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Reaper Graphix™ - Original Thread < 3 (locked)

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“The original. <3”

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Hmm, I can give it a shot, my contact information is in the other topic.

Whats this about Points though?

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It’s just a way of showing dedicated members. The more you post the higher your rank in the team will be.

I’m adding you to AIM right now because I’ll talk to you through that.

Also, this is just a hangout to talk about graphics and our own creation when we’re not doing requests.

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I would join, but I kind of suck at art. :P

I’ll still support this topic, though.

And, who knows, if by chance one day I master Paint.NET, I might ask to join.

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i was about to say the same thing as PlatinumIce…

im not that great of a digital artist, (my avatar is my first attempt at using but i would still like to help out with ideas, management, or whatever else you need help with… i might be able to get the whole thing down soon, but idk how good im gonna be at it

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I would join but I don’t think anyone wants art from me, because of the bustyness and all, HA!

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I might give it a shot. What sort of work is needed?

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want to join :)

here´s a portrait I made today of a friend,… a girl but not my girl friend… well here`s the picture

Image Hosted by

and if anybody thinks its stolen

Image Hosted by

a banner I made for another friend

Image Hosted by

and the best of my selfmade wallpapers

Image Hosted by

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@Lilfishy – I added you to the members list since you said you would still help out with the Team.

@00_JUICE_00 – Well until somebody requests something, you can just hang out here and talk or post Graphics. Or If in another thread you filled a request you can post it here.

@Zen32 – I gave you 4 pts for what you posted. Nice work, and I hope you stay active. ; D

I’m editing the first post with a description of each Reaper Graphix™ level.

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Oh, also to those of you using, I feel that TheGIMP is much better, and has more versatility, I’d suggest trying it =)

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Yeah GIMP is great! I used that for like 3 years before I finally got PSCS3.

I’d also recommend it.

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K, I´ll try :D

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Some advice…

Try using everything first, try it all out so you know what it does.

I’m still just figuring out what it does.

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Ahh man, I remember GIMP.

Those were the good old days. xD

I’m like, a pro at GIMP now, but PS is way better.

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thanks for letting me join :)

if anyone requests basic text avatars, i can handle those so that the rest of you can focus on more complicated stuff

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Hey guys, I’m going to edit the first post with a list of good graphic design programs.

Can you guys post a few and links to where those programs can be found?

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tried gimp, I like Paint.Net more, only one window, I know where the effects are that I need, and all in all with all the plugins, i simply liek mudkips… and PDN xD

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I’d be glad to help out. Most of my Apophysis Fractals are already up…I’ll see what you guys want before I jump in, as I do non-digital art as well.

Some good free programs that I have used:

Paint.Net – Download from

Apophysis – Download from

Apophysis Beta – Download from

MS Paint – Get free with Windows

Liveswif – Useful for extremely simple animations in a flash format, however is not recommended for creating art from scratch. Draw the animations separately, then transfer them to Liveswif. – but it does move from time to time.

Please check out my thread, if you think the art there is good enough I’d be happy to transfer to this thread.
HOWEVER the nature of fractals means that it is difficult to work to a deadline on time.

EDIT: I love the artwork for Reaper Graphix, btw. Nice one!

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Waiting for requests, I´ll make Badge-Borders , colorchanging backgrounds, simple animated Avies

and Text-Avatars with special fonts:

Image Hosted by

like These: Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

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This is subject to a Creative Commons License.

It is my work, but it is a work in progress. I may update it at infrequent intervals.

Fun Fact: the width of this image is exactly 666 pixels.

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Zen, those are some seriously wicked Text formats! xD

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Lemme join, please!

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“Zen, those are some seriously wicked Text formats! xD”

sorry textformats not done by me go to

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What kind of art do you do, Becuase I,m not the great with drawing but I,m good at “Pixel Art” and Mixing photos.

Well this is the first post I ever made And i deiced to edit it every now and then just saying some random stuff that’s happened, Well I’ve started a request thread with piratemonkey and date is 03/12/09.

I’ll probably update this every month:

EDIT: 12/12/09

Well its nearly Christmas, I just wanna say I love my sister and parents, also the request thread I started has been shut down due to me being to busy.
I brought a book on AS2 yesterday and it should arrive sometime this week.

EDIT: 01/04/2010

W00t my book arrived and I’m making games, Lifes great!!!

oh and its 2010!!!

EDIT: 02/16/10

Well School back and its boring as hell!!!
I’m still making my game.

Life alright:(

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United and jandel, I added both of you.

I do hand drawings of anime&manga, I color manga covers, I also do signatures and avatars.