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SOTW#10 - Voting (locked)

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Voting will be as follows:
(No voting for yourself)
1st - Reason 2nd - Reason 3rd - Reason
1st choice will get 3pts, 2nd choice will get 2pts, and 3rd choice will get 1pt. Points will be
added up and whoever gets the most points will win.
If you do not vote this way, your vote will NOT count.









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1st – Ncio:
Good flow from the explosion outwards with brilliant colour movement along with lighting.

2nd – InwardNose:
Good use of splatter yet messy sometimes. Good Colour comparing to the render,
but not obvious flow.

3rd – Piratemonkey:
Bad flow from the light on the eyes. Render stands out in the light in the background. No flow, good depth using light.

I quite like Ncio’s but I must say it wasn’t the best week…

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Reasoning must be provided for that vote to count.

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All done!

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1 i think the wall e one is cool from deadsoulreaper i like how he did the beam (even though i wouldn’t set it as my sig but it is still well put together
2 then inwardnos the background is awesome and i like what he did to it
3 i like shawdowpig it is basic but cool the background is cool and i like how he made the background the same color as the person

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NCIO, The only one with a correct flow imo
Inwardnose, Quite nice effect. Little vector style.
Oboe_passion, Sorry, but that is the best of the lower ones… Rest has no background imo

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1. Ncio. Good smudging (it is smudging, right?) and good flow. Clear light source.
2. piratemonkey. Good design, nice background. No flow, and I’m not sure you made it…
3.InwardNose. Simple background, good placing of render, good color palette. I don’t really like the black lines, though.

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Ncio _ 9
InwardNose _ 7
DeadSoulReaper _ 3
piratemonkey _ 3
shadowpig60 _ 1
Oboe_Passion _ 1
yuyuter _ 0
ozzy123 _ 0

Congratulations, Ncio, For winning SOTW#10!

I hope to see you, and other participants in future SOTW’s.

Sincerely, hokage4354.

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NCIO had 9 and I had 7.

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Fixed. I didn’t notice the first vote. I apologize.