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[competition] SOTW#13 - Voting (locked)

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Voting will be as follows:
(No voting for yourself)
1st - Reason 2nd - Reason 3rd - Reason
1st choice will get 3pts, 2nd choice will get 2pts, and 3rd choice will get 1pt. Points will be
added up and whoever gets the most points will win.
If you do not vote this way, your vote will NOT count.








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1st vote goess to … Lightsun! i Really like the colours (theres lots of them =D) and the Blue lines coming down from the top, also the spray paint really seams in with The grafitti theme. 9/10

2nd goes to InwardNose I like the Colour tone of everyhing (obviously it goes well with the theme of Grafitti) the spray on the screen adds some realism and its also a bit confusin :P (is he sprayin on the floor?) 7.5/10

3rd goes to OP I REALLY like the background! it looks a bit too naturey but oh well, also the Rainbow could be better i dunno how but it just seem to fit in with it. There are two focal points which is quite bad coming from you of all people. umm the roboty thing to the left of it is really cool , if it didnt have it it would seem a bit Empty It couldve turned out alout better than it did. 6.5/10

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I’m not voting- but I’ll give my thoughts on each one.
[Ordered from most-least favorite.]

Ncio: It’s overall appealing in appearance. The focal point is clear, and really compliments the stock. The lighting away from the focal seems a bit too persistent, darkening some regions towards the edge of the sig can easily fix this. The color combo is nice, but this sig is drenched in C4D’s. Being able to see a plain background would be nice, rather than designs in every direction. The activity going on in this sig is still leaving me in awe. (Or maybe I’m crazy.)

InwardNose: This one was pretty decent. Lighting is good, effects are as well. The only thing that made me scratch my head was the angle this is portrayed at. It’s unique, but I honestly didn’t even know that it was a spray can on the left side of it. @ . @

yuyuter: I wasn’t a huge fan of this one, particularly because half of it is totally blurred. The font is ‘meh’, and there really isn’t much to this one- although I do like your choice of stock as well as color choice. It almost sets a mood.

lightsun: I love the colors in this one, although that was its major downfall. The strange mix of colors in this looks like they were almost vomited onto it (That’s almost a cool effect- but it doesn’t exactly look that great). I can’t tell where the focal is, and the text doesn’t really fit. Interesting concept, though.

WiiPlayer113: Originality is something people lack these days, and this sig shows that originality can still be found out there. I love how you used hand done paint, rather than using graffiti brushes/stocks. It’s very unique, though it’s done more like a poster than a signature.

Oboe_Passion: This one could’ve turned out a lot better than it did. There’s two obvious focals in this one, which is something you really don’t want to do. The edge of the rainbow is all jittery, and the light sources are really annoying. The text could’ve been blended some how, but that’s the least of this sigs problems.

ozzy123: (huff) Just having text pretty much makes it a bad signature. There’s no focal, no flow, no detph, and no lighting-nothing! Just text thrown on a brick wall background.

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1st: Ncio— nice job in general.

2nd: Oboe— would’ve been 1st, but i don’t like how the rainbow cuts off….

3rd: IN— just picking from wuts left.

Hokage: lol, i know, i couldn’t think of much, so i just put wut grafiti is…

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Hokage, I tried and tried to fit some kind of Graffiti in my sig but it just wouldn’t turn out.

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First of all, I would like to thank jammio1 and hokage4345 for their feedback. Really appreciated, I’ll make it much better next time.

Then, I would want to vote, but I must admit I’m not great giving feedback, maybe because I’m not a good artist. Anyway, I’ll try:

1ST: Ncio.

I really liked how Ncio used the gamma of blue colors, I love the render, and the background. The shadows are very well setted. He did a great job, it is just missing a text, in my opinion.
I love lots of colours, but I think that this one is awesome like this. Great job, Ncio, congratulations.

2ND: Yuyuter.

I love the colour you used, it is a very hard colour to work with (atleast it is for me). It is simple, and quite realistic, I liked that. The only think I dislike is that it is very blurred. I think I can see a small text at the bottom-right side, it might say graffiti, but it is very difficult to read it. Maybe use another colour, like orange.

3RD: Oboe Passion.

What a great background! I love it. I like the effects and colours there. Also, I like the render you used, and how you blended it.
I don’t like the text, and the rainbow colours, they are too solid, I’d have used another kind of colours, more graffiti-like ones. Anyway, I must say that the part of the rainbow I don’t like is the one under the render’s arm. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think it takes away a lot of depth. Nice job, anyway.

Well, yes, now that’s all :) I would want to add that InwardNose’s one was awesome, I couldn’t decide between his and Oboe_Passion’s one. Nice job everybody!

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1st: Ncio

Colorful, well placed and one that really stood out to me. I really loved this one for a lot of reasons. Definitely hope this one wins. :)

2nd: Oboe_Passion

It was a little a rough in places, it seemed, but other than that I thought it was great and wrapped together really well.

2nd: yuyuter

I really liked the one, but it sort of confused me on why you smudged it out so much. (I’m not sure if that’s the correct term). Loved the color scheme.

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1st – Lightsun – Great variety of colours. Good placement. Nice text, but I don’t like the green. Sweet effects. Nicely done.

2nd – Oboe_passion – Great use of C4D’s. You chose a good stock. Awesome effects. Text is okay. Nice job.

3rd – InwardNose – Focals a bit hard to make out. Nice placment. Great effects. Good use of C4Ds.
Mine really doesn’t deserve to win. I was really unimpressed with it. But thanks for the votes. =D

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Originally posted by Ncio:

2nd – Oboe_Passion – Great use of C4D’s. You chose a good stock. Awesome effects. Text is okay. Nice job.

C4D’s? I don’t use C4D’s….
There is one render… That is it, even the rainbow I did myself :D

Thank you for the critique everyone… I agree it could probably have been better, I think by the time I was finished I was probably just too sick of it to notice… Lol

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What’s all that green pointy stuff in the background? How did you make that effect?
And you really should be using C4Ds.

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I hate C4D’s… They ruin my sigs.
The green pointy stuff is my vector brushes :D

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First - I have to say Ncio. Good C4D’s in the background, creating depth, good color, good render. But there is no lighting, not that there has to be, but it just looks weird. Best here.
Second - Lightsun. Good glowy-line effects, okay background. The things that I would improve on are foca, Because you are forced to look at two places at once in your sig, and the text, which could be somewhat more attached to the render. Good job.
Third - The person third is Oboe-Passion… I don’t know, just good render, background. Shiny things are weird…

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1st- Oboe Passion- I like all the pretty colors in it. Its just very… awesome.

2nd- yuyuter- I have no idea why… but i like it…

3rd- InwardNose- Its the only one with a person in the picture, pretty overall.

Hokage, by the way… you said about me “I love how you used hand done paint, rather than using grafiti brushes” How could I use those?

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1st- Ncio- It is just overall good. I like the one colour scheme, the render and the background. Lack of text though except for on the spray can. One of the only ones where the spraycan is clearly visible.

2nd- lightsun – Pretty good. The glow effects are good but the focal is a bit disorientating (wrong word there?). The text isn’t blended in very well and forces you to look to far away from the picture.

3rd- Oboe_Passion – I like it, but it is horribly overpacked. Maybe it is just me, but at first i thought the arm was a leg and the mask was robot eyes. The rainbow is good but a bit jagged at the end. But still a good background.

Sorry if i sounded inexperienced because…well…I am!

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@ WiiPlayer – You just have to look up graffiti brushes.

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Ncio _ 15
Oboe_Passion _ 13
lightsun _ 10
yuyuter _ 5
InwardNose _ 5
ozzy123 _ 0
WiiPlayer113 _ 0

Congratulations, Ncio, For winning SOTW#13!

I hope to see you, and other participants in future SOTW’s.

Sincerely, hokage4354.