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SOTW#7 - Voting (locked)

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Voting will be as follows:
(No voting for yourself)
1st - Reason 2nd - Reason 3rd - Reason
1st choice will get 3pts, 2nd choice will get 2pts, and 3rd choice will get 1pt. Points will be
added up and whoever gets the most points will win.
If you do not vote this way, your vote will NOT count.








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1st – NCIO – the wire frames keep attacking your background XD. His shield looks funny too, so I’d smudge that out. I’d also recommend using stock photography for backgrounds when using stocks of real life people. The flow is good and the depth is great, again with coloring I’d just work on the coloring adjustments and gradient maps to even out the color levels. Other than that the only thing that bugs me is the false lighting on his chest. The light comes from left of his head from my point of view.

Again, low moderate. It’s no doubt, the best up there.

2nd – Marshwarrior – I don’t think that has to do with a hero or villain. I’m not that great, but what I would do is to change the white background to black, make the border thicker on the top and bottom, remove the border from the right side and left side, and color the border to that similar to the tag.

The first is better but I won’t say that the coloring’s great. The depth is good and the flow works for the purpose, however, I don’t think falling leaves fits the theme of shooting. The text really isn’t that bad, if your name was shorter it would have gone fine but you should probably lower the opacity so it doesn’t take up to much space and distract from the focal. I’ll give it a high novice ranking.

3rd – Magikman – It looks really grainy but the composition and lighting were good. It fit the theme really well but the quality ruined it. Nice smudging, but I’d try adding a few more gradient maps and using color adjustments.

4th – None – If Marshwarrior gets disqualified I refuse to vote for a third person. No others showed obvious qualities of a tag or any skill at making them.

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Marsh’s qualifies.

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1: magikman, ‘coz the render fits perfectly with the sig, and the flow is good. Although the “Evil” side could be a little clearer…
2: Oboe_Passion. I like Gandalf, for one, and the glow from him is…. subtle. The text is kinda weird, though. The grunge on the right is wonky, but it’s okay.
3: Ncio. focal is clear, nice render, nicedepth. But something about it is weird. The lighting? o.O

Vote for me! :)

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1st—Marsh:That is AWESOME, its got a "holy !@#$ its gunna pop out and get me type feel to it :P No cons, all pros =D

2nd—Oboe: It rly looks like it could’ve been out of the movie, nice job.

3rd—Magik: I like the background a ton, also nice render and to think i saw that as ur idea =/ lol

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First place – Yuyuter

I love the effect and manipulation of the stock into forming a very interesting composed sig. Major flaws include text and border and the thing on the right of spiderman, but I love the composition very very much and the effects added, albeit simple, contributed heavily to the already interesting and well composed stock. Good job.

Second place – MarshWarrior

I have to admit, what put me off most was the effect on the gunbarrel and the border. The text was also in the way. Interesting composition, but could use greater variety of color and interest. The prespective is quite overused and the effects on the gun barrel don’t really look that appealing. A good entry and attempt, but is lacking nonetheless. A link to the render would be appreciated for personal reason :)

Third place – Ncio

Its an interesting piece which ousts the other remaining competitors. I don’t have much comments, seeing that this isn’t a very good piece, but better than the others not mentioned.

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I love the idea but unfortunately much too grainy.
Better quality render next time.

Inward said it best. C4d’s are raping your render O.o Good colours. Unusual lighting though…

Dont like the white BG. Gun is overblurred. No lighting either.

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1st – MarshWarrior – I like the colours. Great depth. Nice use of the paths tool and brushes. The flows a bit odd. Text is okay.
2nd – Majikman – Very cleaver concept. Nice colours. Nice lighting. Great use of brushes and C4Ds. No depth.
3rd – Oboe_Passion – Great use of brushes. Horrible text, horrible render placement. Colours are okay. Nice lighting.

I would like to see all the other people who have entered vote. It’s good sportsmanship.

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Originally posted by Ncio:

I would like to see all the other people who have entered vote. It’s good sportsmanship.

Thanks for the critique everyone.
I’m sorry Ncio, I never vote and I never will. I also very rarely offer critique. I just don’t feel right telling people what’s good and bad about their art when I’m not that good myself.

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dang no vote for me

1 magikman

its got very nice flow and its neat how it transphers

2 yuyter

its neat how the thunder splits him

3 marshwarrior

i dont no i just like it

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1. shadowpig60 – i liked the funny sentence that you have there and the background really matches the suit color of the spartan.
2. MarshWarrior – i loved the maple leafs(go Canada) the gun is pointing to us and it is blurry that makes it seem like it is moving, i thought that was really cool. and i think that the colors matched up best, way better that any of the others(no offense)
3. Ncio – i think that the black lines ruined it, but it is pretty beautiful to look at.

dang no vote for me

do not give up hope!

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magikman _ 13
shadowpig60 _ 3
ozzy123 _
yuyuter _ 5
Oboe_Passion _ 5
MarshWarrior _ 14
Ncio _ 8

Congratulations, MarshWarrior, For winning SOTW#7!

I hope to see you, and other participants in future SOTW’s.

Sincerely, hokage4354.

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1. shadowpig60 – i liked the funny sentence that you have there and the background really matches the suit color of the spartan.

I think we should be able to somehow not allow votes like this, whether it be a poll or a judge.