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SOTW#3 - Voting

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Voting will be as follows:
(No voting for yourself)
1st - Reason 2nd - Reason 3rd - Reason
1st choice will get 3pts, 2nd choice will get 2pts, and 3rd choice will get 1pt. Points will be
added up and whoever gets the most points will win.
If you do not vote this way, your vote will NOT count.














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Not a good rule. Most people don’t know what they’re talking about.

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あー who needs reasons

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Stop discussing here, go to discussion thread.

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Not a good rule. Most people don’t know what they’re talking about.

do you mean you’re self ?

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Despite the fact that I’m sure I’m one of those people who doesn’t know what she’s talking about, I vote:

1st iwagon—I knew when I first saw this that it would be hard to find one I liked better. I like that you stuck to a few colors with high contrast and to good effect. I love the fact that it’s naturalistic, as if it were really red and black ink on paper and that there are parts that are warped (which reminds me of paper marbling) and parts that look spilled in, that splashed across the page and the two blotches with dripping ink are just great. I thought there were a number of good entries this week, but I had no trouble picking my favorite.

2nd—Bobuchan—I liked the light and texture (especially the bumpiness of the browner parts) and the way the light moves across the sig. I also thought the text was very well done.

3rd—Laxaria—Definitely the prettiest one. It creates a great mood. For me, it didn’t have the same impact as my two favorites, but both this one and Holy’s are really, really nice.

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Yea, I won’t discuss this here, but as a general thing from any type of sig but pop up, drop me a whisper if you want some comments.

I would personally grade each piece, tbh, but I think I’ll leave that to the end of the voting. I was thinking of that since everyone’s abstract (including mine) skills and appreciation greatly needs work >.<

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1st – Tomsou – It looks really neat and awesome. I really like it, the colours rock and stuff…
2nd – Laxaria – Its really simple yet amazingly awesome. =D
3rd – Holy – The colours and glow look really good. Good composition.

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Wtf Ncio, you like it? I think it is horrible XD

1.Holy- Wow just, Wow. I see some C4D’s :O
2.laxaria- Nice, Simple and neat
3.JohannasGarden- Very cool. Seems a bit lacking of something :S

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1st – Aldrin. As soon as I saw it grabbed my attention. And the colours are pretty. :P

2nd – Gankstar. I love the effect in the middle.

3rd – Bobucan. For some reason it makes me think of magic. And magic is good. :D

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noooooooo… i new i would lose (//o)

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1st – laxaria

You obviously did your research. Out of the bunch, I feel that it has the most use of the elements needed to make a good sig without using any stock. There seems to be too much contrast between the brighter, smaller dots and the smudges that pulls it apart a bit to me.

2nd – JohannasGarden

Compositionally nice, I can see some variety and even though it’s abstract, I interpret in my own way and connect with it. Anyway you can get your audience to connect with a piece is great. However, that bottom right corner seems deader than a doorknob.

3rd – Ncio

The solid colors and vector quality of it carries a lot of abstraction and rhythm. I think you could have done better with using your colors to create more illusions of depth and focus.

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1. Tomsou – reminds me of a supernova. The round things don’t distract ppl from the focal.
2. bobuchan – CLEAR focal point, text blended in nicely,nice texture.
3. holy – I like those cross things. It has depth and all.

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Wow just, Wow. I see some C4D’s

Yea, they are renders. >.<

CLEAR focal point, text blended in nicely,nice texture.

Could you elaborate? I see nothing but not very good smudging.


Laxara → 8

Holy → 5

Bobuchan → 5

Tomsou → 6 (!!!)

Johannas → 3

I didn’t add the scores for those who only got voted on by one person, (too lazy to count :P). Everyone is very divided, which is typical of an abstract theme.

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What? second place ATM? O.o

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1. Tomsou- Very nice smudging, smooth but textured, and I like the fade into black. However, I don’t really like the dots, because that just looks like a rip off of Lax’s sig.

2. Bobuchan- I really like the grungy feel, and the texture of it, and the text is great. It’s a bit too bright, but that’s my only complaint.

3. Iwagon- It’s really cool with the swirl in the center, but also everything going on around it, I’m just not sold on the text, the border around it doesn’t really help in my opinion.

I also liked Lax’s, but the smudging was a bit too jittery, I think it would have looked a lot better if it was smoother; I can see circles where you applied jitter.
I likes Holy’s and Aldrin’s too, just Holy’s was a bit too monotone, and aldrin’s just wasn’t particularly unique.

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I really feel like critiquing everyone’s. :D

Thanks for the votes guys.
This is not my vote, just a couple of comments on each signature.
Please do not find any of these offensive, I just critique very… hard. I critique myself the hardest most of the time because I always find fault with myself.

iwagon: Messy, work on flow and composition. The text is pretty good.
ozzy123: Too big, the text isn’t good, and the background seems too basic. I like your use of colors and not bad work with the pen tool.
gankstar: It’s just too plain. Cool border.
shadowpig60: Too plain. I respect the fact that you gave it a shot. Might look better if you just minimize it a little maybe to a 400px width and keep the same size constraints.
Holy: Way too bright. Text is somehow wrong. Too sharp in some places.
NoteyMan: Text isn’t good. Lacks depth. Weird proportions. It’s very original though.
Laxaria: Maybe a bit more glow? Although it’s simple, it looks pretty awesome.
bobuchan: Looks a lot like rust, which in this case looks a little weird (the yellows are sort of messing it up I think, maybe try some other shades). Looks like a grunge-abstract signature, pretty cool.
aldrin: Rather simple, just from the use of fractals. Nice bold colors, nice border, and pretty good text.
tomsou: A little dull and no real depth. Looks pretty cool aside from the things I mentioned.
Oboe_Passion: Too messy. I like the pretty good depth.
Ncio: Text is not that great. Very plain signature. Very interesting style for a signature, looks kinda neat. :)
JohannasGarden: Not great use of space. Colors look nice.

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1st: Laxaria – Simple (the good simple) and great smudging.
2nd: tomsou – Looks great and has a nice feel to it, could brighten it up a little.
3rd: aldrin – Although it’s simple, it’s still a pretty good use of fractals. I also like the glow, and the border.

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I also liked Lax’s, but the smudging was a bit too jittery, I think it would have looked a lot better if it was smoother; I can see circles where you applied jitter.

The jitter is part of the effect, not bad skills. =/

Since Holy commented on each piece, I shall comment on the notable ones.

The choice of colors are quite bad as they don’t blend very well together. There is a lack of focal and flow, and the little depth in there doesn’t really make sense. The text is semi okish, for me. Overall its not very good composition wise and the understanding of basics in sigs is lacking (this applies to everyone, to be honest).

I quite like yours, but there’s a problem with focals. There’s too much to look at, but yet no flow or directional cue to look at each object. The text is a distraction and very out of place, while the repeating of the crosses tend to duplicate the focals. It is also very bright and somewhat monotone, which hinders it a lot. I like the composition and concept, just not liking the execution a lot.

The text seems so odd and out of place. The smudging, if it is, seems very pixellated. I don’t like the color choice and there is the same problem with the lack of flow and depth. Its a good attempt, but I don’t really like it. The colors are weird and the text is just badly placed, no focal.

Zomg fractals! Same problem, no flow, depth or focal. The text is overused and extremely cliched. The fractals are messy and everywhere and do not contribute to the overall feel or movement of the sig. It is also a bit too bright.

I don’t understand why everyone likes this, but anyways. There is some flow, but the color choice is quite bad and there seems to be a massive lack of focal or depth. The text is very badly placed, the dots on the bottom right weirdly positioned and, together, are acting as very bad focals. The border is overused and it looks very dark and washed out. I would honestly wonder if people are voting for the artist or the sig. Of course, other’s may disagree, but I don’t see anything special in this at all.

Get. A. Focal. Add flow, some depth and you got yourself a very nice abstract piece.

Leaving myself out, I honestly think this is what I expected the placement:

1st: Johannas/Holy
2nd: (The one who didn’t get first from above)
3rd: aldrin

I’m not being biased or mean, but I honestly feel that tomsou’s piece is undeserving of its comments so far, and that Holy’s and Johannas’ are underrated.

1. Tomsou – reminds me of a supernova. The round things don’t distract ppl from the focal.

What focal?

As a proposal, if you are reading, hokage, It would be nice that each vote should be accompanied with about a 50 word paragraph on why it deserves it spot. Im starting to see biasness, where people vote for the artist over the art, even since the previous one, as I honestly felt some votes for me were undeserving, as for others.

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I’m not even notable…?
or votable? (but I expected that one)

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Its too pixellated oboe. =/

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hmmm… agreed, but I want some crit on the pop out next week, I’m putting a lot of effort into them.

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I agree with Lax’s idea. I think people should give a better reason for voting. Maybe not 50 words, but it really should be better than what some people are saying.

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Could you elaborate? I see nothing but not very good smudging.

Yes. The whiter part is kinda like a glow, so it attracts the eye, and then you sort of drift away… that’s why he’s second.
The leather texture in the back looks pretty realistic to me. These are just my opinions :P

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This is not the discussion thread. This is for votes, and votes only.