again, except no teacher telling me that I’m bad for coloring outside the lines and making me sit and do homework instead of playing with the building blocks that day god damnit i really like building blocks too.

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Wheee more artwork!

Will you be doing NaNo this year?

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Originally posted by Laxaria:

Wheee more artwork!

Will you be doing NaNo this year?

I’m gonna try, but I have no idea if I should or not. My classes are heavy workloads this semester, and any time for writing means I may not have time for homework. The classes are also demanding I be downtown working in the studios now that I’m entering my third year. If I do attempt it, I may have to split it in half. Half digital and can be counted easily, the other half hand-written while on the bus or what-not, and then add them together. At some point down the line, maybe winter break, I would then take the time to type it all up. It’s the only way I think I may have time.

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Ahh I see. Good luck to you and congratulations on your success with classes so far :)

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Hi guys. October’s here, so I figured I would just let you know where I’m at since it’s been a few weeks.

Deriaz is. . . Well, if you want to ask how he’s going, he’s, uh, going. In what direction, I don’t know. I’m struggling with making him look “nice”. I keep mucking up the coloring and having to re-do segments I’ve already done. And I’m only on his first arm. . . I’m thinking I’m going about this wrong and trying to get too much detail into a space too quickly, when I should be working the whole drawing as one and adding detail much much later.

School is going okay. Frustrated at nearly every class I have, but Human Anatomy is teaching me some nice things, Drawing for Development/Rendering is teaching me a bit about perspective/linework so I can maybe start doing a background or something on my sketches (small steps). . . Art History is boring and Introductory Wheel Throwing is just annoying as hell, so we won’t talk about those. Nothing to show yet beyond “Oh man, you should totally draw a box or eight for homework this week,” but maybe later in the semester I’ll have something to show.

Speaking of showing, I don’t want to leave here empty-handed.

So have a quick 5 minute sketch of Discord from My Little Pony, drawn while waiting for a friend to log-in to League of Legends. Shit, it’s all love, every pony’s a homie. More Season 2 plzkthx.


Sorry for the shitty look. Like I said, 5 minutes. I just don’t want to make an image-less post. If someone wants to take it and do something with it, be my guest. I don’t know if I’ll go any further with it, because it annoys me in too many ways.

That makes me curious: Would people be interested in just seeing sketchwork/stupid ideas I scrap? I can try and bundle them with actual finished images, that way I don’t spam my own thread, of course.

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if you’ve never stared
off into the distance
then your life is a shame

(Story stuff)

Steeljack recently assigned me to the assessment of new recruits to the Iron Watch. “Quill,” he said, “you’ve got a skill with judging ’forged.” It does not take a genius to know if the one you’re talking to is insane or not, but I accepted the new position without complaint.

One figure stood out from the list of Warforged I was meant to speak with today. Figuratively and literally, this one stood head and shoulders above some of the others I had spoken to today. Standing seven feet tall and four feet wide, he squeezed his way through the small doorframe of the meeting room. He declined the offered chair, seeming content to move it to the side of the room to sit squarely on the floor.

We spoke for a time, myself asking questions of his past and his experience/training. Curiously, he answered many of my questions with, “I don’t know,” or a hesitant, “I’m not sure, but—”. He seemed to be telling the truth, but when asked about the War, he got quiet, almost shameful. I could not pry an answer out of him. Beyond this, the answers he gave were not of importance or alarm.

The tower shield he carries, however, and the sheer bulk of him would be useful within the Iron Watch. I’m approving the first interview with him, but would like to make the note that, despite his claim of being at the devil invasion of years past, fighting Titans, dragons, and more, he should be studied carefully. Allow him the lowest position, but keep an eye out for suspicious behavior or oddities.

I believe there may be more to him than first impressions can find.

(Actual info from me about this and what I’m doing)

Hi guys. Sorry for the long delay in updates. I’ve had one problem class just eating away all my time. Finals week this week, though, so I’m free! No more homework from that shitty professor, no more having to do that work ever again! Woo!

So I decided to finish up Deriaz. I have two other projects going as well, a traditionally drawn Argonian, and a digitally painted Discord (not the image above, this one is MUCH BETTER LOOKING, in my opinion), but Rocrin will eventually get a character sheet like this as well, to give people a rough idea of what he looks like.

I know it’s nothing impressive. I couldn’t get the colors to work how I wanted, so I had to resign myself to simplistic looking stuff. I’ll continue to push and try to get what I want, but I had to concede for this one, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. I began to hate it at one point, which was a clear sign I needed to change course.

But I’m very happy with the result.

Also, I guess I’ll toss it here at the end. I’m toying with the idea of commissions, if anyone around here is interested? I don’t have prices set up yet for anyone who may be, but it’d probably be fairly cheap since I don’t do actually paid things too often. Set the price low so I can get used to how taking on work like that, well, works, and then raise it later once I’m comfortable with the concept. If that makes sense.

Anyways, let me know if that interests anyone, and any opinions/critiques you have of the “self”-portait/character sheet. ;P

Enjoy! Sorry to be so intermittent with this thread.

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I really like what you’ve done as a base, but it feels like you have 2 to 3 steps more until it’s finished. When I glanced at it initially, I assumed it was still a WIP, rather than a finished product. Your color choices are solid, and the inking still shows up really well. If you were going to spend any more time on this piece, I’d reduce the opacity on your texture in the brown areas a little, as it stands out a bit too much. Although it’s awesome to see you experimenting with textures. Also, it really feels like it needs at least one highlight color. The angles you’ve chosen to shade are really great, but it feels flat without a few highlights here and there (and maybe soft glows around the teal parts, not sure if they’d actually glow or not, though).

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What you could do is make a new layer for the teal and just duplicate it and do a gaussian blur in a radius of 1-2. Also basically everything else raw said, I feel like the brown stands out too much.

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Ohhh, I couldn’t figure out how to make the teal glow. That would do it, wouldn’t it? The opacity I’ll lower as well.

Sadly, I’m just about to go out the door for class, so I won’t be able to do it until tonight, if I can squeeze it in amongst some finals work. :( But thank you both a ton for the tips/ideas. I will definitely get those underway when I get home, if not within the next day or two! :D

EDIT: The Gaussian Blur and opacity was a quicker fix than I thought, so I poked it a bit with the 10 minutes or so I have before the city bus arrives. It looks a TON better with the glow, and the opacity is now down around 20% — subtle, but you can still see it. I blurred it a bit as well, just so the texture isn’t as strong. I will get to work on highlights soon! Thank you two immensely again — tiny fixes like that are really helping this.

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Yeah no problem, I use the gaussian blur trick all the time, it makes for some awesome effects if you use it right.

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Couple fun things you can try for Photoshop coloring.

1. Check out Khuler (CS4 and newer). These are 5-color user-submitted palettes. It’s a terrific way to browse awesome color schemes. Find one you like, just import it to your swatches. (I like to immediately convert them to global colors so I can easily use tints of them.)

2. Sparingly, you have lighting effects like lens flares and such. These are cool if used VERY subtly.

3. Glows can be accomplished using Gaussian Blur, but a better method is to isolate the glowing object (selection), then make a layer with that selection on it. (If you bring the object to the new layer, save the selection and clear the layer of any pixels. Expand the selection by slightly larger than you want the glow, then feather the selection by a little less than you expanded it. You’ll want to experiment with this to get a feel for what measurements to use for your scale and resolution. Fill the selection with the color of the glowing object, then reduce the opacity of that layer to 20% or so. If you get tired of filling the object each time to check out if it’s right, you can fill the WHOLE layer with the glow color and do all this on a channel mask.

I recommend creating glows using special brushes rather than through effects. Glows can be all kinds of things… they can be reflected light, emitted light, ambient light bouncing off the object, or even atmospheric effects (like mist). When you handle it by hand, you can better control those properties. (Remember: Glossy surfaces reflect the light color, matte surfaces reflect their own color… and, of course, light reveals detail while shadow obscures it.)

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@pete: Oohhhh, I’ll definitely take a peek at those and perhaps try that trick out in a future project. I’m actually planning on doing a big spree of projects during my next 3 weeks of vacation between semesters because of an internship opportunity — both companies want Photoshop experience, among other things, so maybe I’ll find a way to put that to use. :D

I can’t seem to get the previous post to update the image, so I’m going to try posting it again real quick with the changes. I apologize if that’s a bit spammy, but it’s the only thing I can think of doing. It may also just be a problem with my own connection; it’s been horrible for the past few days.

Hopefully that has the highlights, the glow (using GraphicDesignC’s process), and the less strong texture.

Let me know if there’s anything else I should change? I don’t want to spend too much more extra time on it because I need to get a portfolio/demo reel done by January/March (respective to the two companies I’m trying to get accepted by), but if there’s anything minor I overlooked, lemme know! (And yes, I’m aware the highlights aren’t. . . Great. They’re the best I can get them. I need to spend more time in the future looking at real-world objects and getting their highlights understood. For what I can do now, though, I think it will have to do.)

Thanks again you three for the help. :D

EDIT: I shrunk down the highlights I’ve done. While they aren’t as strong now and not as noticeable, I feel it’s a bit better looking. Not yet great, but not as bad as they were. You may want to F5/Refresh the page to make sure you can see the proper image, just in case it loads the older version.

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I do have 1 qualm with it, I think that the green (On the back of the shield) looks a bit funny, the straps coming off of it make it look as if his arm is cutting into the shield, maybe you can apply some sort of texture to the back and to the straps to make it stand out more. Also it may not hurt to try applying some textures to the blue and the armor (Silver, or grey). By doing that you’d get better practice and you might achieve a nice looking layered effect, if the textures are chosen properly. Everything looks very nice at the moment, and I do like the subtle glow.

Petes method also works, but I find that to just be overbearing to say the least. it may achieve a better desired effect but it seems complicated when you can just duplicate the layer, select around the character, inverse the selection and then make a new layer and fill it with the desired glow color and then do a gaussian blur on it. Or you can just use the outer glow in the ‘fx’, but it achieves an undesired effect most of the time. Or if you want a glow that blends with the background better you can duplicated the layer, do a gaussian blur and then set the layer type to linear (add), screen, or color dodge. I find that in certain situations one of those 3 works best for a desired glow.

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Hmm. . . I think I see what you mean about the shield and the arm. I also agree regarding the textures. . . I’m not actually sure why that didn’t cross my mind to do that, I’ll be quite honest. Probably should have.

My only concern is, since I’m not terribly fluent with Photoshop yet, adding things like textures takes me quite a while. I think I may be doing it wrong or inefficiently, though — I’ve been adding textures as clipped layers, but that still requires me to end up having to erase a bunch of stuff and try and make overlaps flow smoothly. (Thinking out loud while typing, I’m curious if I can highlight a color, clip to only that instead of all the linework, and then apply the texture that way, saving a lot of time that would be spent carefully erasing around the edge. I’ll have to experiment.)

But I definitely do see what you mean. If I can find the time to spare for it either tonight or within the new few days, I will try and go back and get some more texture work in there. Otherwise, I may have to admit newbishness and leave it. (Luckily, I was not planning on having this very far forward in the portfolio/demo reel. Heh.) Thank you just the same, however! :D I’ll see what I can do, hopefully.

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There’s some awesome texture tutorials, this one actually works really great for getting the feel of how you should make textures bend to fit something properly. There’s also a plethora of other similar tutorials out there as well.

Also take a look at this one, it may give you an idea of reflective surfaces, allowing you to really give your character a shiny armor effect. Also this is a great site for texture tutorials.

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Hi guys. Happy new year!

Two things:

1) Sharing something that I’m extremely happy with. I think it’s a good start to 2012. I obviously have miles and miles to go, but for me to be able to complete something to this scale is, at least I think, a big milestone accomplished. And while I’m very happy with my work here, I’m still new to Photoshop — if you have any critique, or even want to completely tear this down, feel free. I will not stop you. I’ll only try and learn from it. ;D

2) We got a new scanner for Christmas! So I will try and upload two sketches that I did, one of an Argonian, and one of a generic knight (more a play on anatomy, armor, angle/perspective than anything else, so it’s a bit poor). Hopefully that will be soon. My new semester starts soon, as in tomorrow, too.

Not much to say. I’m extremely happy right now. :)

I hope you guys have a good start to your year as well. Enjoy. :D

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(You may need to F5 the page if you visited within the first ~20 minutes of this upload. Switched the image to a smaller one — for some reason, copying the URL from dA made it blurry. Using a different site that I upload to to show here. Bit smaller, bit clearer.)

Not much to say on this one. A quick sketch, about 2 hours worth. I did it to practice anatomy a bit more to prepare for one class, but more-over to practice shading over a character. The background was a rush job, just so he’s not floating in a void. I realize I still need practice in backgrounds. I think I lost a bit of the anatomy by adding clothing, too, but maybe not? I need another set of eyes.

Still working on getting the new scanner completely understood, so the image has a bit of a shift in brightness over it. But I like how it looks, so I’m leaving it as a happy accident.

I’m not sure I like it the more I look at it, though. At first, I was thrilled about it, but the more I look, the more I’m unsure. Best to get it out there to get feedback before I just throw it out and never show it at all.