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[Competition] SOTW #31 - Voting (locked)

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Voting will be as follows:
(No voting for yourself)
1st - Reason 2nd - Reason 3rd - Reason
1st choice will get 3pts, 2nd choice will get 2pts, and 3rd choice will get 1pt.
Points will be added up and whoever gets the most points will win.
If you do not vote this way, your vote will NOT count.

















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1st – Ncio
Loved this one. Thought all of the placement was perfect, and the text fit in very well. My favorite part was definitely the color scheme, which was extremely satisfying. :)

2nd – yuyuter
Another one where the colors were my favorite part. Really liked the swirly lines surrounding luigi. :)

3rd – rawismojo
My favorite part is definitely the ‘smash jump smash jump’ along the top and bottom. Found that really original. I also like the pose the person is in very much.

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I know I didn’t clarify it in the tread, but could you change my entry to this?:

My votes:
1st: Pivotman99 I really like the whole sig, only complaint is that the sports theme is pretty subtle :P
2nd: Sasms Doesn’t look like anything is missing or done wrong, the first place just looks a bit better to me.
3rd: Ncio Overall awesome, but maybe a bit plain.

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1st: Sasms – I like all the swirls. Pretty cool sig.
2nd: Yuyuter – I like all the vectors and stuff.
3rd: Ncio – I don’t really like this sig, but nothing else really caught my eye.

1st: Pivotman99 I really like the whole sig, only complaint is that the sports theme is pretty subtle :P


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Ooops, forgot the reserve for lock. Oh wellz.

I fixed your entry, Scrap.

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I’m sure Marh would be happy to C/P everything into his post. Or, you could just get a mod to lock it.

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“Voting thread format:”

Remove that from the top.

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I thought it added an air of class to the thread, but whatever you say.

EDIT: And I’ll just have lightsun or Jo lock it.

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Air of class? >_>

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1st-Sasms-I like how hes skating on the fractal, awesome =D
2nd-Rawis-epic badmittin =P
3rd-Yuyuter-I like how its so action filled, theres something going on everywhere.

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Thanks everybody :)
1st – xXdotsiteXx. I like the lines, the color, the sei-vector theme of the sig… Ya. It’s really good, but might need more effects.
2nd – Ncio. Great sig! The flow is pretty unusual. It’s there, but not very obvious. The render somehow doesn’t really mesh with the background. I dunno, but alot of your sigs have this… greasy feelinf. ‘Nuf said. Great sig.
3rd – Sesame. I don’t know why, but this sig is good. Black and white is always good, but it’s a bit plain. his right arm’s shadow looks weird.

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See me get literally no votes.

1: yuyuter: The sig just feels really good. I don’t know why, but everything just clicks.

2: xXScrapheadXx: I like the color scheme and the emphasis on the red card. Effective.

3: rawismojo: It just looks good. Text adds a certain air to it.

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Yay, I won #30! xD ..btw, that’s my first I’ve ever won ever (on all forums)!
well, this is a hard one, but:

1. Pivotman99 – I like this one so much because of the top-down focal type thing with the blurred background. The only issue is that the blurring isn’t completely even.
2. hockage4354 – Cool effects, and I like how you add focal to the guy by making eveything else B&W. Only shame is you can’t see his face.
3. Tr1bal – This one is so awesome ;D But really like what you’ve done here except the text and word choice.

..looks like Ncio’s back >.<
Ps. whatever happened to SoTW#29? If I can recall correctly, we never finalized the votes.

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ahhhh no votes for me. I knew I should have used a hot footballer covered in dirt.

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lol, mine looks pitiful… never realized it ’til it was to late =P

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I’m so gay for you. :3 huggles and kissies

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This died?

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For some reason I thought that I had already done the SOTW threads this week. Apparently I suck. I’ll get them all done in a few hours.

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Sasms _ 8
yuyuter _ 8
Ncio _ 7
Pivotman99 _ 6
rawismojo _ 4
xXdotsiteXx _ 3
xXScrapheadXx _ 2
hokage4354 _ 2
Sesame _ 1
Tr1bal _ 1
ozzy123 _ 0
Wolfears2 _ 0
UnitedRebellion _ 0
DraGonZ13 _ 0
piratemonkey _ 0

ZOMG! A tie!

Congratulations Yuyuter and Sasms For winning SOTW#32!

I hope to see you, and other participants in future SOTW’s.