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SOTW#9 - Voting (locked)

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Voting will be as follows:
(No voting for yourself)
1st - Reason 2nd - Reason 3rd - Reason
1st choice will get 3pts, 2nd choice will get 2pts, and 3rd choice will get 1pt. Points will be
added up and whoever gets the most points will win.
If you do not vote this way, your vote will NOT count.










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1st – Tomsou – Great colours. Great flow. Okay depth. Okay lighting. Nice sig.
2nd – InwardNose – You followed the tut well and created a nice outcome. Nice work.
3rd – Krick19 – Weird focal and colours. Great flow and nice placement.

I would like to see all of the people who have entered vote. It’s good sportsman ship. Don’t not vote, so that you are more likely to win.

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-Though it is a rehashing of an old sig, it’s different enough for me to vote it no. 1. I like how it stays away from tried techniques like c4ds and and smudging, and yet still comes out with a complete piece.

-Decent vector sig. Only reason it’s not first is because it’s taken from a tut.

-Eh, it’s pretty good, but I think the smudging could be done better to create more flow. Also, the focal is the weapon on Samus’ arm, not Samus herself, so it’s not great there.

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1st: InwardNose: Lovely vector work, only thing is it is from a tut :(
2nd: Ncio: Good piece however depth isnt there. Good lighting and nice effects though
3rd: Krick19: Mediocre sig, flow seems too linear. Depth and lighting is there though.

Great going guys!

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Does this still count….

It was on the discussion thread.

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Your entries needed to be in the entry thread.

I hate disqualifying people, but it was in the wrong thread and multiple people have voted already.

sorry. ;(

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1st – Tomsou. I like the nice carefree air of the sig. Good flow, good colors. Thus first place!
2nd – InwardNose. Only vector sig here, I see. Great colors, good flow. The Zelda/Link line kinda acts as a focal, thus second place.
3rd – Ncio. Very good lighting, but I feel a lack of visible flow. Thus third place.
I think everyone did at the very least reasonably well this time. Yayz.

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Well… That sucks… I just woke up… Was going to blur it and chuck it in, looks like I’m late though… Oh well. I guess.

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ME!!!-cuz its me
although assuming i can’t ill vote for myself
Ncio-cuz i like the effects/lighting were its coming out the hand
NinjaRebel-cuz the blue bits around the ice climbers look cool and
DeadSoulReaper-cuz the background works really well with links green glow.

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Originally posted by piratemonkey:


although assuming i can’t ill vote for


NinjaRebel and


You have to post reasons why you chose those people. Look at the posts above to see how you have to set it out.

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I personally think the comments should be valid because on PM’s voting, Not to be mean but Ninja rebels does NOT deserve second (Sorry ninja D= )

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what do you mean, its awesome

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… Have you ever heard of the basics of sig making? Y’know flow,lighting, depth and the like?

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Actually, tomsou, it’s really just how it looks to the voter. It’d be really unfair if every winning submission had to have flow/lighting, etc.

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true… but still

i was just saying if you think that is better that a sig like yours (krick) Or ncio or someone, it just makes you look pretty noobish.

Just saying

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I deserve zero seeing as that’s how much time I put into making it.

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Originally posted by krick19:

Actually, tomsou, it’s really just how it looks to the voter. It’d be really unfair if every winning submission had to have flow/lighting, etc.

But it would be very unfair for every other participant as those who vote do not neccessary know what constitutes a good sig and what does not. It is not too hard to pick up some basic art terms like focal, rule of thirds, blending,etc. These words help us realise that its good, instead of people simply saying why it looks visually appealing without stating how the visual appeal is created.

A good prime example would be the Abstract competition. I am in no way bashing other entrants, but besides me and Holy, practically no other entrant was capable of carefully defining at least focal in their work. Didn’t stop people from saying tomsou’s entry had a well defined focal, which really pissed me off, seeing that there was never a well defined focal, and IIRC, not even a focal, to begin with.

First Place – InwardNose

I like how the render is placed within the rule of thirds. The vector style and color combination is easy on the eyes. Not much of an attempt of flow, but it is present. I like the overall effects of the piece and how foreground is created. What flaws I see are mainly the text, the bars and the lack of lighting. Its a good refreshing vector based piece as compared to many others.

Second place – krick19

A very simple yet well composed signature. I like how that the focal, along with the C4D placement, emphasises that the focal is looking down. This placement creates a bit of depth. Flow is not evident. There is a lack of effect, dulling the sig and making it not as good. The color choice is not perfect, as it might be more interesting to see reds instead of just purple and blue. A good entry, noneteless.

Third Place – tomsou

I like this sig quite a fair bit, but I dislike a few things about it. Firstly, the render placement is not very good. The kirby focal barely falls into the rule of thirds. There is a bad control of depth and flow is very linear and not very interesting. The background effects are not that good. Vary color use. I am certain there is more to it than just pink in your platelette.

@ Ncio: That’s a pre-made!!!

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I was just saying what i liked. I shouldn’t have to look at lighting and stuff because thats not the only thing the makes a sig or indeed any piece of art look good, its more how it makes you feel.

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ozzy123 _ 0
NinjaRebel _ 2
InwardNose _ 12
yuyuter _ 0
DeadSoulReaper _ 1
piratemonkey _ 0
tomsou _ 10
Ncio _ 7
krick19 _ 4

Congratulations, InwardNose, For winning SOTW#9!

I hope to see you, and other participants in future SOTW’s.

Sincerely, hokage4354.