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Competetion Logo desgin for 1* Tower defense website

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Hi Guys I got a comp for you guys.

The comp is that My website needs a new logo pretty bad as mine is kinda dull and need somthing new.

My website is


The new logo needs to be the around the same size it is current

and should include all the word of the domain name

play tower defense games.

I dnt require anything to move on the logo in gif or SWF movements

Possible a now tower affect to be added to make it look pretty cool and stylish

a bigger version is require for it aswell as the logo will be used on my flash game introductions

Thanks Anthony

Cheers Anthony

Winner can either win a PlayTD prize money around $20-30 or a PlayTD mug

Thanks Anthony

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Hey Anthony, good luck on this competition, I have added to the list on the sticky, but please check this thread before starting your own competition on Kongregate next time.

If you don’t sign-up properly next time, you’ll get your thread locked. Also, this time you were lucky since there were two open slots for one-time contests…

Please, may you update the thread’s name, keeping the [Competition] tag, and making the title more specific? Also, may you update the first post telling us when’s the deadline?

It would be nice if you could be more specific with your request, too.

Thank you, and good luck :)

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yeah sorry i didnt see it.

It was my first post.

I have updated the title according

Thanks Anthony aka AdminAnt

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Can u post old logo up, just to give us an idea, i can’t find it on ur site..

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the url is in the starting thread


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Thats not wut i meant, idk wut ur logo is. is it the link in the top left? or the arcade box?