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[competition] SOTW#14 - Entries (locked)

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~SOTW #14 Entry Thread!~

Official Rules

The Rules for SOTW

SOTW #14 Discussion

To Discuss the entries and the winners

Size _ Max 500Wx300H

Stock/Render _ A Movie or a Book Character

Style/Theme _ Movie/Book

Color _ Any

Font _ Any

Deadline _ Saturday, April 25th

Voting will begin on April 26th, 2009
Entries for SOTW #15 will begin on this day as well.

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This signature was inspired by a book I read a few months ago, it was a space fantasy and this is what I came up with enjoy.

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Voldemort… i dunno why, he just showed up wen i searched harry potter, so i went w/ it :P

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This is only my second sig. It’s Silus from The Da Vinci Code. I have read the book but have not seen the movie yet… Anyway…Here it is.

EDIT: Oh god, I just realized how inexperienced I was…

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Second time I participate here. I guess this one is not going to get a lot of votes, but I want some feedback, and this would be a nice place for that.

The character is Stella, from Interstella 5555 . I know it might sound strange, but that’s one of my favorite movies ever.

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My entry:

Skulduggery Pleasant. Awesome books. =D
Good luck everyone.

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Hope its not to late. I was on holiday so I didn’t have much time.
Also It is just in the size limit.
@ Ncio thats pretty damn cool.

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It’s still 4/25 for another 20 minutes by my watch.

I thought I’d give a pixel banner of one of my favorite books a go.

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Just on time!

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Bah! For the sake of entering in as much SoTW’s as I can…


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I ave decided my votes. Ncio’s is great, Rawismojo has some awesome pixel art and InwardNose’s is alright but needs a little work.

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1st Ozzy123, it feels 3d. all the colours seem to blend in together which is good, No clashing colours.Improvements the blend just above the ear doesnt seem right. 8.5/10 outright winner!!

2nd Rawismojo, I fall for pixel art (cant draw it) but still love it! i love the colours of the sky, and all the details. Improvements the goats mouth don’t seem right and the outline of the rhino thing is a tad too dark. 7.0/10

3rd Ncio i love this piece! especially the way you’ve made it look like he’s on fire, (I know he is but because of the blurring) , It all seems to Merdge together. Improvement i think his left shoulder should reach the bottom of the page. and some of the hat is Invisible, leaving just the outline. 6.5/10 Very close third

Runner up. Ka_0z i like this piece. it makes you think about space, im pretty sure you might of come higher up if you didnt blur the left planet so much 5.5/10

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I thought voting was for the voting thread…Or did they change that now?

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u cant find the voting thread :(