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Horyzon Design™

Let your art Shyne!

Welcome to Horyzon Design™! Here you can post art, critique art, learn art, and much, much more.

If you ever have a private need that you need to discuss with me, my email is


Information and FAQ
Horyzon Ranking Method
Rules and Guidelines
Members and Points
Links and Resources

If you would like to join Horyzon Design simply fill out the following.

How Active Are You?:
What Type of Art are you Best At?:
One Example of Your Art:
How you Think you can Help the Community:

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Information and FAQ’s

What is Horyzon Design?
Horyzon design is a new art team on Kongregate that features lots of great members, and some cool ways to have fun. You can do almost anything art related here, but remember to follow the guidelines. One thing we have that those others don’t is an idea (Invented by the people) of Tasks. Tasks are ways to earn Horyzon Points which can be used for many things.

What can I do with Horyzon Points?
Horyzon Points serve as many things to keep our community in and entertained. For one, they act as a sort of ranking system to show that whoever has more Horyzon Points, has obviously done more tasks and therefore earns bragging rights. It also acts as a currency to buy and sell things in the Marketplace.

What is the Marketplace?
The Marketplace is a place where users can sell tutorials, services, and even signatures. If you would like to sell something just say so in a post with what you are selling, how many Horyzon Points your’e selling it for, and what rights will the buyer be getting.

What are the different types of Rights?
Rights are what a seller is giving you to do with the product. Full Rights (FR) is when the buyer gets the right to the.xcf/.psd of the art and also can do anything with it. They now technically own the art and can even sell it again. Posting Rights (PR) is the right to post a tutorial or piece of art in a different place. Wearing Rights (WR) is the right to “wear” the tag in your signature on a different site or (Maybe soon) here. You can not do anything other than show off with it and look cool. Lastly is Learning Rights (LR) which is when the buyer can simply see the tutorial/.xcf/.psd. They can do nothing else with it.

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The Horyzon Ranking Method

A new way to judge signatures.

So to jump start this thread I thought I’d sell out my long kept signature ranking system and hell ya, give it a name.

This system is not mandatory at all, but it is very useful to find out what people think about your signatures. It will also be used as the judging criteria for contests.

Okay, to start out look at the signature and say, “Is it appealing?” Rank it 1-5, no decimals, then multiply it by 10. Now start to get picky, judge each essential of a tag 1-10. Composition and Effects, Color, Lighting, Depth, and Flow. Add up all the essential points , then add together with the appeal. Below is a much in depth description of the essentials.

Composition and Effects – Composition is how well the signature was put together. Are there ugly looking blabs that could easily be removed, does the render fit with the background, (not naruto on a football field {I’ve seen it}) is the render taking up too much or too little space. I like to make my renders cover 20-40% of the space in the signature.

Color – Color is well… you know, color. Try to pick colors that complement each other, but don’t have too much of one color. For black and white tags judge on whether it should be black and white. Black and white tags can be signs of laziness to work on your colors. A great tool to help you with your colors is the Kulur. This is definitely the most helpful site for getting help with colors.

Depth – Depth is how the tag looks and gives a 3d feel. An essential to great depth is having both a background and a foreground, I see a lot of foreground-less tags around here. You want to try to use c4d’s or vectors to cover up part of the focal but keep some of it open to view.

Lighting – Lighting go’s with depth in the fact that they both are trying to make the image look real. A viewer should be able to tell where lighting is coming from and view some sort of source.

Flow – Flow is what makes the tag appear to move or have the concept of movement. It is often made from c4d’s and vectors but can also come with the composition. Should flow in either one direction or away from the render.

To help you better understand the system , I will be judging a tag I’ve found.

For the overall appeal I’m going to give it a 4/5. +40. It looks really cool and is attractive to the eye but it could have been a little bit cleaner and it isn’t the greatest thing out there.

Composition and Effects – 8/10 – The piece goes well with the effects and there is very good render placement. The effects are a little bit messy and repetitive though.

Color – 8/10 – The greens, the yellows, and the browns give it a rusty feel that really attracts the eye. A little bit bright and a little bit too monotone.

Depth – 10/10 – The “fire” totally surrounds him and the viewer can see the render is diving backwards. If you look hard enough, you can picture him kneeling on a cliff and shooting off of it too.

Lighting – 9/10 – You did a good job of making it look shiny and it was hard because there was light all around him. A little bit too much darkness on the render though, could have been dodged.

Flow – 10/10 – The only thing I would have changed is to rotate the render the slightest bit to make his head go straight with the flow. Other than it’s perfect and easy to tell that the chief is moving backwards.


If there’s any questions just ask.

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Rules and Guidelines

Be kind and treat others how you would like to be treated. I give myself full rights to take away Horyzon Points for mean behavior.
Do not get too off topic. This thread is about art, not the sun.
Do not spam the thread with art or any kind of spam. You will be kicked out of the thread after your second offense.
Do not promote illegal activity such as Photoshop keygen’s.
Do not complain about the contest winners after they have been announced. If you would like to suggest a change in criteria before the contest ends you may.
Kongregate Behavior Guidelines apply as well.

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If you would like a partnership with Horyzon Design, simply say so and I will make our threads a Banner of Friendship.

THE Pixel, Kogregate’s number one pixel.

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Seals of Approval:1
Contests Finished:0
Date Created: March 29th 2009
Tasks Completed:12
Points Earned from Tasks:600

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Members and Points

InwardNose – ∞ Points

Kapricon – 50 Points

NCIO – 50 Points

Yuyuter – 50 Points

jandel133 – 50 Points

Craig12390 – 50 Points

ozzy123 – 50 Points

shadowpig60 – 50 Points

deadfire1991 – 50 Points

TTrashCAN – 150 Points

GHXpert59 – 50 Points

Krick19 – 50 Points

DeadSoulReaper – 50 Points

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uSkate #1

uSkate is a contest where you design your own skateboard. Winner gets 1,000 Horyzon Points.

Skateboard must have the word “Horyzon” on it and should look like a real skateboard design. Notice that real skateboards are either consisted of bright contrasting colors, or dull bland colors.

Template for gimp can be found here and template for photoshop can be found here.


Overall Appeal: _/3
*Would I use It if I skated?: _/1
*Would my Brother use it?: _/1
Creativity: _/2
Originality: _/1
Color: _/2

Overall: /10
* Tiebreakers

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Contest Winners


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Here at Horyzon Design we will complete any kind of request. We have a growing number of members and in news posts I will be sure to add that your request has not been completed.

Current Requests


Completed Requests


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Please alert me if you have finished a task, otherwise I will not give you the points.

Walking on the Horyzon – 50 Horyzon Points
Join Horyzon Design.

Novice Signature – 25 Horyzon Points
Create a signature and have it get a 50/100 using the Horyzon Ranking Method.

Moderate Signature – 50 Horyzon Points
Create a signature and have it get a 65/100 using the Horyzon Ranking Method.

Intermediate Signature – 75 Horyzon Points
Create a signature and have it get a 75/100 using the Horyzon Ranking Method.

Semi-Pro Signature – 100 Horyzon Points
Create a signature and have it get a 85/100 using the Horyzon Ranking Method.

Professional Signature – 150 Horyzon Points
Create a signature and have it get a 95/100 using the Horyzon Ranking Method.

Feed the Horyzon5 Horyzon Points Bonus 10 Horyzon Points
Think up of a task and get it approved by me. Can be done multiple times.

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Links and Resources

Other Graphic Teams
DRAGON Art – Tons of great members and very active.
Tainted Design – The organized art team.
Reaper Graphix – Closed for the spring, opening sometime soon. First Graphics Team on Kongregate.
Art $tore – Spend your fake money on real art. EMPLOYEES WANTED.

Great Graphic Sites

Planet Renders – Biggest render site on the web including a great community.
Deviant Art – Biggest art community on the web. Filled with resources and other great artists.
National Sig League An official league of sig makers for experienced artists. Extremely high expectations.

C4D Packs

Illy’s 74 Pack
Stinky666’s December Pack

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News Archive


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Seals of Approval


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Well…you started with enough reserves…actually this thread consists of 20% of all your posts…

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XD That is quite funny.

I’ll probably delete one or two.

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Is it open to join yet?
If so I would like to be your first member :D
Oh and if I could be a colour can I be Pale Blue?

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I forgot the application form. (Duh duh duh) It’s at the top post now.

The color would require all of your starting points.

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Username: Kapricon
How Active Are You?: Very, but some days I can’t go on because I have too much homework, but thats not very often
What Type of Art are you Best At?: Backgrounds and Banners
One Example of Your Art: One of my Sigs

How you Think you can Help the Community: By giving constructive Criticism to peoples art, which I am getting better at doing and also I am quite an encouraging person :D

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Accepted. You completed a task. +50 Horyzon Points.
You still want that color thing?

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Wait what task did I complete?
Yeah Please, Pale Blue Colour thing.