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[Competition] SOTW #32 - Voting (locked)

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Voting will be as follows:
(No voting for yourself)
1st - Reason 2nd - Reason 3rd - Reason
1st choice will get 3pts, 2nd choice will get 2pts, and 3rd choice will get 1pt.
Points will be added up and whoever gets the most points will win.
If you do not vote this way, your vote will NOT count.








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1st— Yuyuter : Just the best looking…

2nd— Rawis : Just what looked second best…

3rd— I guess Sams… : Really, just don’t like the others….

Hard to vote w/ so few an ammount of entries…

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1st- rawismojo I like the fading sway style and luongo-ness of it
2nd- ozzy123 absolutely mesmerizing and I want to pick it as first but I like rawismojos better
3rd- yuyuter love the style and that you made it in paint

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Thanks ;)
1. Oboe_Passion. I really like this one. It uses the theme in the most unusual way in all the entries and is a great color scheme.
2. piratemonkey. Great smudging, great lighting, great flow. But it’s really not that creative (I expected to see alot more combat sport sigs) and just loses to Oboe. Just.
3. rawismojo. Yay Luongo! :D okay smudging, but it looks kinda… I dunno, too blue? it doesn’t really fit, somehow. And the text isn’t great. But really good.
I think Sasms used very good brushing techniques and C4D’s by the way! I was debating between you and rawismojo ;P
May the best artist win.

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1 – piratemonkey – It looks great, nice flow with the arm-line and the word contender is placed well.
2 – Sasms – I like the effects and background for this one, looks very original.
3 – ozzy123 – It’s simple, but the colours are nice and the word fits there.

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1 – rawismojo – Sweet colour scheme. Nice text. Smudging could use some work, try a higher ‘rate’, dunno what it’s called in Ps.
2 – Sasms – Interesting sig. Nice effects and placement.
3 – Yuyuter – Cringe-worthy color scheme. Nice placement effects. Text needs some work.

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One more day left for voting.

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I’ll try to sneak a vote in here. I really like these quite a bit. :)

1st – Oboe_Passion – I just liked this one a lot. It’s really original and unlike any signatures I’ve seen so far in this forum. Most signatures I see are pretty similar to the next, but this was really creative.

2nd – yuyuter – Loved the yellows and blues. Bright, attractive colors are my favorite part of signatures, and you nailed it for me. The only thing I didn’t like were the couple of light beams over the figure.

3rd – rawismojo – This one was good also. The text placement seemed nice and I like how the player was position. Didn’t really like the two white streaks at the bottom, though.

And that’s it.

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1 – Oboe_Passion : It’s an original take on the theme and works really well. Also no spelling errors. =)
2 – piratemonkey : It has great lighting, flow, smudging and the text just sticks in your head even if you don’t notice it. Sort of a subliminal thing.
3 – Yuyuter : I like how everything works well together but the text just seems it doesn’t belong there. Also the left is a bit empty and the text is too upfront and plain.

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I’m closing this in a few hours.

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rawismojo _ 10
Oboe_Passion _ 9
yuyuter _ 8
piratemonkey _ 7
Sasms _ 5
ozzy123 _ 3
xXScrapheadXx _ 0