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[competition] SOTW#24 - Voting (locked)

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Voting will be as follows:
(No voting for yourself)
1st - Reason 2nd - Reason 3rd - Reason
1st choice will get 3pts, 2nd choice will get 2pts, and 3rd choice will get 1pt. Points will be
added up and whoever gets the most points will win.
If you do not vote this way, your vote will NOT count.














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1. Rawismojo: He is great at making sigs, and he rendered this one and everything. He deserved my vote.
2. Ozzy123: Veradux is great. This is a pretty well done sig.
3. Wolfears2: Nice flow. Great for a beginning sigger.

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1.Rawismojo: Amazing Flow and I LOVE the color combo, the vector circle just tip it over the top!

2.Big_Ole_Dog: The picture looks like an actual kongregate banner! I also love the saying “Rise Above The Impossible”, so true!

3.Yuyuter: Great flow, but you had to pick the undicided sex person of kongai! Great work with the flow and colors!

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1. Ncio: Out of all of the entries, this one was certainly the most well-done. The composition is great, it flows well, and the text was actually implemented in a position that really compliments the render. Good use of brushes, and I thought the background just fitted the whole sig just perfectly. I would have blended the left side of the render a bit more, and the left a bit less- but Nice job.
2. lightsun: I really like what you did what that stock lightsun- truly, you have impressed me greatly. The lighting is nicely placed, and the c4d background really brings the render out more. I think the background could have had something done with it, and the c4d could have blended with it a bit more than it did here. Overall, it’s eye-catching with only a few flaws.
3. yuyuter: This one gets my third vote for multiple reasons: It had a distinct light source, the render-foreground-background transitions are great, and the brushes and c4d really enhance the overall appearance. I think you overdid the smudging of the render just a tad, and didn’t exactly blur the c4d enough- you can still see it’s pixelated edges. I also would have placed the light source on the render, rather than to the left of it.

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1. Rawismojo: I don’t have much experience with vector at all, but this flow’s beautifully, there’s no unnecessary filters, and all the vector additions such as the rings on the fingers work wonderfully. Brilliant job.

2. lightsun Overall the best work with colours I’ve ever seen in my life. Everything compliment everything else perfectly, and even represents the backstory of the character correctly.

3. yuyuter: Composition is the big word here. The swirly c4d blends into popo seamlessly, and the smudging work at the blending point of swirly-ball to popo helps keep the flow going excellently. A great sig overall.

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3. Wolfears2: Nice flow. Great for a beginning sigger.

Not saying don’t vote for them, but please try to give better reasons pivotman99. No effense but that piece had quite had flow. and I don’t think he should get extra marks for being a beginner, he should have to work and improve for them. Also 3 reasons please

1. lightsun becuase although it doesn’t have nice flow, I do like the pink against the black. The red could have blended in with the pinks a bit more, but you have filled the space well, especially in the top left corner. Blend in the C4D a little more but it looks good overall.

2. rawismojo becuase it is simple, clean and nice to look at. The background with the dots looks good too.

3 ozzy123 because I didn’t want to vote for another kongai sig but I think yours is better anyway. The focal is clear, colours are good, I like the “painted” background.

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Originally posted by piratemonkey:

Not saying don’t vote for them, but please try to give better reasons pivotman99. No O ffense but that piece Had quite bad flow. and I don’t think he should get extra marks for being a beginner, he should have to work and improve for them.

Not saying I disagree, just you should touch up your spelling and grammar =P

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1. Hokage: Nice lighting on the render, good texture in the background, the color of the render matches well with the background.
2. Lightsun:The almost metallic colors make your sig stick out Nice rendering, and nice lighting.
3. Wolfears: Good color choice, matches render nicely. I like the plant vectors (or what looks like the plant brush) and how they were added to your sig. The only thing I don’t really like is the size, it’s a little bit big.

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1st: Rawismojo: gr8 color scheme, awesome design, and great outcome, you deserve it ^^

2nd: Hokage: Nice sig in all, i don’t rly like the left side of it, tho if i don’t look at that part, it looks great :P

3rd: Yuyuter: This was a hard decision, i like it more tho because of how he pulled off the monotone-ness… only part i didn’t like was how the sling-shot and the c4d(?) dont line up quite right..

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Fractal :P
1. rawismojo – Great vector sig. I think it’s evident that you will win. Great arrow thingy action there :D Just tell me… Is it made with path tool?
2. lightsun – Woo! Great C4D usage and the stripes and dots at the sides really contribute. Greay sig.
3. Ncio – Nice sig, the only reason I don’t like it is because it looks like the whole sig is melting like candle wax and it makes me feel greasy. You gotta get the feeling right.
Thank you all for the 3rd place votes :P

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Yeah, besides the dotted background, 100% of that sig was used with the pen tool.

I’ll edit this post with my votes when I’ve made up my mind… tough one for me this week.

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1. hokage4354: Really great background textures and the orange lights stand out really well on the dark background.

2. lightsun: Good use of colours and fractual effects. Pink (y) :)

3. Wolfears2: I like how the vector images are layered and a good colour scheme.

(Also some of the images aren’t appearing on my screen and I can’t get them to show, so sorry to those people.)

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1st – lightsun – Its a great overall sig, theres not that much to say about it; apart from the fact it all works – great colour and depth, is interesting, and is great to look at.
2nd – Ncio – Its good, and it all fits together great; depth, great colours, however; I think lightsun’s just pips it to the post.
3rd – moomanmatt – Its good; but the colours are a bit bland; and it could be more interesting. However, there is great flow, and it suits the character. However, I also think removing the text would make it look better.

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BTW you put my old version up, the new(er) version is this, it was on the thread, I think.

Wouldn’t make much difference but I want it put right please.

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rawismojo _ 17
lightsun _ 16
hokage4354 _ 8
Ncio _ 6
yuyuter _ 4
Wolfears2 _ 3
ozzy123 _ 3
Big_Ole_Dog _ 2
moomanmatt _ 1
cuffofizz _ 0
Ilikeeggs _ 0
piratemonkey _ 0
yourmom12 _ 0

Congratulations, rawismojo, For winning SOTW#24!

I hope to see you, and other participants in future SOTW’s.

Sincerely, hokage4354.