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[competition] Ferret website (locked)

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Right. So. I’m making a ferret website, that well it’s gonna have all information on a ferret I find people need to know, over time if I get more views I’ll buy a domain and make it look more professional and what not.

However for the time being I need a banner. I need you people to make me one;

Dates :
Finishes on Saturday 18th April 09 at 11:59pm GMT.

To do :

Submit here the website you wish to have my website link to.
Your name
The link to the art.
Use paper, paint, photoshop, animation programs.
Size to what YOU think is best for a banner.

Rules :

No stealing.
No copying.
No anime style {if doing people}
Must be ferrety.
No slating here.

Details :

Name : Ferrety Fun
Slogan : Ferrety Tips and Tricks
Website if need ferret pictures :
Submit: Here
My shouts on Kongregate
My msn/email –


So far would be the biggest link and a special something on the website for the winner.
In future competitions when its been going more. Prizes =D

So far :


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Your website is about a ferret?

As in, these things?

I don’t see that being successful…

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Well MoonlaughMaster, CompareTheMeerkat went well ;)

Okay, I’ll enter, I’ll have the image posted up on Friday (17th), but first…

• Is It A Website Banner? If So, Could You Show Us A Preview Of The Website?
• Any Specific Size?
• Any Specific Color Scheme?
• Would You Like It To Be Animated Or Not?
• Patterns / Borders?

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Yes, about them because people are so stupid they don’t research about animals before getting them, then realise “Oh! these are too costly and need alot of time” so they dump and neglect them.

=[ I thought people had imagination.. Which is why I didn’t give TOO much details, I like competitions to be competitions with imagination.

• Yes, however for the moment, for some reason the website i down.. However it’s gonna be like where I have different pages for info
• No specific size, I want to see what you lot come up with, sometimes banners look better whilst sized different
• Right now the background is greenish because of grass.. but any colors =]
• As I stated above that it can be made in anything, I don’t mind if animated..
• A border sometimes works sometimes doesn’t. It’s up to you,

Use YOUR imagination =D It wouldn’t be a competition without would it?