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SOTW#6 - Voting (locked)

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Voting will be as follows:
(No voting for yourself)
1st - Reason 2nd - Reason 3rd - Reason
1st choice will get 3pts, 2nd choice will get 2pts, and 3rd choice will get 1pt. Points will be
added up and whoever gets the most points will win.
If you do not vote this way, your vote will NOT count.










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-A lot of people are going to disagree with me here for first, but I actually like it, I like the vector-ish feel, and it flows very well. The text should lose the blur, and I don’t like the colors too much, but I like the texture and flow.

-I like the flow of it, but it really needs some depth, and the focal looks distorted. Good colors. Bad positioning.

-Except for the sparks(?) brushing at the bottom, it’s pretty good. It needs depth and it’s a tad monotone, but it’s a decent sig. Try using something besides sparks brushes.

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1 Krick19 it just flows and i like the text he used
2 Ncio i really like the backround he used just the right color
3 ozzy i like the text and the backround but i dont like the white stuff it looks weird

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1st yuyuter Although I dislike football I must say I like this. The flames and colours are superb. :P
2nd ncio I like its style and the general feel of this one, and I like the colours too.
3rd Craig12390 I like it’s lighting and the colours, generally. Not too special but a good’n.

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Liking it, however the text has to go. Also the microphone looks a bit… awkward…
Ncio:Wrong sig X.x Personally i felt that your 1st? piece was better. But there is still flow only thing is i dont like the render quality.
Quite like it.
Like the attempt at flow. Bad blurring and is a bit plain.

Damnit lax never entered. I probably should of entered :(

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1. Ncio because he used the right colors and he has a nice background.
2. yuyuter because the fire effect is cool and the guy looks funny.
3. Oboe_Passion because the background matches what she made and it looks pretty cool.

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1st: Oboe Passion— Lots of flow, its also cool how she made the little plants herself :P The colors also go well together.

2nd: Shadowpig— Simple, but effective ^^.

3rd: Yuyuter— It looks cool how u put it all together

DragonZ u’d of probably been up there, but that lady just scares me she’s so pale… lol

Also: I GOT A VOTE!!!! yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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Hooray 1 vote :D I didnt expect to get any…

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1. Ncio: I like the flow and colour. The lighting is good. Nice and simple.

2. DragonZ: Cool colours and cool path. Text and lighting are slightly out but overall good.

3. Ozzy: Its much better than all your others so far. Too much going on in the foreground + no lightsource.

Thanks Krick!

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1st… Moomanmatt. It is very simple, which I like, and it is bright and not dominated by effects and brushes (I realize my error here D:)
2nd… krick19. Nice flow, nice color palette, and nice render. (is the microphone part of the render? it looks rather… wierd.)
3rd… DraGonZ13. Good depth and nice effects with the back. I think you over-brightened the render though… us asians aren’t that pale! (except maybe girls… they love makeup XP)

Thanks to all who voted for me :)

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i got 2 votes yaa
also the whole sig was supposed to be grayscaled except the cloths so ya its pale.
EDIT: i have to vote :O

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ozzy123 _ 2
moomanmatt _ 7
Craig12390 _ 1
krick19 _ 8
yuyuter _ 7
Ncio _ 14
shadowpig60 _ 2
Oboe_Passion _ 4
DraGonZ13 _ 3

Congratulations, Ncio, For winning SOTW#6!

I hope to see you, and other participants in future SOTW’s.

Sincerely, hokage4354.